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    When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are so many products that we need to enhance our looks. If you want to give your eyelashes an attractive look, then you need to get some quality eyelash extensions. The best eyelash extension glue make an incredible fashion accessory, and they enhance your looks. You can also try a lash treatment instead of eyelash extensions. Nicky's lash lift kit is one of the best beauty treatments that you can do at home on your own. It offers you long lifted natural lashes, that last for more than 8 Weeks. They give you a more natural look, especially if you attach them the right way.

    best eyelash extension glue

    What is the best eyelash extension glue?

    This is probably the first question that you need to ask yourself when you are buying glue for lash extensions. For you to get that beautiful look, you need to ensure that you have the right eyelash extension glue that will hold it well. 

    We also would like to mention Paris Lash Academy here for their awesome products which you should add to your collection. Definitely one of the best in the market right now with quite a good selection to choose from.

    We have given you reviews of professional eyelash extension glue that you can use at home. With any of these glues, you don't need to visit an expert since you can easily apply it on your own from the comfort of your home. The glues we have covered have a fast drying time, so you don't expect to wait long for it to dry. Check our eyelash extension glue reviews and buying tips to help you choose the right one.

    Best Eyelash Extension Glue Comparison Table

    Top 10 Eyelash Extension Glue Reviews

    The market is flooded with so many products from various brands such that it can be hard to pick the best lash extension glue. However, we have dedicated our time on research to provide you with the right product recommendations that will help you buy the right glue for your eyelashes.

    1.Stacy Lash Extension Glue Review

    Stacy lash glue is a professional eyelash glue that is extra strong. It has a rapid drying time of a record 1 second allowing the lashes to set instantly. This does not compromise its bonding power as it can stay on for up to 7weeks.

    It has super low viscosity ensuring instant setting upon use. Its thin consistency makes it easy to use as only a small bead if any is seen on the extension if the correct amount is used. This ensures the hairs are not weighed down, giving the eyelashes that effortless and realistic look.

    It has low fumes emission as all ingredients in the formula have been carefully chosen to ensure optimum service free of any pungent smell. This glue is latex-free and formaldehyde-free. This is a vigilant effort to prevent any hypersensitive reaction. The glue dries in a murky black that blends well with black lashes. It works beautifully with both Volume fans and Classic sets. It comes in as an airtight and sealed package to preserve glue freshness. This eyelash glue will be sure to highlight the radiance of the client's eyes.

    • Has a rapid drying time of one second.
    • It is extra strong to ensure long use and added retention power.
    • It is designed to suit the needs of the eyelash extension experts by ensuring extensions do not clamp.
    • Unique formula that is premium quality.
    • Works great in areas that have high humidity
    • The glue has to be used when fresh for best results

    2.Flow Eyelash Extension Glue Review

    This adhesive is a high-grade eyelash extension glue for eyelash stylists. It is strong enough to give you proper wear for up to 8weeks. The bonding strength afforded by this product is unmatched. The glue requires only 1.5seconds drying time.

    It has a very mild and almost absent scent that is quite bland. The product has high-quality packaging, and this attests to the amount of thought put into the product. It is latex and formaldehyde free to prevent skin and eye reactions. This product will revolutionize your interaction with eyelash extension. Care has been taken to omit any ingredient that will cause any irritation. This is in an attempt to protect all users.

    The glue comes with a needle to unclog the tip if need be. It dries to a luscious black that blends easily with the lashes. This product is simply the best in the market.

    • The product offers professional medical-grade level quality.
    • It has a thin consistency for ease of use.
    • It has long-lasting retention of 7-8weeks.
    • The glue has a quick drying time.
    • The product has little to no lash fall out.
    • The glue dries pretty fast.

    3.Stacy Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue Review

    This product is a high quality buy with a prolonged retention time that will have you coming for more. It has a super short drying time of 1-2 seconds. The glue dries to a glossy black that is sure to keep the lash line looking and feeling flawless. The bond time is about 6-7weeks with minimal fall out that will keep your lashes looking lush.

    It is suitable for humid weather and is thus suitable for hot summers at the beach. The glue is latex-free to prevent hypersensitivity. The product is ISO certified and perfect for eyelash stylists. It has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration. The glue does not become cakey upon exposure to air.

    This product cuts down filling time, thus saving time and making for happy clients. The fumes are minimal if any and the glue is pocket-friendly but ensures value for your money. Also, this glue is not tested on animals.

    • It has a prolonged stay with minimal eyelash fallout.
    • The glue has rapid drying time and thus saves on time.
    • It does not cog up upon drying.
    • The product has a good shelf life which ensures lengthy use.
    • It is quite affordable.
    • May contain strong fumes

    4.Beau Eyelash Extension Glue Review

    This lash glue will end your search for lash glues. It provides an extra-long bond time of 6-7weeks with minimal lash loss. It has a brief drying time of 1-2 min. It dries to a sinister black that blends perfectly with the lashes.

