Band Saw Buying Guide – You Should Know Before Buy


    If you have decided to purchase a band saw, there are a few things to consider, so read this band saw buying guide to find out more.

    band saw buying guide

    What can you cut with a Band Saw Buying Guide?

    Do you work with wood or metal? Probably more with wood, and so basically everything from softwood to hardwood can be sawed with the band saw. The range of applications extends from rough cuts in tree trunks to fine cuts in hardboard. The universal workshop helpers also enable you to saw materials such as plastic, leather, or textiles.

    Metal band saws usually have potent motors to see aluminum, iron, copper, stainless steel, or steel by using the special band saw blades. Flat steel, tubes, and bars can be sawn in this way. Metal band saws are given the appropriate rating here, whereby we deliberately kept the selection small.

    Stationary or Mobile?

    Four out of five band saws will probably never leave the home workshop. No wonder that band saws are usually heavy and bulky tools. The reason for this is the need to ensure certain stability and low-vibration while working. With large footprints and weights of over 22 pounds, the transport of band saws is no piece of cake.

    In contrast, only the so-called best portable band saws are mobile. Here, an endless saw blade runs motor-driven in an encapsulated tunnel. Their weight is well below 30 pounds, and these devices shine with their compact dimensions. In addition to these advantages, hand-held band saws also offer advantages in the area of application scenarios. For example, the table of various models can be rotated by 45 degrees, which means that even very difficult cuts can be managed. Also, finely adjustable parallel and miter fences allow exact cuts.

    Design and Weight

    In addition to the pure technical data, when purchasing a band saw, it is also essential to look at other details. The weight and processing, and stability are the features that enable efficient and low-vibration work. A solid table can only guarantee this with an impressive weight. Of course, the worktable also plays a role that should not be underestimated. This should consist of massive timbers and a solid worktop and ideally still be screwed to the wall or floor.

    The processing and stability of a band saw, on the other hand, can usually only be assessed in a direct test. It's good that we attach particular importance to the test and product presentation of the saws and obtain user feedback.

    Another point that should not be underestimated is how quickly the band saw blades can be changed and how well they are guided.

    Cutting height and table size

    The above determines how large the possible workpieces can be processed on the desired band saw. The maximum height with which a workpiece can be machined/sawed is called the passage height. Simpler band saws start here with 3 inches. However, if thicker wood is to be sawn, it is advisable to purchase a band saw with a 2 - 3 inches clearance height.

    The projection indicates how much space is available before the workpiece has to be reattached.

    A large work table significantly increases the time-saving, safe, and efficient way of working and helps implement the desired project.

    Clean cuts

    Two factors determine the qualitative quality of a saw cut and how efficiently this was achieved. The performance and feed! If both are well-coordinated, first-class results can be achieved.

    When purchasing a band saw, you should therefore pay attention to the sawing speed, with most saws achieving values between 10 to 15 m / second.

    The machines are equipped with a switch that can control the sawing speed. This ensures both the quality of the cuts and the service life of the band saw blades.

    band saw


    A band saw blade is used for sawing on a band saw and consists of a welded steel band.

    The welded connection creates an endless saw blade that cuts material through a motorized pulley. The blade is guided over at least two pulleys and through a clamping device to achieve straight cuts.

    Band saw blades differ, among other things, in the type of sawtooth tips, which are specified by the material to be sawed. Both wood and steel can be sawed with band and benchtop band saws, whereby special blades are used in each case. Blades are usually made of hardened steel (HSS), hard metal, or others.

    If pointed or sharpened tooth tips are used with classic HSS band saw blades, the other two methods use attached cutting edges to cut the material. A well-known example of this is carbide-tipped circular saw blades. Depending on the material, the so-called rake and clearance angles also vary, with a good band saw blades having varying tooth tips and distances, which reduces vibrations.

    Width of Blades

    The jamming-free running of a band saw blade is achieved by interlacing the saw teeth. The cutting width is influenced depending on the twist and the thickness of an HSS block. Large set widths are used for softwood, fresh wood, and light metals, whereas hardwood and steel are sawed with small set widths. The material to be cut also determines the height of the saw teeth. Longer saw teeth are used again for soft and fresh wood, whereas hardwood and steel can only be sawed with small tooth depths.

    The set width should always be related to the thickness of the saw blade and never be more than 1.5 times the material thickness.

    Dimensions for so-called narrow band saw blades:

    • Length: between 88 inches and 335 inches.
    • Width: between 1/4 inches and 3 inches, with the smallest possible sawing radius decreasing with the width.
    • Tooth shapes: a triangular tooth for fine cuts and a triangular tooth with a wide base for rough cuts.


    The information found in this band saw buying guide would help you make a perfect choice. Some band saws are already available for less than 150 dollars. Hobbyists and occasional DIYers will enjoy this machine. If you want to do handicrafts more regularly and create more demanding projects, choose a band saw in the next price bracket. You can work very effectively with the Record Power BS250, which is available for around 260 dollars.

    If the budget is open, professional users turn to high-quality machines. These band saw are no longer suitable for use on a workbench due to its volume. These models shine with outstanding workmanship, extraordinary cutting heights, right tape guidance, and adjustable cutting speeds.

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