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Best Fishing Spot in California – Top Selection By Expert Anglers


    Fishing is one of the fun activities you can engage in during your free time. The state of California offers the best lakes, rivers, and bays that you can fish. You only need to find the best spot to fish in California and get on your feet.

    Best fishing spot in California For You

    Remember, you need to research the regulations for fishing in different lakes or rivers in the state. To make it easier for you, here best fishing spot in California.

    The Delta

    According to Fishersline.Com, this is the best place to fish where California's two biggest rivers come together to form a delta. The Delta is in northern California at the western edge of the central valley where the Sacramento River (flowing to the south) and San Joaquin River (flowing to the north) meet to form a delta. There are several fishing spots both in the delta and secluded places.

    The California delta offers fishing derbies in the winter and spring. Take this opportunity to show off your fishing prowess. Some of the Delta's top fishing spots include Antioch Pier, New Anchor Marina, Cliffton Court Forebay, Pittsburg Marina, and Park Delta bay. The waters cover more than 1000 miles that you can fish.

    You are likely to catch some types of fish are stripers (common in spring), Smallmouth, Bluegill, Salmon, Steelhead, and Shad. If you are so lucky, you could also catch a Sturgeon, Channel Catfish or Crappie.

    Clear Lake

    If you are a Bass lover, this is the place to be. Clear Lake holds the number one position for Bass fish in the USA. The largest bass ever caught was a Largemouth weighing 17.52 pounds. This fishing spot is located in Kelseyville. Lake County.

    Clearlake is the largest freshwater lake found in California. It has three creeks, a lakefront, and two footbridges. This helps you to access and cast your lures for mackerel different fishing spots in the lake. Just nearby is a general store that sells fishing supplies, just in case you left yours at home.

    After a long day in the waters, you can enjoy a glass of wine made from the vast vineyards in one of the wineries.

    You can cast your bait in any places and catch Catfish, Blackfish, Sacramento Perch, Carp, or Bluegill.

    Lake Shasta

    For quality fish and many basses, go to the bridge bay, Lake Shasta. This is a two-story impoundment with both cold and warm water fish. It is a reservoir located in Shasta County. Fishing at this lake is best during spring and early summer. However, bass fishing is good all year round.

    The best spots for brown trout are from Turntable down to Hirz Bay. At Shasta Dam, you can find the little squaw creek and dry fork. A few times, you can catch a big backbone creek too. However, the rules here prohibit tying the bait to the buoy.

    Talk of salmon, spotted bass, channel squawfish, trouts, bullhead, or blackfish will find all of these and more when fishing in Lake Shasta.

    Lake Cuyamaca

    At Lake Cuyamaca in Cuyamaca Mountains, you can fish with a boat, kayak, canoe, and fish on the land or fly fish in particular spots. This is no doubt the best spot to fish in California as you enjoy other activities too. This fishing spot is raised to 4,620 feet and is slightly cold. These conditions make it difficult for you to catch large fish here.

    As you go fishing at Lake Cuyamaca, bring along your fishing license and a boat no longer than ten feet. On the western shore, you will find a restaurant that overlooks the lake. A good place to have a meal if you were not lucky enough to catch fish.

    Trouts can be found in this lake throughout the year. You are likely to find a few other species, including black and white crappie, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, sturgeon, and Florida bass. Nevertheless, all these will be of smaller sizes and weight because of the cool conditions.

    Apart from the above spots, you can also fish at:

    • McCloud River
    • Santa Monica Pier
    • Echo Park Lake
    • Yosemite National Park
    • Bodega Bay
    • San Diego bay
    • Sacramento River

    Final Words

    Like any other angler, you cannot afford to miss any of the places mentioned above in California to go fishing. Gather your fishing supplies, pick one best spot to fish in California, and start fishing. You will not only have fun but food too.

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