5 Steps To Buying An Above Ground Pool


    It's going to be a pretty hectic job to buy an above ground pool, especially if you never bought one before. The experience of purchasing a pool isn't like buying a new car or even the home itself. The technical terms that you will have to consider have a significant outcome if you cannot make the right selection.

    There are some easy steps that you should follow if you want to get the best 5 Steps To Buying an Above Ground Pool. If you keep the simple rules in your mind while shopping, you'll be able to select the best match for your needs.

    Buying an Above Ground Pool

    1. Select the Pool type

    Before you jump inside the Pool's technical aspects, decide what kind of Pool do you want! You have to talk to the other family members, inspect the selected site of putting it in before you determine the type. Here are some criteria you have to take into account:

    Decide the shape

    Inspect your backyard where you want to set the Pool, measure the size of the ground. Now you can decide if you're going for an oval-shaped pool or a round-shape one. The round-shaped one may seem to be less in size, but it can hold more water compared to a similar or slightly bigger sized oval one. Plus, An oval-shaped pool will cost you more than the round one. If the aesthetics have a role in this case, go for the oval shape, it looks more like an inground pool.

    Decide the depth

    The second thing you have to decide is how deep you want the Pool to be. Most of the above-ground pools come with a depth from 48" to 54". If you are getting the Pool mostly for your kids, go for less, if the adults are more into it, go for higher in depth. The more depth you get in your Pool, the more gallons of water you will be able to pour in. However, that means you will also have to have a bigger pump and filter system, which leads to a higher cost.

    Frame material

    You have to consider what material you want in the Pool while selecting the type and size of the Pool.


    If you are more into long-term investments, you should go for All-Resin frame design. However, they will cost you quite a high price. The good thing about Resin is, it never gets rust, it doesn't oxidize over time and doesn't corrode. The extra cost for resin pool is worth it because it doesn't get hot that much as a steel pool would.


    Steel walls in the above ground pool are still prominent from the beginning of the popularity of the Above Ground Pool. Steel is heavy yet less expensive than a resin wall. That's why most of the people like to go with the steel wall. But the most downside about the still wall is, it gets hot under the sun and gets too cold in the winter. In the long run, still isn't the go because steel oxidizes and gets rust over time, although technically it's stainless.


    If you are in search of a long-lasting service yet less expensive deal, going for a hybrid pool wall is your go. This kind of Pool will come with both steel and resin materials. Usually, you get the exposed parts of the Pool made with Resin and the most supporting elements from steel. This kind of Above Ground Pool comes with customizable options, decide what parts you want from what material. Making wise decisions here can make your Pool a real deal-breaker but with less budget.

    2. Select the liner

    When you have to select the pool liner, there are four different options you can go with.


    This kind of liner is larger than the Pool itself, and it overlaps the edge of the Pool. Once you install it, the excess amount of the liner hangs over the pool wall.


    The edge of the Beaded liner goes inside a tack and the tack installed on top of the rail of Above Ground Pool. There is a bead receiver that holds on the thick edge of the vinyl liner. Getting this liner isn't a good idea, because the chances for the water to get inside is pretty high.


    J-Hook liners come with a thick U shaped hook style edge that hooks on the top of the pool wall. You will have to install a plastic coping on top of the wall. Then you need to install a Metal track on top of that. Now is the time to install the main top rail of the Pool.


    Expandable liners are specially designed liner that is expendable in a specific portion. This liner is mandatory if you have a deeper end in Your Pool's regular depth of the bottom. This liner can be stretch and accommodate the deeper ends along with the shallow end.

    3. Pump and the filter system

    The filter system is the heart of your Pool; you have to select the pump and filter system for it. There are three types of filters you can choose from.

    Sand Filter

    Sand Filter is the traditional one and most used filter type amount the pool owners around. You will have to backwash this filter every week to keep it functional.

    Cartridge Filter

    You will have a little longer period before having to clean it compared to a sand filter. They are more expensive, and you have to replace the cartridge after a while.

    D.E Filters

    Diatomaceous Earth or D.E filters are the most expensive option to go with, and they work more sophisticated as well. You must take safety precautions while cleaning it as it works with particles that can harm your skin.

    4. Sanitation system

    After setting up the Pool, you have to prepare the pool water and match the chemistry of proper sanitation. To maintain the pH level between 7.2 to 7.6, you will need some sanitizers for that, such as:

    Chlorine Tablets- also take a Chlorinator to regulate the dissolving speed of the Chlorine tablets.

    Salt- Some prefer to use salt pool than Chlorine Pool because it doesn't have any harsh effect.

    Minerals- It's also a great alternative to Chlorine as well.

    5. In and out of the Pool

    To get in and get out of the Pool, you need an Entering and Exiting ladder. You need to get the ladders matched with the height and type of the pool wall. There are several types and materials you can go with. The A-frame ladders are the most common ones.

    Bottom line

    Talk to your kids and family members and decide according to their choice of style when you end up having multiple options. It's not only about selecting a pool, but it's also about sharing the memories of all your family members attached to the Pool. Make sure the Pool makes the memories colorful and makes your family bonding more sturdy.

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