Best Chairs For Fire Pit – Top Models Reviewed In 2022!


    Do you have a dream of setting up a fire pit in the backyard of your house? A nice place to watch the stars in the long night with lovers, friends, and family? A place to have a nice date? I have reviewed some of the best chairs for fire pit. These are highly designed and decorated chairs that suit the landscape of your backyard giving you the best experience as you enjoy your leisure. Explore the most beautiful camping chairs and fire pit chairs that will give you a nice décor of your backyard and give you the comfort you need.

    best chairs for fire pit

    Best Chairs for Fire Pit Comparison Table

    Top 8 Chairs for Fire Pit Reviews

    We have done an extensive research to provide you with some outdoor fire pit seating ideas. This will help you figure out which fire pit chairs are suitable for you. Go through our reviews to find out the right chairs around fire pit.

    1. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair

    This stylish chair is made from cedar white tree. It is insect free and weather resistant. It is budget-friendly. It has a curved arm placing slats which increase the comfort experienced you'll experience. This chair is made from a renewable natural resource of the log home industry.

    It measures 30 *28*39 inches and lightweight of 34.6 pounds. These seats are 24/7 outdoor and do not stain easily when staff is poured on them.  The Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair comes in parts in the shipment package where you construct it. This makes it portable.

    When going for picnics or to the Miami Beach and the others you just disjoin and pack it in your car boot and later reconstruct it by attaching the different parts and enjoying the comfort while having fun watching the beautiful nature or the water waves.


    • They are easily portable, you just have to dis attach the different attached parts and carry it wherever you go camping or beach watching
    • It is made from the cedar tree, this makes it insect resistant and you won't have to worry about termites eating up your chair.
    • The Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair has curved arm placing slats to ensure maximum comfort of the person sitting on
    • Wide enough to accommodate any hip size of a person
    • They are durable and are not easily affected by the weather


    • Cannot be used in official places

    2. Patio Sense 61469 Coconino Wicker Chair

    The Patio Sense 61469 Coconino Wicker Chair is an all-weather suitable chair that is made up of leather all through. This makes it require less maintenance. It is very is surprisingly light but also strong. It has a stainless steel frame.

    It avoids dragging the furniture. It is also easy to handle and to rearrange to suit your purpose and taste. They enable for kickback sitting posture which increases the comfort of your back.

    It's indoor/outdoor cozy fabric and cushion makes if all-weather, thus endures all seasons. This seat comes with a 12 months warranty which assures you as the customer of a nice product. It measures 35*34*34.5 inches which assure you of a maximum suitable sitting place. It weighs 22 pounds thus easy to carry from place to place.

    The chairs have a great design, comfortable and lovely. The screws used can rust when exposed to moisture. You can easily assemble the chair in a very short time. To clean the chair you just need normal soap and water to clean it spotlessly clean.


    • Patio Sense 61469 Coconino Wicker Chairs are very comfortable with a lovely design to ensure full happiness of the user.
    • They are all-weather suitable chairs that will not require too much maintenance thus ensuring that your relaxation time is not consumed by maintaining them.
    • They are light in weight and thus ensures easy mobility and arrangement even by kids.
    • Very easy to assemble


    • The screws used can rust

    3. Giantex 4-Pack Patio Folding Chairs Review

    The Giantex 4-Pack Patio Folding Chairs are grey, have a steel frame and fabric. It measures 26.8*23.2*37.4 which is length, width, and height respectively. The 4 pack folding chairs are ideal for meetings and gatherings both indoor and outdoor.

    The steel frame makes it durable and last long. The fabric used adds the comfort of the chair to enhance the relaxation of your body.

    They are light weighted and foldable which makes them easily portable. They are also space-saving, thus save your space at the fire pit. They are easy to store and also do not need to be assembled as they come already assembled.

     These Giantex 4-Pack Patio Folding Chairs become suitable for events such as camping where you and your loved ones decide to spend a weekend in the wild. You just fold the set of chairs and pack them and later arrange them where you'll create a fireplace to warm yourselves up. Other outdoor activities such as weddings also could be suitable for this set of chairs. They will allow more of them to be arranged as they are space-saving thus accommodate many people. This fire pit chairs could also be put in the balcony to spend free time there.


    • They are durable and very steady due to their steel frame
    • It is foldable thus ensures easy storage by just folding them, and this makes them space-saving and portable
    • The fabric used increases the comfort


    • They only come in grey color

    4. Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Love Seat

    The Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Love Seats is made of Cedarwood that is insect free and is also all-weather resistant. It has curved arm seat slats to ensure maximum comfort. It comes in pieces that are easy to assemble over a short period.

