Bespoke Engagement Rings Complete The Circle Of Love


    The bespoke jewelry is loved by all of us.  An engagement ring is a very important symbol for two people to share and it is just a symbol of their love, Dedication, and commitment toward each other.  You need to know that this ring is a symbol of a beautiful journey that two people start when they want to live and spend their life with each other.

    No matter which type of ring you choose, for instance, you may choose a modern engagement ring or a traditional engagement ring, It is a symbol of the incredible and deep love that you share.  This simply shows that it is something that will last for a lifetime and will represent the beauty of your relationship with all your friends, Family, and colleagues.

    Bespoke Engagement Rings


    When it comes to the history of engagement rings then in ancient times it was believed that the ring finger has a direct connection to our heart so that is why the partner used to put the ring on his fiancé’s left hand, Reason behind this is this side of the heart is a symbol of infinite love and eternal connection.  In the Middle Ages, females got a drink from their partner as a promise for marriage, and then this was taken so seriously that women were not allowed to wear a ring for other purposes. 

    Later after some time, the concept of Twin rings became famous and it was said that a pair of rings can be worn together II.  Men used to wear their ring and tail at the wedding and after that, it was handed over to the woman who used to wear it at a wedding.  But today the engagement ring is a very important part of the official announcement of a wedding and it's a tradition that every woman should wear this ring.

    Meaning Of Engagement Ring

    Simply, the traditional meaning of such a ring is very important to most females who wear it because she keeps it as a symbol of everlasting love and loyalty to their partner.  The choice of the material also plays an important role and this is the reason that individuality of the engagement ring is the most important thing.

    Are The Engagement Rings Still In Fashion?

    This is very obvious and the engagement rings are still in fashion. For ordinary people, this engagement ring is made of some precious metal because getting diamonds is not easy for everyone and they are simply too expensive.

    At the time of the economic boom in 1951, the salary increased, then more and more men had the chance to give an engagement ring to their partner when they got engaged.  When it comes to the upper class then it was tradition for everyone to give this ring. You need to know that since 1970 the number of people wearing an engagement ring has increased continuously. More than 90% of men giving a nowadays give rings to their loved ones on their wedding day

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