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All You Need To Know About Baby Safety In Damp Weather


    We all know that Damp weather is extremely difficult for a new born baby. Moreover, for a new parent, it’s quite not possible to know how they look after and take precautions for their baby safety in damp weather.

    Damp weather is not self-toxic but it creates toxicity in the house.  And it also creates gate way for diseases such as dry cough, cold cough, chesty cold, rashes, etc. So, how can parent care take precautions for the baby in damp weather? Well here, we are giving you some helpful tips and guidelines which will help you to take the precaution of this situation.

    Why Do We Need More Care For Our Baby in Damp Weather?

    According to the survey of Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, there are 1000 children of under 7 years are affected by asthma, chesty cough, dry cough due to Damp Weather. If we check it more closely, we find that the parents are living on the ground floor with their baby and children here and the area is very humid.

    This is a very alarming fact for the baby. Experts say that Damp weather creates where the ventilation system is not working properly and the humidity is very high. And the result is unimaginably high due to the density of the population now in the World. Moreover, people are not much aware of health too.

    Basic Understanding The Damp Weather Affect On Baby

    Well, wet is defined as covering with visible free moisture whereas damp is a little bit soggy but it’s not.  Damp is moderate covering moisture and where the air is trapped by clothing which cannot easily circulate and transfer heat and cold in our bodies. 

    We all know that baby skin is very sensitive to adults. And, that is why, damp weather brings uninvited hazards such as cold cough, skin rashes, asthma, muscle pain, tiredness, and fiver according to the weather changes to them. If we think more deeply about baby safety in this type of weather, the first thing will come up our mind is that proper hygiene place where the air circulation is coming easily is the best solution. But, is it the absolute solution for a baby? Well, it’s not.

    Here, we will provide you with some advice to take care of a baby in damp weather. Let’s have a look.

    Use Sanitizer Before Touching Your Baby:

    From the previous discussion, we learn that wet and damp weather has a direct link to germs. And, hands are the direct gateway through which germs find their entry into us and our baby. For that reason, keep a sanitizer in the house and told older, siblings and guests to use it before they touch the baby.

    Wash Diapers and Baby Items Properly:

    You have to wash hands with soap and water especially when you handle dirty diapers of your baby. Moreover, baby items such as baby clothes, baby gadgets like baby swing, baby toys need to clean properly also.

    Stay Away Infected People From Your Baby:

    During the damp weather, you should get your baby in touch with the people who have flu and any kind of infection. So, we need to notice it carefully so that your baby never gets a chance to in touch with them.

    Protect Your Baby Outside:

    During the damp weather, it will be a high risk for a baby of catching a cold or flu. Moreover, it can turn into a high fever or pneumonia. Having basic medicine can prevent all possible harm at that time, but it is not the ultimate solution. You need to care for your baby outside in the dump season. You can keep a Stroller rain cover to protect him from rain, a Roomy coat, and baby wear vest or weather cover to protect him from any bad weather.

    Those products also have a shade to protect your baby from rain & sunlight. And that’s why you don’t even need to carry an umbrella for your baby. But, where to get best stroller rain cover or other baby safety gadgets? Well, you can find those in general baby shop or online e-commerce shop. But, do check reviews and specifications from web and try to buy a quality product.

    Try To Clean Your House With Proper Care:

    To keep your baby healthy, it is very necessary to wipe away mould on walls, door frames, or in cupboards. And, we should use soap and water or mild detergent to clean it where possible. Bleaching powder can also be used there, but make sure to dilute it according to the manufacturer's instructions. And, don't mix bleach with other household cleaners.

    Use Cleaning Solutions Instead Of Soap For Extra Protection:

    If you need maximum protection in damp weather or the surfaces don’t allow you to use soap and water, you can use antiseptic mould cleaning solutions and sprays. These are available in most departmental stores or can be ordered online also.

    Dry Your House Surface Well:

    In addition to proper cleaning, make sure that you thoroughly dry the surfaces. You can open the windows to allow ventilation and turn on the fan to dry the floor and other furniture of the house. In damp and wet weather, you can use a heater or blower to dry the wet area quickly.

    Clean Carpets, Rugs and Curtains:

    Carpets, curtains, and rugs can absorb and hold moisture very easily. So, you should always keep them clean and dry. Moreover, you need to wash and dry them in the sun regularly or get them professionally cleaned in laundry from time to time.


    Carpets, curtains, and rugs can absorb and hold moisture very easily. So, you should always keep them clean and dry. Moreover, you need to wash and dry them in the sun regularly or get them professionally cleaned in laundry from time to time.

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