Are You Ready For A Pet? Find Out These Answers & Questions

    Taking home a pet isn’t like getting a new pair of shoes. It’s a commitment that requires dedication, patience, perseverance and a whole lot of time. There are practically no people on our planet which could say that they don’t like dogs. However, not everyone has one in their home. Why? Well, because it’s a big step and a big responsibility and not everyone is ready or willing to take up such commitment. Are you? Let’s find out.
    Are You Ready For A Pet

    Where do you live and are you planning on moving?

    Let’s focus on the first part of the question for now. Your living accommodation isn’t that important except for the size of the dog. If you live in an apartment which is smaller than 90-110 sq meters (950-1200 sq feet), it’s unadvisable to get a larger than medium breed. All of them require a lot of space to play and be around, so living in a cramped apartment isn’t comfortable and could even be depressing.

    If you’re planning on moving or if you’re accommodation isn’t permanent for now – don’t get a dog. Moving is stressful for them and it’s best to stay in one environment for as long as possible.

    Are you a party person?

    If yes, and you aren’t willing to sacrifice those late nights out, don’t bother with a pet of any kind. If you’re not present at night (or throughout long periods which aren’t related to work, school, you don’t have a fixed routine), the dog is stressed and won’t bode well emotionally. In general, there’s no one who appreciates a settled lifestyle with a constant routine like a dog. If you’re not over your parties and late nights out, don’t get a dog. It’s a mutually beneficial decision.

    If, however, you are over parties and stay in more often, a dog is a great companion for you!

    Do you travel?

    Once again, dogs do not react well to changes in living environment. They need to understand and know what’s around them in order to feel safe and calm. If you’re not a party person, but you travel a lot and you think that the dog should travel with you, that’s not a great idea. Unless you travel by car and on the road, then it is perfectly OK to take the dog with you. However, jet travel should only be a solution in exceptional circumstances when there’s just no alternative.

    Once again, a conflict of interest should not involve a living being and your hobbies. You should always choose your friend and a living being but it’s just unfortunate when you have to sacrifice all that much. Maybe waiting for a more appropriate timeframe is the better choice.

    Can you spend time on walks and grooming?

    Any dog needs at least 30-50 minutes of walking daily. More active and physically capable pups might even require two, hour-long walks each day. There’s also the time it takes to feed them, play with them, groom them, etc. Of course, you have tools and also smart devices that help speed things up, by a lot, but they also cost quite a lot. In general, however, even sophisticated tools like the best dog nail grinder with a guard won’t set you back too much.

    In terms of time expenditures, it depends on the breed, but be ready to spend an additional hour on grooming every week.

    Why do you want them?

    For the penultimate question of this article, we want to ask you why do you want to have a dog. If the reason is material or not related to the desire of companionship and the love of animals, you shouldn’t get a dog. It will hurt you and the dog as well.

    If you want a dog because you feel lonely, you want a friend, you want to become more active whilst having someone to snuggle with and more happiness in your life – these are all great reasons.

    Do you understand the importance of health monitoring?

    Once in a while, you have to carefully examine their poo. You might need to put a thermometer up their bottom. You need to smell them once in a while, clean their teeth and ears. It’s not all fun and games. Vet check-ups help find health problems before they become large but it’s up to you to keep everything under control.

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