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    Having everyone to sleep most comfortably is very essential. This seems to be a challenge especially for people with growing families. To deal with this challenge you need best bunk beds with stairs. The bunk bed has gained familiarity in the past years regardless of dozens of bed styles being available in the market. They are great for people with limited space in their rooms and have a big family at the same time.

    In the past years, people thought that bunk beds are only for kids. However, this is not the case nowadays. Most bunk bed models available in the market today suit both adults and kids. They are a great option to have in your guestroom. Bunk beds are much economical and come in different designs. Today we have 10 of the best options for bunk beds with stairs. Let's look at the review of each model in detail.

    best bunk beds with stairs

    Best Bunk Beds With Stairs Comparison Table

    Top 11 Bunk Beds With Stairs Reviews

    After spending many hours of research and testing, the following are recommended bunk beds with stairs that you can consider buying.

    1. Twin over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish

    If you are here, you must be looking for the most comfortable bunk bed. Well, we come bearing good news. The twin over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish from the discovery world furniture brand is the best choice for you. Its attractive design is one of its most incredible features.

    The attractive appearance of this product makes it a great choice of bunk bed for kids. Other than its appearance, it has other incredible features that will make you like it more. The overall structure of the bunk bed is a product of strong pine wood. Do you know what that implies? Well, the construction with pinewood makes the bunk beds durable.

    Therefore, you will use them for many years without their value depreciating. This product comes with twin beds that are stack together in different directions. One is vertical while the other one is horizontal. The arrangement of the twin beds is in such a way that they are in a right angle which makes the design more appealing. The product comes with 6 drawers. The best thing about the drawers is that they are reversible. This implies that you can roll them from either side. As if that is not enough, the product also features 4 shelves.

    The shelves are a good place to arrange your books. To ensure that your kids can get into and out of the upper bed safely, the product comes with a ladder. The ladder is placed in a perfect angle to ensure that its utilization is easy. The lower bed comes with caster wheels that enhance easy moving from one position to another.


    • The product has an attractive design
    • It comes with a ladder that has guide rails
    • This product contains six reversible drawers
    • You get 4 bookshelves


    • It might take you some time to set it up

    2. Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

    You will never get enough of the Discovery World Furniture products. This specific model is a good choice if you are looking for bunk beds with storage underneath. Its design and arrangement are great for those with small spaces in their rooms. Let’s look into details of this product’s features.

    The Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed comes with a lot of storage features. It comes with two drawers at one end of the beds. Besides the drawer, there is a stair stepper. Stairs are a great option to ensure maximum safety for everyone as they get to the upper bed.

    Unlike a ladder, using stairs is much easier, faster and safer. To add up on the storage space, the product also comes with three other small underneath drawers. Now you understand when we say that this product offers you a lot of storage features. Besides the twin beds, the product also features a pull-out bed. The pull-out bed is located at the base of the flower bed.

    This makes these bunk beds for kids suitable for up to 5 kids. The best thing is that each kid will feel comfortable when sleeping. Well, what do you think of this bunk bed? Is it worth the shot? I mean who can resist such incredible features. In terms of stability and sturdiness, you can trust this product to deliver the best.

    It is made from very solid wood making it the best for long term usage. The beds can fit in mattresses of size 6.5 inches. However, the package does not come with a mattress. You have to purchase it separately. The stair stepper of the product is movable.


    • The product comes with a stair stepper which is much safer
    • It is suitable for up to 5 kids
    • The construction is sturdy enough, encouraging long term usage
    • It has a lot of storage features


    • Rolling-out the pull-out bed might be hard some times

    3. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin

    We are sure that this is bunk beds with stairs you have been looking for. It incorporates all the features that make it safe and also comfortable to use. The best thing is that you can easily assemble all are parts. You just need a few minutes to do that task.

    This is the best bunk bed for those with larger families. It can accommodate many people than you could imagine. The product features twin beds and an underneath pull-out bed. This means that the bed can accommodate up to 5 kids.

