Portable Air Compressors

11 Household Uses for Portable Air Compressors


    What comes to your mind when someone talks about air compressors? A machine in a garage or gas station to inflate tires. Perhaps you are thinking of a gadget to inflate balloons for your kid’s birthday party. There are other things you can do with air compressors. Importantly, if the compressor is portable, you have a lot of flexibility to use at home.

    Using air compressors at home may surprise many of you. But, this incredible gadget can be super-efficient to save money and labor for you. Portable air compressors are versatile in uses. Let's dive deep to know some household uses of portable air compressors.

    11 Ways Of Portable Air Compressors Uses Home

    Portable Air Compressors

    1. Cleaning Equipment

    People usually use a brush or wipes as a cleaning option. What about a more advanced and super-efficient cleaning. Just wear goggles and protective clothes and blow the compressed air to clean all dirt. Without protective measures, dust can irritate your eyes - so safety first!

    You can use it in your car, furniture, or anything else to clean it quickly. Make sure you blow the compressed air away from your body, and you customize the settings to a considerable level.

    2. Painting

    Painting with brush or rollers can be tedious and can test our patience. Besides, you can paint around your home, barn, fence, or anything you desire with a portable air compressor. A spray painter affixed with a portable air compressor can make painting fun. You can paint almost anything very quickly

    Not only does the painting get done quickly, but also it saves wastage. In spray painting, paint drops form smoothing paint on the surface. Besides, this option is also easy in terms of cleaning. You don't really need to hire a painter if you own a portable air compressor.

    3. Inflate your vehicle Tires

    We have all been through a situation where we had a tire leak and you are stranded in the middle of the road nowhere near a garage. A portable air compressor can be handy in such situations. Having a portable air compressor helps to inflate vehicle tires in a quick time. Make sure you inflate the tires to correct PSI.

    Other than tire inflation, you can use it for balloon inflation. So, it is easy to decorate a house on any important occasion. You can also use it for toys or other inflatable items needed for the party.

    4. Pneumatic Nail Guns

    A pneumatic nail gun is a modern construction gadget that shoots nails to any material with high-pressure forces. That high force depends on pressurized air. So, a portable air compressor makes nail guns functional to work with more quickly and with greater accuracy.

    So, you don't need a hammer to build a new shed or any outdoor construction. Also, it is easy and safe to operate. Besides, don't forget to check manuals to make your nail gun compatible with a portable air compressor's air pressure. Also, it is possible to customize the air pressure depending on your needs. 

    5. Aquaculture

    You can use an air compressor in your backyard pond for aquaculture. The Air compressor circulates plenty of oxygen and can be used with a filtration system to bubble air through water. You can use the same technique in large drums or in aquariums.

    In the case of an aquarium, if the motor turns off, then a portable air compressor can be used to circulate air in water. That can maintain the oxygen level needed for an aquatic environment for fish.

    6. Grill it Fast

    Are you a BBQ lover? If yes, then you must know, it takes quite a long time to fire up coals. Even if you turn the pressure regulator to the right settings, it takes time before they are ready to be used. A portable air compressor can help here too.

    To make the process faster, blast compressed air from the bottom of your grill. That will fire up quickly. This process is of more importance when you want to turn anything crispier with direct high heat for a short period of time.

    7. Spray Insecticides

    It is easier to spray insecticide to shrubs and herbs. But, in the case of tall trees, it is difficult to control pests because it is hard to reach the top of the trees, and there is a significant reduction in yield. A portable air compressor can reach insecticides to top of the trees, and you can spray the whole orchard quickly.

    As the air compressor pushes insecticides with heavy pressure, there are chances of the insecticide droplets spreading all over the desired area. You must always wear protective clothes and goggles before spraying as you will get the spray on yourself as well. Other than that, customize the pressure of a portable air compressor according to your needs.

    8. Fix Sport Items

    It is not unusual to find your sports equipment like volleyball, football, and basketball to go flat and loose air pressure. A portable air compressor can be a handy gadget to fix that quickly. All you need is to select the right attachment, and you can fix the air pressure in no time.

    9. Pool Cleaning

    It is really difficult to clear all gun’s in suction and return lines of a pool. Now, with the right pressure of a portable air compressor, you can clear all that gunk. That too, in a quick time. Make sure you don't over pressurize the lines. Only moderate airflow can clean up the mess.

    10. Snow in Summer

    What could be better than a cold coffee shake or an ice cream to beat the heat of the summer? How about snow in summer - sounds ridiculous, right? Yes, it is possible to bring a little snow to your life in the middle of the summer for some fun. A portable air compressor can help with that. This is simple - blow chilled water in the air through a fan. Though it consumes a lot of electricity, snow in summer can be a lot of fun at a backyard party.

    11. Everyday around the house

    You can use portable air compressors on daily needs as well. Your dog got a shower, but he is wet. Give him a mild blow of compressed air. Or in case of bad weather, you can use compressed air to dry your clothes. What's more? Is your beverage too hot to drink? Try compress air to cool it down. Make sure it is in a closed container, or else it can cause a mess. So, a portable air compressor is an easy-to-go option.

    Air compressors are no longer for mechanics and industrial uses. You can try a portable air compressor for many creative Household Uses for Portable Air Compressors too. Try it' it is worth it for your home too.

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