    According to FemaleFinest, It can be stored at room temperature, and no refrigeration required. The glue is latex and formaldehyde free to prevent an allergic reaction. It is suitable for both Classic and Volume lashes with a crisp finish. It is stored in a sealed container to keep it fresh and prevent the entry of moisture. The glue is ITQA certified. The glue provides first-rate performance as no beading is seen on the extensions.

    The glue is specifically formulated to meet the high lash stylists' needs with its rapid drying time and prolonged bond duration that will have you screaming for more.

    • The glue has a long retention time of 6-7 weeks.
    • It has a rapid drying time of 1-2seconds.
    • It blends effortlessly with the lashes giving a natural look.
    • It allows flexibility to the lash giving it a realistic feel.
    • The glue is ITQA certified and is thus safe to use.
    • The glue contains cyanoacrylate and may cause itching for people with sensitive eyes.

    5.Lonris Eyelash Extension Glue Review

    This glue is definitely one of a kind. It is a must-have for eyelash professionals. It gives a good wear of about 3-4weeks. The glue requires minimal time to cure on average about 6-7seconds.

    This glue has no odor and thus is non-irritating. It has an optimum viscosity allowing smooth use and minimal beading. This eyelash extension glue dries clear that is very natural looking. It also has minimal if any fumes and will not cause eye irritation in this way. It is ISO certified and hence safe for use. The glue is latex and formaldehyde-free.

    The glue is beginner friendly as it does not dry up too rapidly. It is packed safely with silica gel to keep out moisture and air, thus ensure prolonged shelf-life. It has an added needle to prevent its drying up.

    • Dries to a clear finish.
    • The glue has prolonged bond time, ensuring extra-long use.
    • Non-irritating as it is odorless.
    • The product is safe for use as it is ISO certified.
    • Very beginner-friendly as it allows for slight manipulation before drying up completely.
    • The glue takes rather long to dry

    6.Infinit Volume Plus Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive

    This is a high-quality adhesive for you to use to stick your eyelash extensions. It is manufactured using ingredients found in medical adhesives, and it is latex-free meaning it is not made from the base of any rubber material.

    This can guarantee safe use from any allergic reaction that comes from allergic reactions on the skin from a product that is latex based.

    Other than superior quality, the company claims to be cruelty-free as it does not test any of its products on animals. The adhesive is packaged in a leak-free bottle that is of the volume of 5 milliliters.

    The product is only intended for professional use only. Avoid using the adhesive on yourself. We recommend you to visit a salon to have a professional use it on you.

    • It has a fast-drying function as it only takes one to two seconds for it to dry on the eyelashes.
    • The adhesive clumps and locks tightly on the lashes and will stay strong for up to six weeks.
    • It’s latex-free
    • Package in a leak-free bottle
    • Only meant for professional use.
    • The product is watery and not vicious as it claims.

    7.Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

    If you are looking for an extra strong eyelash extension glue, you can consider this one. This is a quality adhesive that provides you with a retention time of up to 8 weeks. The high retention of this glue makes it a perfect selection for professional lash extension stylists.

    It has a very fast drying speed o less than 3 seconds to hold the eyelash extensions tightly. The eyelashes when tightly clamped together by the adhesive they can hold tightly for up to two months. The eyelash adhesive is only 0.64 ounces in weight and is packaged very well to increase customer satisfaction.

    You will also love the packaging of this product that is meant to protect it. Every package comes with a special packaging material and a silica gel. Additionally, you will receive a red glue needle to prevent it from drying.

    • The product has a very fast drying feature
    • Strong meaning it can hold the lashes extension for a very long time.
    • It is durable making it ideal for professional use
    • Comes in a nice packaging
    • Gives you quick eyelash extension application
    • May cause a bad reaction on your eyes turning them to red in color due to irritation
    • The fumes of the adhesive are very harsh and have a chocking sensation.

    8.Lonris Sensitive Low Fume Extension Glue

    This is an adhesive that is worth purchasing. Made from a big brand in the cosmetic industry. The product is very high premium quality and designed to give a hundred percent satisfaction to the client.

    Product comes with an extra unique formula to produce low fumes while in the application on the eyelashes. This is very helpful for the user as it minimizes any chances of an allergic reaction while using the adhesive.

    The product is meant for only professional use and not self-application. It has a longer drying time of two to four seconds. This is double the standard average time for eyelash adhesives, it gives time to the stylist to work with the glue before it dries. The product is also packaged with a glue needle protecting the adhesive from drying.

    • Made with latex-free material
    • Can hold the eyelash extensions for up to six weeks
    • Nice formula to reduce irritation and allergy
    • Provides a quick drying time
    • Comes with a glue needle
    • It has a slow drying process.