    It is also a great option for a guestroom when you are expecting a lot of visitors. For storage purposes, the product comes with double drawers at the base of the flower bed. This makes it the best bunk beds with storage underneath. The bunk best is great for both kids and adults. Both users will feel comfortable sleeping on the beds.

    The manufacturer was wise enough to incorporate stairs instead of a ladder on the bunk beds. Unlike ladders, stair steppers are usually very stable. This ensures the safety of the user when getting into and out of the upper twin bed. It will also not be a struggle for toddlers to get up and down from the upper bed.

    At least as a parent, you will be sure that they are safe even when climbing all by themselves. The bed is a product from strong Brazilian pine. Therefore, you can trust the product for long term usage. There is not even one time that the quality of the bed will depreciate. Assembling it is quite a straightforward job. You get all tool that facilitates easy setting up.


    • It is a product from strong Brazilian pine
    • The stair stepper on the bunk bed is very stable
    • This bunk beds can accommodate a lot of people
    • You get all tool you need to assemble the bed


    • The instructions are not very clear.

    4. Atlantic Furniture Columbia Staircase Bunk Twin

    Everything that you need from a bunk bed, you will get it from this specific model. You can rely on the Atlantic furniture brand to deliver great quality products. The manufacturer makes sure that every bit of the bunk beds’ construction is just incredible. Let's see the feature it has to offer.

    You can get this product in two colors; white or walnut. Whatever color that pleases you, is readily available in the market. The appearance of the product alone is enough to convince you to buy it. This toddler bunk beds with stairs will serve you for a long time than you could even imagine.

    Thanks to its sturdy construction. It is made from hardwood that makes it very durable. This bunk bed comes with a stair stepper that allows easy and safe climbing to the upper bed. The best thing about this product is that it allows customization. You can simply move the stair stepper to the side of your choice. You can place it on the right or left side.

    The product features 14 pieces of slat kit. This is where you fit in your mattress. A mattress of size 9 inches can fit perfectly on the full-size beds. The slat kits are very sturdy and offer great support to the mattress. The product also comes with underneath storage. To add up on the storage feature, the base of each stair stepper has a drawer.

    That’s more than enough storage space, right? If the kids use bunk beds, they will have space to store their toys. The product is constructed with 26 reinforcement points that are made of steel. This implies that your beds will be very stable.


    • You can get the product in two colors
    • It has stair steppers for easy and safe climbing
    • It is ideal for both adults and kids
    • The product features great storage spaces


    • It is not ideal for floors with carpet.

    5. Mission Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

    Designed for folks who personal little dwelling location and feature a developing own family. With the aid of investing in this bunk bed from Discovery world furnishings, you will store quite a few spaces, plus it's going to deliver your bedroom an elegant look due to its white lacquer finish.

    This bunk bed has a triple drawer underneath the whole system. It also comes with 4 drawers at the chest of the product. The 4 drawers are attached besides a stair stepper unit. The drawers are a clear indication that you will have an abundance of storage space.  It’s spacious, so in case your children are going to apply this bunk bed, they can shop their books as properly. The bunk bed unit is made of strong Pinewood and MDF. This makes the bunk keep its incredible design.

    The material has excessive resin content material that allows in proper contraction and enlargement in keeping with the weather. Makers have used the 6-step method to coat the stable timber with a white finish. This makes its overall design very attractive.

    You may count on minor imperfections because achieving a natural white finish on the wood is very difficult. However, you will have a great experience sleeping on this bed. The comfort they offer is just on another level. It meets and exceeds all standards.


    • The product comes with a handful of storage space
    • It can last for a very long time
    • The final design of these bunk beds is very stylish
    • It is a great choice for kids


    • It takes a lot of time to set-up the bunk beds.

    6. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin

    Safety should be the first thing you look into when you are purchasing furniture. The Bedz King brand does not take that issue lightly. That’s why they are keen when constructing their bunk beds with stairs. Using stair steppers ensures enough safety when climbing to the upper bed.

    This is the best cot for those with bigger families. It can suit numerous individuals than you could envision. The item includes twofold single beds and an underneath pull-out bed. This implies the bed can suit up to 5 children.

