Can Bed Bugs Survive In Washing Machine?


    The earliest mentions by Aristotle to recent times, bed bugs have been a thriving household health issue. Their bites can cause prominent red blisters, rashes, allergies on the skin, and even impact psychologically. Bed bugs get their name because of the fact they live in the fabric of the bed linens but can bed bugs survive in washing machine?

    Although washing can be a tedious job in comparison to using a simple Brison ultrasonic pest repeller for eliminating these house pests. But, laundering in a machine seems pretty approachable for infested clothes until you find an ultrasonic pest repeller.

    As per the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) 2018 survey, the top three bed bugs spots are:

    • 91% of single-family homes,
    • 89% apartments, and
    • 68% of hotels/motels have it
    Bed Bugs Survive In Washing Machine

    Washing To Kill Bed Bugs

    After returning from a trip you should always launder clothes, to reduce the chances of spreading bugs to other items like suitcases, drawers or beds. But, if your few clothes are infested, you don’t throw your whole wardrobe, a machine wash can help you get rid of these pests.

    However, washing and drying need to be implemented in the highest tolerable heat for your clothes. This means, washing your fabrics will eliminate these pests and cut the chain of spread if done right as mentioned:

    1. Store Clothes Separately

    Store Clothes Separately

    Keep infested garments separately in a plastic bag and seal tightly. Avoid too much movement of the bag so that the bed bugs are not excited.

    2. Rub Alcohol

    Rub Alcohol

    Rubbing items with alcohol after identifying the pieces will kill active bugs on contact. However, it won't destroy eggs or 100% remove the infestation until a warm wash is performed.

    3. Wash And Dry Carefully

    Wash And Dry Carefully

    For the infested ones, use the hottest temperature your clothes can bear for washing. Even for dry cleaning, give the dryer a good thirty minutes of tolerable heat to the fabric.

    Identifying Bed Bugs Infestation

    Identifying Bed Bugs

    The NPMA 2011 bed bugs survey of America showed these pests are found in all 50 states. Before it spreads in your space it is best to find the household pests early by such steps:

    • Look for evidence on your skin, if there are rashes or series of red blisters after waking up.
    • Lift and check your home mattress carefully and inspect regularly.
    • Declutter your house now and then to make it easier to spot the bed bugs.
    • After returning from a trip carefully segregate each item and inspect.
    • Examine the new or second-hand furniture before bringing it inside your home.

    Bed Bugs Extraction

    People have the misconception about bed bugs transmitting diseases. Although NPMA research falsifies such claims. But, finding pests in your clothes can be a nightmare, and you wish redemption from them ASAP. Extraction of these minibeasts seems possible in a washing machine, but it is detail-oriented tiresome. However, simple ultrasonic pest repellers are the eco-friendly treatment for bed bugs.

    Machine washing eventually discharges harmful chemicals into the environment. Even calling special services on this matter will welcome more harmful chemicals in your house, surrounding and ultimately damaging the ecosystem. You can take the route of prevention, which is always better than cure. By using ultrasonic pest repellers first-hand, which works continuously keeping bed bugs away from your abode. And, if the bugs have invaded this high-frequency pest repellers will make them flee.

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