Badlands 12000 Winch Review In 2022


    Ever got stuck on muddy terrain, Sandy hill, rocky climb, or any other obstacles similar to that? Then you need a badland winch that will pull your car through any of these frustrating obstacles. With its high pulling power, worry not about getting stuck anywhere anymore.

    If you are not familiar with, which is then let me explain it to you, winches are heavy-duty devices that you can fix on a car for hauling, towing or even lifting purposes. If you have by any chance come across badland winches reviews then you know they are made to produce a powerful force which will easily pull any vehicle weighing several tons.

    Winches are essential recovery tools. There are several varieties on the market, and although it can be hard to choose one, I will make the hand simple for you. Today I will discuss the Badlands 12000 Winch Review and what it has to offer. Read on and find out how unusual this winch is and why most people recommend it.

    Badlands 12000 Winch


    6 HP series wound motor

    Product dimensions:

    19 × 7 × 11 inches


    8 x 1 x 6 inches


    84 pounds


    Badland ZXR

    Cable strength:

    12000 pounds

    Duty cycle:



    Auto-load Holding 8.8 inch × 2.5

    Badlands 12000 Winch Reviews

    Badlands 12000 Winch

    Badland 12000 winch comes equipped with various unique features. It stands out among the other winches on the market. Badlands winch comes with a 6HP series wound motor which will stay cool even when it runs for long. The three stages planetary gear system offers consistent plus smooth power as well as first-line speed. You will also get a first-line out with its free-spooling function.

    If you are looking for a winch made explicitly for off-road cars, then there is plenty more that makes this winch the best candidate. It comes with an aircraft-grade cable which is durable and sturdy. The cable can pull vehicles that weigh up to 12000 pounds effortlessly. In terms of design, it comes with a stunning look, and it weighs around 84 lbs. It will mount easily on your car.

    How about durability? Well, it wouldn't be a great choice if it wasn't durable enough. Badland winch features rust-resistant metal parts, and the overall construction is water-resistant. The winch will stand any adverse weather conditions, and it will serve you for decades. Maintenance is easy, and it doesn't need much. This is because most badland winch replacement parts can easily be found country-wide.

    Is the winch safe to use? Absolutely yes. The winch comes with safety features which make operation safe and secure. For example, it comes with an inline circuit breaker for overload protection. That's not all the automatic load-holding brake will stop the pull if it senses a safety issue. Need more? How about the handheld remote that lets you control the winch at a safe distance. The reason I'm in love with this model is that the remote is universal; therefore, very easy to replace.

    You will be glad to know that this model comes at a very reasonable price. It's not only high quality but also the overall performance will amaze you. Aside from it being affordable, this model is also easy to install onto your vehicle. You will also get cable extenders along with the winch for more comfortable use.

    Important Features:

    • It comes with an automatic load-holding brake.
    • The winch features a six horsepower series wound motor.
    • It can pull up to 12000 pounds.
    • It comes with a 3-stage planetary gear system.
    • It also comes with five gauge battery cables.
    • The winch features a universal remote control.
    • It also comes with a galvanized steel aircraft cable.
    • Badland 12000 winch comes with a 5% rating Duty cycle.
    • The winch also comes with a fairlead roller with nylon bushings.
    • Badland ZRX 12000 also produces only 85dB of sound.


    • It is easy to use and install.
    • It is ideal for off-road vehicles.
    • The winch is affordable.
    • Comes with a durable build.
    • It is water and rust-resistant.
    • It comes with safety features.
    • Strong long cable.
    • It comes with a universal remote control.


    • It may end up draining your battery because of its high-performance power.
    • The winch has a slow pulling action which may be time-consuming for some.

    What To Look Out For When Buying A Badland Winch

    Badland winch reviews will tell you that all winches operate the same. They do. However, you need to know the various features of each model and how they benefit you. When buying a winch, there are some things you should consider to get the perfect pulling and operation power you need.

    Weight Capacity

    Different winches come with various weight ratings. The weight rating is the maximum capacity of load a winch can pull. Off-road vehicle winches can tow up to 10000 pounds and more. You need to go for a winch that will suit your needs. For example, if you own a truck, your needs will be higher than a person with an ATV.


    Most winches come with cables made of various materials. For example, the Badlands 12000 winch comes with a galvanized steel aircraft cable which is strong and durable. This cable can tow heavier vehicles. Therefore, when choosing a winch lookout for one with a rope long enough and made of durable materials depending on what you need to intend on pulling.


    Most common winches are the motorized ones. Motorized winches pull the cable without the operator lifting a finger. Then there are manually operated winches which require more effort from the operator. Consider a winch that will not be too complicated and frustrating to use.