    It is additionally an incredible alternative for a guestroom when you are anticipating a ton of guests. For capacity purposes, the item accompanies 3 drawers at the base of every stair steppers. The bunk best is extraordinary for the two children and grown-ups. This is just the best toddler bunk beds with stairs.

     The maker was astute enough to join stairs rather than a stepping stool on the lofts. In contrast to a stepping stool, stair steppers are normally truly steady. This guarantees the wellbeing of the client while getting into and out of the upper twin bed. It will likewise not be a battle for little children to get here and there from the upper bed. At any rate as a parent, you will be certain that they are sheltered in any event, when climbing without anyone else. The bed is an item from solid Brazilian pine.


    • It is made from strong and durable wood
    • This bunk beds can serve both adults and kids
    • The stair stepper feature ensures the safety


    • The bunk beds may take time to assemble it

    7. Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed

    bunk beds with stairs

    It's difficult to sort out a room where you have a little space and a ton of stuff. Besides, you will likewise have a bed and a capacity chest that will consume floor space. Imagine a scenario where you can consolidate the two.

    This bunk is with stairs has too much to offer to its users. From features to quality, everything is just amazing.

    A bed and bunches of the extra room where you can keep all rest related adornments and substantially more. We present you a twin over a full cot that has the space to suit three people, in addition to various drawers that can make sure about the entirety of your assets. This loft has wooden supports, which prepares it to use with a sleeping pad. As all the braces are strong wood, you won't see hanging in the pads. This cot has superb dependability due to a decent development.

    Its staircase adds to the hold and stays in its planned situation without making any commotion. With strong wood development, this cot displays an advanced just as space-sparing structure. As the utilization of MDF loads up is insignificant, it is sturdy and can withstand all human-made wears and tears after some time.

    The material used to make this product is safe to be utilized by anybody in your family, even children. The Merlot Lacquer finish of the cot glances standard in your lounge room or room. Also, it coordinates the set standards.


    • This product has a classic finish
    • It has a sturdy construction
    • The product comes with a handful of storage spaces


    • The drawer’s quality could be better

    8. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin

    An ideal cot for a family where living space matters or there is a prerequisite of discrete beds for the children. You can likewise utilize it in your lounge room for medium-term visitors. Two drawers furnish you with some additional capacity for your blankets and other bed-related items.

    It is made of Solid Brazilian Pine taken from supportable ranches, the twin over full cot is strong. As there are no MDF or other board materials remembered for its manufacture, you can expect this loft to keep going long. Strong security rails along the stairs protect the client while getting to the upper bunk.

    Rather than a stepping stool, this loft accompanies a stairway, which makes it "youngster safe." It has wooden braces to help the bedding, so you won't need any case spring or comparative increments.

    The space between the base and upper bunk supports is 38 inches, barring the sleeping cushion. The given stature is agreeable, in any event, for grown-ups. All the necessary equipment for gathering the bed bunk is now included. It gives significant level dependability, which is upheld by the solid stairs.

    This loft just accompanies get together apparatuses, no pad is incorporated. You can utilize any bedding of your decision on the cot. It has strong braces to help the thickest pads. It is great for those who need bunk beds with storage underneath.


    • It comes with large stair steppers
    • You can assemble it with a lot of ease
    • This bunk bed has a very sturdy construction
    • The bunk bed offers a lot of storage space to its users


    • The instructions could be better

    9. Atlantic Furniture Columbia Bunk 2 Raised Panel Bed

    Besides being a bunk bed with stairs, this product is also a bunk bed with storage underneath. You can depend on the Atlantic furniture brand to convey extraordinary quality items. The producer ensures that all of the lofts' development is simply mind-blowing. We should see the element it bring to the table.

    You can get this item in two hues; white or pecan. Whatever shading that satisfies you is promptly accessible in the market. The presence of the item alone is sufficient to persuade you to get it. This little child lofts with stairs will serve you for quite a while then you could even envision.

    On account of its tough development. It is produced using hardwood that makes it entirely tough. This cot accompanies a stair stepper that permits simple and safe moving to the upper bed. The best thing about this item is it permits customization.