    9.Companion Eyelash Glue Review

    This might be one of the most economical eyelash adhesive in the market. The adhesive is clear in color and can be used both by a professional and for self-application. The eyelash glue is made from latex-free ingredients to prevent an allergic reaction that may occur by using the product.

    The eyelash adhesive comes with a brush to facilitate easy application.

    It is quite easy to apply the adhesive and remove at the same time. In the application, it only takes a brush of thin layer along with the band. You will have to rest for about nearly ten seconds before placing your eyelash extensions.

    The glue dries clear on the lashes and can be used for even fake eyelashes. To remove you only need to have oil-free makeup remover apply on the lash band, and this will automatically dissolve the glue.

    • Very affordable eyelash glue.
    • Best for short term eyelash extensions.
    • It is easy to apply
    • Suitable for all lashes
    • Clear and faster drying time
    • A very substandard to use as the adhesive will not last a very long time
    • Takes a process in the application as it will need time to cure before placing the eyelash extension.

    10.Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive Review

    This is another pocket-friendly eyelash adhesive. The glue is clear, and it comes packaged with an ultra-thin brush for a mess-free application. The glue is made from latex-free high-quality materials to give the user the satisfaction needed in using the product.

    The product is suitable for use not only for a professional stylist in a saloon but also for personal use. The volume content of the eyelash glue is 0.64 ounces.

     The does the work intended to do as it dries to hold on tightly to those eyelash extensions. This is a simple eyelash glue with an applicator to make it easy for use. After the use of the eyelash glue, and you want to remove your eyelashes extensions, remove gently. This is because it might come out with your own eyelashes if not very careful.
    • Easy to use
    • The price of the eyelash glue is pocket-friendly.
    • It has Stronghold for your eyelash extensions.
    • Crystal clear drying
    • Takes longer to dry
    • They state it is waterproof but it is not

    Things to Consider Before Buy Top Rated Eyelash Extension Glue

    Before you choose a particular aye lash glue, it is important to think about some important things. There are several buying tips that you should know so that you can pick the right product. They include the following:

    Ingredients Used

    One of the most critical things that you should check when buying eyelash extension glue is the ingredients. These products are made with different ingredients, but this doesn't mean that they are all good. If you find that the glue contains formaldehyde, do not use it because it can be toxic.

    Drying Time

    Eyelash extension glues have varying different drying time. This depends on the brand. You can get glues that dry as fast as 0.5 seconds while others can take up to 10 seconds.


    This is another vital consideration that you should check before you buy eyelash extension glue. The glues come in varying colors that you can choose from. If you don't want colored glues that end up leaving some marks on your eyelids, then you should buy clear glue. Colored glues are also ideal provided that they get along with your makeup.

    Retention Time

    This is another factor that you should check since it varies from one brand to the other. You can find some bottles that can stay up to 6 weeks while others have a retention time of less one week. Bearing in mind the lifetime of every extension, the glue you choose should at least outlast your lashes without any problems.

    Glue Texture

    The texture of the glue can either be liquid or gel. Depending on the texture that you choose, make sure that the glue moves fast and evenly, and it doesn't form clumps during application. Additionally, it should dry fast such that you don't have to wait long.

    Ease of Application

    You don't necessarily need to visit a professional for eyelash extension. This is a task that you can do easily at home. Therefore, you should ensure that the eyelash extension glue that you choose is easy to use. Some of these glues come with application brushes to make your work easier.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best glue for me?

    The type of glue that you choose highly depends on your needs. What might be suitable for you might not work well for another person. Again, you need to consider if you have allergies so that you can select the right glue for your eyelashes.

    What is the longest-lasting eyelash glue?

    Lonris is one of the reputable brands that provide you with longest eyelash glue. Their glues can last up to 7 weeks.

    Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

    People have varying experiences when it comes to eyelash extension. Some users have experienced shorter lashes after using the extension while other people have a great experience with the extension. It all depends from one individual to the other.

    How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

    Eyelash extensions can last from 6-8 weeks.

    Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

    I wouldn't recommend wearing mascara on the eyelash extension because it is not only hard to remove but also breaks the bond. And if you have to use mascara, avoid waterproof mascaras.

    Final Verdict

    Eyelash glue is essential to create a bond between your natural and artificial eyebrows. Wearing these dramatic eyelashes give women an attractive look hence enhancing their beauty. You need to get the best eyelash extension glue so that you can get the best performance.

    We have given you detailed reviews and guide of top 10 quality eyelash extension glues that you can buy. These are glues that are easy to use, contain safe ingredients, and have a fast drying time among other great features. I hope you cow have the right information that will help you determine which eyelash extension is suitable for you.

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