    Safety Features

    When operating any device, you need to consider and put safety first. A winch with safety features would be a great choice. For example, overload protection functions, auto load-holding brakes as well as a remote control. This can ensure that you work at a safe distance, and you will not get injured during operations.


    Motorized winches come with different horsepower ratings. This rating will determine how powerful the winch is and how much force it will offer. A winch with higher horsepower will also have a higher weight capacity. So depending on your needs, you need to look out for one with your desired horsepower rating.


    The price of a winch usually affects its quality. However, you can get a good quality winch at an affordable price. For example, the badland 2000s a high-performing and excellent quality winch that comes at an affordable price.


    Another important thing you should look out for is longevity. A winch that comes with excellent construction that can withstand any what harsh weather conditions is a great choice. For example, if a winch is waterproof and rust-resistant, it can serve you for decades.

    Mounting The Badlands 12000 Winch

    Mounting The Badlands 12000 Winch

    Installing the winch is quite easy, and you can follow these steps.

    Step 1:

    Make sure that the mounting plate is rated to the winch's capacity.

    Step 2:

    Align the winch perpendicularly to the center line of your vehicle at your desired location.

    Step 3:

    Once you are through, mark the locations of the winch base holes.

    Step 4:

    Ensure that the installation surface does not have some hidden components or anything that could be damaged.

    Step 5:

    Once there's nothing that can be damaged, you can then start to drill the holes at the marked locations.

    Step 6:

    Install the winch with the specified hardware. When this is done, you are good to go.

    What Users Like About The Badland 12000 Winch

    The most admirable feature that most users love is the strength of the winch. It can easily pull heavy vehicles such as the Chevy 5500 water truck, some types of trailers, some boats and even off-road jeeps. What's more charming is the fact that it is a straight forward winch to install. Also when you install it to the front of your vehicle, the cable can easily go through the fairlead and then you can connect it to your car's battery easily.

    Most users are amazed with the fact that the winch is reliable and Powerful. It is an excellent winch which you don't have to get after breaking the bank. Several customers have been using the winch for years and they are fully satisfied with its strength and durability. The users always recommend it and say once you get to install it correctly, it will serve you for decades. Some users were just impressed with its stunning look.

    It blends well with any vehicle and gives that elegant look which most customers love. Also, others love that strong durable cable which doesn't overheat easily like what are the winch cables do.

    What Some Users Found Disappointing

    What most users including myself found as a turn off with a badland ZXR 12000 uh winch is the way it drains the battery. Prolonged use can drain the battery in the shortest time possible. Some users even noticed that the winch overheated and Drew a lot of battery life when they used it for long hours. However, in order to avoid this, make sure that you give it a rest after some time so that it doesn't overheat. Alternatively, if you own a small vehicle, it is advisable to opt for a badland winch which doesn't have a lot of power. A winch doesn't have a lot of power will be suitable for your small vehicle battery.

    Another Downside of this winch is the slow pull action. Most users love its power but the pull action is too slow for their satisfaction. If you want a winch that has high power as well as fast pull action this model will not meet your expectations. It has the power also the pull action is slow.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1: What can I pull with the badland 12000 winch?

    A: This winch can pull any vehicle that comes with a weight below 12000 pounds. You can also pull anything else aside from vehicles such as boats, trailers among others as long as it fits all of the required conditions.

    2: Who makes badland winches?

    A: Badland winches are made in China. They are then branded as badland winches by Badland Company. The factories that make them also produce for other brands.

    3: Are badland winches any good?

    A: Yes, they are. Badland winches are not only durable, good quality, high-performing winches; they are also affordable. Value for the little investment you put in compared to other winches on-the-market.

    4: What size winch will I need?

    A: You need a winch that comes with 1.5 times that capacity of your car when loaded. If your vehicle weighs 5000 pounds when loaded, you will need a winch with at least 7500 pounds weight capacity to pull the car safely.

    5: What is the difference between an electric and hydraulic winch?

    A: The most notable difference is in their work cycle. Hydraulic winch will continue to spool just as the engine also runs. Hydraulic winches are idea for someone owning a ranch or farm.

    An electric winch on the other hand will continue to spool until the engine dies. However it to continue to work for 5 more minutes after the engine dies. They use permanent magnet Motors as well as series wound Motors. Electric winches are ideal for off-road vehicles.


    This badland winch is among the best badland winches on the market today. It's a good quality winch which comes at an affordable price. This winch is built for excellence, and I guarantee you will not waste your money when you settle for it.

    You can weigh in on the pros and cons of this winch, and you will see how great it is. Don't risk your comfort, safety, and time waiting on a tow truck to come and save you. Tow trucks will require a fee to get the job done. Be your hero and get yourself the badland 12000 winch review today.

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