Property Styling Services

Benefits Of Choosing Property Styling Services


    When it comes to buying property, styling is one of the most critical factors for people. Styling your house will significantly increase its value. Property styling also looks great on social media platforms or real estate listings.

    Styling can be very time-consuming, so hiring professional stylists like Novari Collective would be ideal. There are numerous ways that you can design and style your property. Whether you are inclined towards modern, vintage or rustic styling, there's one out there for you.

    Benefits to Hiring a Stylist

    Property Styling Services

    With styling being viewed as an art form, the benefits of hiring a stylist are far too many. Here are some of them.

    Save Time

    Styling a home can be very time-consuming. It's incredibly time-consuming if you're going for a vintage look and have to seek out mid-century furniture as it can become hard to find.

    Hiring a professional stylist will save you hours of valuable time as they already know where to purchase items from, what they should cost, and what styles to go for.

    Save Money

    Styling can be expensive if done wrong! Many people will purchase furniture or accessories that don't suit their home, resulting in the room looking cluttered and unprofessional. So there's no point in styling your property unless done right.

    If you hire a stylist like Novari Collective, it is likely that you won't have to purchase any additional items as they already have them in their inventory. It will save you money as professional companies who have been in the business for a while don't charge their clients extra money.

    Know What You're Getting

    According to reports, 82 percent of buyers' agents suggested that staging a home helped a buyer see the property as a future home. Staging your house is essential because you might have to face difficulties in getting a reasonable price for your property without professional guidance.

    Even if you have a set style in mind, it's likely that without professional help, the home decor items will look odd with the theme. Hiring a stylist is beneficial as they already know what goes together.


    Styling isn't all about the items you add to a home; it's also about how you add them. It can make or break your home, and hiring a stylist means that you'll get their expertise on where to place items and what rooms they work best in. They will also be able to recommend styles that suit certain spaces best.

    Make a Statement

    Many people will hire a stylist to ensure that their home will stand out from the crowd. If you want a unique design, then hiring a professional stylist is a perfect choice, as it's highly likely that they have access to items that most other people don't have.

    Focus on What Matters Most

    If you're a busy person or lack time, hiring a stylist is beneficial as they will focus their time and attention on what matters most, which is styling your room.

    Increase Property Values

    Styling is one of the essential aspects of purchasing a property. Whether you're looking to sell or rent your home, styling increases its value by 10%.

    It means that if you have a budget of say $10,000 for your styling project, your property will be worth more than this amount after it has been styled. Styling will likely attract more buyers if you have a property to sell, as it looks great in photos and videos.

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