    It weighs 58.8 pounds. The product dimensions are 30*48*39 inches, length, width, and height respectively, while the assembled height is 49*31*8 inches that is height, width, and length and weighs 65 pounds.

    It turns darker when left out in the rain and so it is recommendable to keep a roof over it when it rains. The widespread legs are suitable for any surface, be it bricks, cemented slabs or any other. The joints are stylish. Fixing the different parts that come in the package is easy and in case of any hardships, you can use an online video tutorial on how to fix it. The Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Love Seat is durable and highly affordable. It is attractive, nice furniture to fit your fire pit and to hang out with loved ones.


    • Has curved arm seat slats which ensure maximum comfort.
    • It is easy to assemble the different parts that come along.
    • Made of Cedarwood which is insect and weather resistant.
    • There are online tutorials on how to fix the screws during assembling thus making it easy.


    • It turns darker when rained on so not suitable to allow it to be rained on.

    5. Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair Review

    This amazing fire pit chair is stylish and comes in six different colors. It is classy with a very comfortable design which is built using weather-resistant and simulated wood. The wood is also UV-rays and this ensures that the wood will not crack nor chip.

    The assembling of the chair is slightly complex and I recommend you to get tutorial videos to assist you to grasp the idea on how to do it.

    It is not easy to be stained (stain-resistant) and is easy to clean. The length of the seat is 38.6 inches with a seat back height of 36.9 inches. It requires very little maintenance giving you ample time for, maintenance. It is different from other wooden furniture where the simulated wood which makes up the Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair ensures that it will not splinter either will it rot.

    This chair also does not need to be varnished or painted. You are assured of a great relaxing time with friends and family. It weighs 300 pounds. The wide sitting space ensures comfort for any size of a person.


    • The chair is stylish and comes with six different colors which become a great decoration to your fire pit.
    • Made up of simulated wood which is water-resistant
    • Easy to clean and hard to be stained
    • It is a very comfortable classy chair which ensures maximum comfort for your friends and family


    • Has a warranty condition where you have to disassemble the spoilt chair and ship it back to the company.

    6. Kotula's Fir Wood Unfinished Adirondack Chair

    The Kotula's Fir Wood Unfinished Adirondack Chair is made of wood and comes in a twin pack. They are built with durable materials to increase their life span. They are slant inwards to give you maximum comfort while hanging out to catch up with a friend or a spouse over a glass of wine.

    They come unfinished to give you the capability of giving it that finishing style and color that suits your taste.

    They are contoured seats with large and wide arms to suit you and give you the comfort you deserve. They have rustproof materials that ensure you don't have to maintain. You don't need to stress yourself to assemble the fire pit chair, there are online tutorials that could help you. The chairs are not foldable for storage. The chairs are a good product for such an amount of money required for purchasing.

    I like these Kotulas Fir Wood Unfinished Adirondack Chairs because they are steady affordable and will work perfectly for an outdoor fire pit. They can fit for both official purposes and leisure activities. I believe you want a chair that comforts you and gives you room for relaxing while sipping wine or reading a book or even chatting with a friend or child.


    • They are slant on the sitting surface to maximize your comfort
    • Comes unfinished to allow you to finish it with a taste of your choice


    • Have no folding of the legs mechanism for easy storage

    7. Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair Review

    One of the best chairs for the fire pit is Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair, Gray – 60204 which is gray. With such chairs, you’ll create an adorable, comfortable, classy and durable impression at your fire pit.

    Adirondack products are known to last long. They are built with all-weather suitable polystyrene.

    The material is made using UV protected and they are suitable for outdoor purposes. This product is similar to the one reviewed above whereby the simulated wood does not splinter or rot. It does not require to be painted or rather being varnished. It becomes a perfect addition to the courtyard in your home.

    It becomes the perfect place to warm yourself up during the night while chatting with your spouse or sharing life experiences with a friend. They can fit for both official purposes and leisure activities. I know you want a chair which will comfort you and give you room for relaxing. The chairs are a good product for such a friendly budget of money required for purchasing the Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair, Gray – 60204 chairs.


    • Easy to clean and do not stain easily
    • It is easy to maintain the chairs
    • All the seats come with a comfortable classic design
    • They have a slant sitting posture which will give your back a very comfortable experience
    • Built with durable all-weather resistant polystyrene which gives it a long life and assures you quality time and service


    • Storing them would be not that easy since the legs cannot be folded

    8. Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker Furniture Set

    This amazing set of chairs (Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker Furniture Set) comes along with a patio table and whiskey brown colored outdoor chairs. This suitable fire pit chair measures 30.51*21.26*23.92 which are width, length, and height respectively.

    The table that comes along with it measures 14.96*14.37*14.96 in width, length and height respectively. The resin material used extracted from polypropylene for exceptional durability.