    The item includes 14 bit of support unit. This is the place you fit in your bedding. A sleeping pad of size 9 inches can fit superbly on the full-size beds. The brace units are extremely solid and offer incredible help to the bedding. The item additionally accompanies underneath capacity. To include up the capacity highlight, the base of every stair stepper has a cabinet. That is all that could be needed extra room, correct? If the children utilize cots, they will have space to store their toys.


    • This product is long-lasting
    • It has a unique and classic design
    • You have three colors to choose from
    • It comes with extra underneath storage space


    • The frames of the beds are not strong enough

    10. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin

    You will never get enough of the Bedz King Brand products. The Twin over Full Stair Bed by Bedz King is produced using stunning Brazilian Pine. It's configurable as a bunk with stairs or as two single beds. The trundle likewise pulls out to make 3 beds all out. Isn’t that amazing?

    This Stairway cot with drawers and capacity is mainstream and a top-notch item from the place of Bedz KING. This loft is interesting and has many included specific highlights. The entire structure is very tall and eats up extensive space in the room, not at all like other standard cots. This stairway cot from Bedz King is made of strong Brazilian pine and is accessible in different hues such as ivory white, dark and expresso.

    It is perfect for use in the room of adult children who might have bunches of their customized stuff to store. The item is tried for kid security and is wooden in finish and breaks and chips safe. The elements of this twin trundle cot incorporate. This item is fundamentally a mix of two twin beds which can likewise be utilized independently as two unique beds whenever destroyed. The set-up is one twin bed over another full stairway twin bed with twin trundle and 3 stockpiling drawers.


    • They are great toddler bunk beds with stairs
    • You can get it in a variety of colors
    • The bunk beds that can be separated as separate independent beds
    • It can accommodate a lot of people


    • Setting up the beds is not easy

    11. Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

    Generally speaking this twin over full cot is of sublime quality. For its strong wood development and sufficient stockpiling. I mean, this bed will surpass your desires! Your kids don’t have to suffer uncomfortable nights when the Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed is available in the market.

    All the wood segments are strong however with that comes incredible quality. The solid development implies it will last well. You can either keep it in your family or sell it on at a pleasant cost. There's loads of extra room for your youngster to utilize.

    You aren't simply purchasing a bed, you're purchasing an entire bedroom set as well! The top bunk fits an 8″ sleeping cushion. With the base bunk, there's no limitation on sleeping cushion width by any means. The stairs can be introduced to one side or right half of the bed to fit better with your kid's room.

    This twin loft with stairs is a top-notch bed at a low cost. Guardians state this model has a strong vibe and remains stationary even with overwhelming grown-ups on the top bunk. The delightful completion and high craftsmanship make it fit for your ruler. The size is 5 x 57 x 64 inches, height, width, and length respectively.

    You'll have some additional space to open the drawers. This bed showed up with a left-hand side arrangement, yet swapping them around isn't excessively troublesome by any stretch of the imagination.


    • It is straightforward to set up the bunk beds
    • You can customize the stair stepper
    • The product has a sturdy development


    • The upper bunk bed need relatively more manpower

    How to Choose Perfect Bunk Beds With Stairs

    When choosing a bunk bed with stairs from hundreds of models in the market, you need to put into consideration some factors. Remember that you need safety and at the same time want comfort. Therefore, you need a model that can offer all that. That’s why it is always good to consider the features of each product before settling for one.

    You will notice that different models have different features. The features suit different users due to their difference in preference and other factors we are going to talk about. Now let’s get right to what you should consider when choosing a bunk bed with stairs.

    Bed Styles

    The top bunk beds with stairs come with different designs. The purpose you want to achieve will help you select the bed style that best suits you. You will realize that some models are referred to as 'Twin on twin', some 'full-on full', while others 'Twin on full'.

    The three are the bed styles that you will find in the market. Now, you might be wondering which you should choose. Well, for small toddlers, the twin on twin bed style will be a great choice. For older kids, the other two bed styles will suit them better.


