8 Ideal Sports For Teenage Beginners


    According to a survey of the world health organization (WHO) 80% of the world’s youth population is not active sufficiently. Here the word ‘active’ refers to engaging in different energy expending outdoor sports. The worst effect of less participation in outdoor games is developing overweight or becoming obese. And the obesity is the root cause of many diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and sleeping disorder. One simple solution to save young people from various diseases is to encourage them to become more active by playing different outdoor games. Below are five Ideal Sports For Teenage Beginners


    • Cycling is fun, refreshing and it gets you outside and exercising. Riding a bike offers many health benefits. The top 5 health benefits of cycling are.
    • Cycling is an aerobic workout that is great for your heart, brain, and blood vessels.
    • Biking is great for joint pain or age-related stiffness.
    • It builds muscles.
    • Regular cycling habit is helpful for everyday activities andPedaling strengthens bones.
    • The other partial benefits of cycling are the exercise helps to control weight by burning extra calories, improves sleep quality, and Cuts heart disease and cancer risk.


    Similar to bike riding, skateboarding offers similar types of health benefits like burn calories, relieve stress, alleviate depression. However, the greatest health benefits of skateboarding is it helps to develop muscles. Skateboarding requires a high level of balance and coordination, which works muscles throughout the body. Doing tricks on a skateboard requires the use of several muscles like core muscles on torso, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and lower legs, which, in turn, develop these muscles.

    The popularity of skateboarding is increasing which is evident as an ever increasing number of people are skateboarding in the park, An indoor skate park and An empty parking lot. The skating activity turns more enjoyable thanks to the advent of Electric Skateboards besides traditional skateboarders. The electric skateboards are  easily maneuverable and built for  speed, range, and reliability.


    Whether you play the game on the beach or indoors, Volleyball is a nice game that anyone can participate with or without any skill. The sport is great at building cooperative skills because it is truly a team effort. From the physical involvement consideration, v-ball can get very physical, requiring movement, agility, jumping, and power   

    Compare to bike or skateboard, playing Volleyball is quite inexpensive. The only real expenses of this game is a pair of shoes (and maybe some kneepads).


    Futsal is one type of indoor soccer. The ideal place for playing the game is inside of a gym. Futsal is great during winter since snowfall makes outdoor football ground difficult to play anything. The game is another variation of soccer. So, it offers the same benefits as playing soccer. Moreover, playing Futsal is inexpensive. It is because the renting charge of an indoor doom is more than that of a gym.


    Jumping, flipping, bouncing, twisting -all are exhilarating funs when kids go to a trampoline park. Trampoline is ideal for energetic kids which helps develop power, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, space orientation, and self-confidence. However, people are a little concerned regarding the safety of this game.

    The good news is many clubs and parks offer trampoline programs that are conducted under the guidance of trained coaches. The coaches use specialized training equipment to teach skills so that teenagers can enjoy trampoline jumping safely. If parents are too concerned with the safety of their kids, they can send the kids to those clubs first before purchasing a trampoline mat.

    Water polo

    Over the years water sports has become extremely popular around the world. Water sports can include surfing, water skiing, bodyboarding, water aerobics, scuba diving, jet surfing, parasailing and water polo. Among these water sports, water polo is one of the simplest forms of water sport. Playing the game requires only a basic level of ability like how to swim and needs to feel comfortable in water. Since water polo is a team sport, playing the game teach children teamwork and communication.


    Like bike riding, swimming is another great physical exercise. Swimming has been called the perfect exercise. The exercise is ideal for people of all ages. If you don't know how to swim, you can take Swimjourney private swimming lessons to learn. Swimming offers the whole body workout. The exercise increases the heart rate without putting too much stress on the body, improves muscles, tones muscles, enhances fitness, and helps to control weight. What is the great beauty of swimming is it requires no equipment. Many athletes swim regularly to stay fit and strong and recover quickly from injury.

    Winter Sports

    There are so many snow sports that can be enjoyed by teenagers. There are places specially designated for snow sports like skiing, ice climbing, ice skating, ice hockey, snowboarding etc. As a beginner, you should first try to learn how to play these sports and what all gears are required to play these sports. These games are not only fun but full of adventure too. There are sites where you can get all information about these sports and the gears required, like you can check hankin mountain ski and snowboard.


    The importance for childhood obesity gets so much publicity when Michelle Obama,  wife of the then  US president Barack Obama launched a public health campaign in the USA name’ let's move’. The objective of the program was inspires teens to leave the couch and become more active by playing different outdoor games. In this respect, 8 Ideal Sports For Teenage Beginners we described above are great not only for teens but people of all ages.

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