    Its design is very comfortable which makes, that is molded rattan other than the woven rattan. The package comes along with assembly instructions to assist you in assembling it. The Keter Rio 3 piece set has a pair of chairs and a side table. This setup can easily be put up in a camping site, a bay at the beach and a backyard of a house. It is glamorous and adds the decoration of your fire pit. 

    The design, Rattan finish of the Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker chairs has a neutral color (whiskey brown) which makes the furniture suitable for anywhere. The legs supporting the chairs and the table are very steady with a simple good- looking design. Cleaning this furniture is involving where you have to first clean with water to remove surface dirt and then later use detergent and a piece of soft fabric to clean it thoroughly. Wipe dry the chairs and tables to avoid unpleasant after marks. This consumes time to clean it.


    • Comfortable and easy to clean
    • Comes with assembly instructions
    • The chair features a durable construction
    • Portable and suitable for any outdoor pleasantries


    • Requires a lot of maintenance

    Best Fire Pit Chairs Buying Guide

    When you are buying the best chairs around fire pit, it is important to consider some essential factors so that you can end up with the right product. The following are some important tips that you should consider.

    Function And Purpose

    The function of your outdoor chairs for the fire pit is one key factor to consider while selecting a suitable set of chairs for the fire pit. Do you want an entertaining set of chairs? Or do you want a stylish set to enjoy the oncoming of summer? Many people I included want to strike a balance between style and entertainment to ensure maximum relaxation. A place where you can enjoy reading that favorite novel of yours or just sit there and watch the beautiful sky and stars.


    Everyone wants to have experience comfort while spending time out at night. For great outdoor furniture, comfort must be considered. You don't want your friends and lovers to complain due to the discomfort of the chairs. The sits could have cushions to ensure your comfort. You want to come home after a tiresome day and grab a beer with your partner while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful stars at night.

    Storage And Maintenance

    You need to ensure that your chairs for your fire pit place are safe from scorch sun rays, raindrops, and wind. You should consider having a roof on top of the fireplace area to prevent the rain from falling on the chairs. If the place you live is prone to harsh/tough weather conditions you should ensure you get the right furniture to withstand this.

    The time you have for leisure should not be spent on maintaining the chairs, so you should opt for easy to care for furniture.


    While selecting the best suitable chairs for the fireplace, quality is one aspect that you should consider. You need a set of chairs to last long and to give you a nice experience while enjoying your free time, alone or with loved ones.

    Size And Shape

    Size and shape is a key consideration. Depending on the size you want to allocate to your fire pit, you'll have to choose fitting and sizeable chairs that will give a nice design and layout for your fire pit. You don't want a place where moving is restricted due to a lack of space.

    Shades Of Color

    Everyone wants an artistic impression with colors that decorate your fire pit place. Innovative colors and artistic impressions will give you a kind of freedom and comfort around the fire pit.

    If you are the kind of person who is dynamic in tastes according to the changing seasons you need to choose colors that suit all the seasons. Neutral colored furniture and cushions could be used in that case.

    Dual Purposes

    If you get furniture that serves more than one purpose it will make your life a little bit easy and reduce the need for the other furniture which would suit one action. This would also free up extra space which could be used in other decorations like plants to give your fire area a complete look. Firepit tables would also be ideal for keeping you warm and serving drinks thus a complete hangout spot.

    You could have meetings with clients and since you want to maintain the privacy of your house, the backyard fire pit place could be a solution hence the need to make it lavish, stylish and comfortable with the best chairs to sit on. You need a place with furniture that you could give your friends, family, and clients a nice experience. To ensure this you should consider all the above-listed factors.


    How far should chairs be from the fire pit?

    The spacing entirely depends on the type of furniture you have. You are needed to give a room of at least 7 feet which will allow movement of people and to avoid collisions.

    Are the chairs waterproof?

    The answer is yes. Most of the above-reviewed of the chairs for fire pit are waterproof and are not by any means affected by water. Only the Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Love Seat which turns darker when rained on.

    Do the chairs get hot by the heat from the fire pit?

    No, they do not get hot because they are not good conductors of heat. Also, there are bricks used to absorb excess heat that emanates from the fire pit.

    How long should the chairs last?

    The chairs should be durable to last long enough to serve you and your kids. The above-reviewed of the perfect chairs for fire pit will give you a long term service and you'll probably change them only when you are interested in new models in the market.

    Final Verdict:

    I would recommend the use of any of the above best chairs for fire pit. You are assured of durability and comfort together with a nice decoration. Everyone needs chairs for the fire pit place which will serve the purpose of relaxing and easy comfortable time.

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