    How big or small is my room? This is a single aspect that will help you get the perfect model in regards to the room size. You should consider both the vertical and horizontal space of your room. Remember that bunk beds are two beds stack together. That implies that it will take also the vertical space. A bunk bed that is too high might not be a great idea.

    The height should be perfect in such a way that it is not so close to the ceiling. At least, it should have some space to allow you kids to use the upper bed without knocking the ceiling with their heads. You should also ensure that the horizontal space fits the bed and leave some space around the room.


    If you want to get a durable bunk bed, you need to look into the material. Different bunk beds with stairs are made from different materials. Some are made of metal while others are made of wood. Besides, you will also find out that different types of metal are used to make different bunk beds models. In that case, you have to be very keen.

    Whether you prefer metal or wood, you need to choose a very durable type. Hardwood is very hard to find. Therefore, bunk beds made from hardwood might be much costly than those made from metals. However, they will last for a very long time.

    Storage Features

    Most bunk beds stairs come with storage spaces. However, the spaces vary from one model to another. Some have underneath storage while others don’t have. You should focus on finding a bunk bed model with a lot of storage space. Go for the one that incorporates underneath storage as well as a strong near stair stepper.

    You will find that some models have 3 or 4 drawers at the base or side of the stairs. Others have 2 or 3 drawers at the base of the lower bunk. Focus on the number and you will get just the right bunk bed you need.

    Mattress Size

    Bunk beds have a varying number of slat kits. This brings a difference in the size of the mattress that can fit in the bunks. For this factor, you should consider both the length and thickness of the mattress.

    Choose a bunk bed that will fit a mattress that best suits the user. You may find that kinds might not be comfortable on the same mattress size as adults.


    The price of the product has a great effect on what you choose. For the budget sensitive individuals, go for affordable bunk beds. However, you should remember to look into the features. A bunk bed might be cheap but have very poor features.

    Expensive bunk beds can be great. However, some might just be overrated. Therefore, it is good to integrate the features and the price. In that way, you will be able to determine which model is the best for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How Do You Make Stairs For A Bunk Bed?

    You need to take the measurement, before proceeding with any other process. Measure the diagonal from the top to the bottom rail of the bunk beds. With two pieces of wood, make measurements depending on the size of the stairs you want to make.

    Mark the measurements on the wood. Then cut to the perfect size. After that, make the steps of your preferred choice and attach them to the pieces of wood.

    2. Are Bunk Beds Safe?

    This will depend on the design of the bunk beds. Some bunk beds have a design that allows safety for both adults and kids. However, bunk beds might be a threat to kids.

    The fact that a kid has to climb up to the upper bunk might not be safe. Some bunk beds have stairs to facilitate safe climbing. Others have guardrails to ensure the safety of young toddlers.

    3. How Do You Make A Bed With Stairs?

    Making a bed with stairs might not be easy especially for the beginner. However, with the right tools, you can maneuver through that very easily.

    All you need to do is to decide on the size of the bed and stairs you want to make. That will help you make the most accurate measurements and cuts as you make your bed with stairs.

    4. How Do You Attach A Bunk Bed Ladder?

    If you have the ladder ready, you need to determine the angle in which you are going to attach your ladder. Remember that the ladder doesn't need to be very steep.

    This will make going into and out of the upper bed very hard. You can drill holes where the hooks need to attach. Make sure that the hooks are well attached.

    5. How Do You Make A Movable Step?

    The idea of movable steps is to allow customization. In that, you can put it on the right or left side of the bed. Just ensure that the steps are not attached fully to the bed. In that way, you can just remove the attachment and move the step to the side you prefer.

    Final Words

    You will be amazed by the features of bunk beds. I mean, each model has something to offer. Especially for our 11 models, you enjoy using any model from above. From the features to the quality, everything about them is just impressive.

    How can you rate yourself after reading the reviews? Knowledgeable than before? Well, we are never late in bringing you the information you need. By now, we know most of you already know the model to purchase. For those who still have doubts, the ‘things to consider’ part will help you a lot in finding the best bunk beds with stairs.

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