5 Reasons Why Straight-A Students Are Less Successful Than Others


    Most parents try to control their kids and force them to keep up with the curriculum at school and college. They say that A-grades are the only way to succeed in life, but is it really so? The practice shows that straight-A students often take a back seat in comparison with their less intelligent classmates. Nonetheless, the former becomes a kind of school idols for their teachers, and even pretty smart mid-level students seem not diligent enough and hardworking against their background.

    Why Straight-A Students Are Less Successful

    Some other students may even lose their motivation to improve their grades or do their homework, so they may prefer to turn to unemployed professors to get their papers done instead of doing everything themselves. Teachers are occupied so much with their favorites, so they don’t devote enough attention to others. They can continue to give B and C grades to students who deserve A. It’s not surprising that such an attitude worsens relationships between classmates and turns excellent students into black sheep. However, it is not the only reason why this category of students is less successful than others.

    Let's Know Why Straight-A Students Are Less Successful Than Others

    One-Size-Fits-All Approach

    An adult person faces various challenges daily, whether it is about a job or personal life. And if common problems usually do not raise questions because someone has already found a solution, then any non-standard challenge makes a former excellent student freeze up. The problem is that many straight-A students are characterized by tunnel thinking because they are used to achieving the required goal in the same way.

    To get a high grade or praise from a teacher, such students need to memorize some info, learn to apply it correctly, and demonstrate their skills. The desired result is guaranteed. However, real-life requires non-standard approaches and thinking outside the box. And C-grade students do their best at that. They can study a bestessay review to get the worthiest service for writing an essay and find a way out from any situation, even when they have minimal time and resources.


    Excellent students try to bring any work to the ideal. That is why they constantly double-check their work not to make a single mistake. All this takes too much time, while nobody is interested in minor defects. Moreover, nobody will even notice them because, as a rule, such trifles don’t make a difference.

    However, straight-A students cannot turn a blind eye to them, and this approach makes them slow down and take second-rate roles. The modern world develops and moves too fast to leave a space for constant checking. If you adhere to a principle – I either do it perfectly, or I don’t do it at all, then the chances are high that you will constantly take a back seat. Perfectionism seems to be good quality, but in fact, it deprives you of happiness and allows neither to achieve great results nor to relax at least a bit.

    Inability To Build Social Connections

    Many straight-A students believe that their knowledge and mental abilities are practically doomed to success, so they do nothing else to achieve their goals. However, many employers require well-developed social skills in addition to knowledge and expertise.

    And the excellent students are used to treating their classmates as stupid and small-minded people because they need a longer time to reach a new topic. The same thing happens at work, but here they cannot do without teamwork. They can show off with their intelligence, but when they run into more qualified people or those who criticize them, they cannot take a punch. In general, it is more difficult for such people to endure various life situations.

    Fear Of Taking Risks

    Straight-A students read many books about successful people and their life paths to reach heights too. Such books talk about hard work, perseverance, lack of sleep, and much more. Of course, this is of great importance on the way to success, but no one says that a good chance has turned out to be their successful lottery ticket.

    The main thing is only to take advantage of this opportunity. And to get such a chance, you may have to take risks. However, excellent students are not used to taking risks in their lives. On the contrary, they are used to building a clear route and following it to the end. They are simply afraid to take even one wrong step, even if it may turn out to be their key to success.

    Expectation Of Praise

    It will probably not be a secret that excellent students get used to being praised throughout the educational process. Sometimes praise becomes the main driving force that makes most students spend all their free time over books. But one way or another, a straight-A student gets used to praise because it is pleasant to receive it.

    And having grown up, a person who is used to receiving praise for almost every step they take is surprised to find that now no one is going to praise them. An excellent student may face an internal crisis: the picture of the world they have got used to since school days is destroyed. The chances of starting their own business go down because they have little motivation since nobody will praise them for it. It is hard to achieve success when you are constantly looking for praise on the part of others. All their actions are limited by the reaction of other people, which is not always positive.

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