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    Modular flip up helmets offers the advantage of being two in one. They can act as either full face or open face helmets, depending on what you want. Motorcycle riding is fun, but it comes with risks of accidents. Imagine riding a motorcycle then being involved in an accident and landing on your head; no one wants to imagine such a scenario.

    As you ride your bike, your safety should be one of the most important things. Helmets provide the protection you require for your head. There are many types of modular helmets in the market and as a rider; you may find it difficult to locate an ideal helmet. There are a number of factors that you need to consider to settle for the ideal helmet. Are you looking for best flip up motorcycle helmet reviews? Then you are in right place.

    Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

    Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Comparison Table

    Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

    1. Motorcycle Modular full face helmet DOT approved – YEMA YM -925

    As a motorbike rider, there is no harm in spending a few more cents to acquire a top quality helmet. Any ideal helmet should guarantee your safety in case of an impact on your head.  This modular helmet will do just that.

    This brand is made of high-quality materials to guarantee your safety as you ride. They include the aerodynamic ABS shell, the reinforced chin strap, and the multi-density EPS.

    It has easy to adjust air vents that allow for a constant flow of air in the helmet.  This helps to make your rides comfortable and relaxing.  If comfort is important to you as a rider, then this brand is suitable for you.

    The reinforced strap maintains the helmet on your head if you face high impact.


    • Strong and durable
    • Cool and comfortable
    • Made of high-quality materials
    • Cost friendly


    • Not fitted with blue tooth device

    2. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Helmet

    This design has been wonderfully engineered, combining excellent features, comfort, and a fair price.  It is aerodynamically designed to offer a modern style of today's sports motorbikes. 

    The outer shell is designed to enable the bike to maneuver through the air with less noise. This is important for the rider to reduce stress for the rider. The helmet is lightweight, the liners and cheek pads are removable meaning that you can wash them.

    The helmet is anti-scratch, this maintains that look of the helmet for long making it look new. This ensures that it lasts longer. They come in different colors, silver, and blue and black from which you can choose. Depending on the color of your bike you can quickly get a helmet that matches it.

    It has a wide visor for the utmost view. A wide visor gives you a large area of view which is essential for you to as a rider. It is also anti-fog, meaning that you will not need to worry when you are riding in winter.


    • Ant-scratch
    • Anti-fog
    • Wide visor for maximum view
    • Available in different colors


    • Little bit expensive

    3. Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

    This brand fits in with most 3rd party Bluetooth units.  To be sure check with your service provider to know if it is compatible with yours. You will purchase the Bluetooth device for this helmet separately.

    With this helmet, you can convert it from open face to full face easily by use of a single push button. This is to means that you can quickly change in case you get to a place where you require changing from one form of a helmet to another.

    It meets the international standards of safety and regulations as DOT approves it. This guarantees that it is long lasting and that you are well protected as you ride your bike.

    This brand allows for easy air circulation via open air vents that are easy to access and have been designed to last long, providing you with the utmost air circulation from maximum comfort.

    It is fitted with ABS thermal plastic composite shell that is fiber reinforced, with EPS Impact foam to ensure that you are adequately protected in case of high impact.


    • Durable and long lasting
    • Open air vents for proper ventilation
    • Easy to convert from full face to open face helmet
    • Easy to connect to various devices via blue tooth.


    • You purchase the blue tooth devices separately

    4. Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Gloss Black DOT

    With this helmet, your ride will be relaxed and very comfortable courtesy of the inlet and exhaust air vent that allows air to freely circulate in the helmet, eliminating heat and odor that builds up as a result of sweating.

    It is made of a sturdy outer shell that guarantees safety in case you are involved in an accident.  The shell is made of Abs thermal plastic a strong and durable material. If quality matters to you then this is one brand of modular helmets that you should purchase. It is approved by dot to mean that it meets and exceeds the DOT standards

     It also fits in with most 3rd party Bluetooth devices.  To know whether it fits in with your devices kindly seek the advice of your service provider.


    • Long lasting and durable
    • Easy to adjust air vents
    • Strong outer shell material
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Fully removable and washable inner liners


    • No Bluetooth device

    5. Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet DOT Approved

    It is what any professional rider will want for snowmobile, motocross, street biking, Quad, MX, among other types of motorcycle sports. As a rider you require to ride in comfort, feeling cool

    This brand has been designed with open air vents that are easy to adjust, allowing air in and out of the helmet to keep you comfortable and fresh in your ride.

    It is made of Aerodynamic ABS shell that moves quickly in the air providing you with the protection you require. It comes with reinforced chin straps that will help the helmet remain in your head even after high impact. This is necessary to limit any injuries in case of an accident.

    It has extra space where you can have your Bluetooth speakers and sunglasses.


    • Strong and durable
    • Aerodynamic Abs shell
    • Perfect for any form of motorsport
    • Open air vents for a cool and comfortable ride


    • You purchase the Bluetooth device separately

    How To Choose The Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

    The helmets are a rider's top safety equipment. As you ride your motorbike, think of your safety first, fun and games later. To be safe, you will need an excellent quality helmet.

    The choice of the helmet is dependent on a number of factors. I will discuss some of the most important factors to consider when selecting your ideal modular flip-up helmet.

    It Should Be Certified Under Safety And Regulations

    The material and style of the helmet should not come; first, the protection it offers is the most critical factor to any rider. Many regulatory bodies certify the quality of motorcycle helmets. They include; ECE, DOT, BSI, Snell among others.  

    They confirm that the helmet can offer protection from trauma in case of an accident that results in high impact force on your head.  They also ascertain that it will disperse the force over the hard outer shell and that the chin strap holds it I position if you are involved in an accident. As you do you're shopping, look for labels from the certification bodies guaranteeing the quality of the helmet.

    Parts Of The Helmet

    A good understanding of the components and materials used in making the helmet is crucial. A modular flip-up helmet consists of five parts. They include; the hard outer shell, chin strap, inner EPS, soft internal fabric lining and the face shield.

    All these components should be of high quality to guarantee your safety in case of an accident. The hard outer shell is designed to absorb and distribute the force generated by the high impact. The chin strap holds the helmet on the head; the soft inner lining ensures comfort and minimizes fatigue. The flip up on the other side controls the amount of air hitting your face as you ride.

    Proper Fit

    An ideal modular helmet should be fitting and comfortable. An oversized one may slip off your head in case of high impact; a small one, on the other hand, will be uncomfortable. If you are not sure of how a fitting helmet should be, then consult your dealer for more information.

    They usually have staff that is adequately trained to fit helmets on their clients to ensure they have bought a properly fitting helmet. A well-maintained helmet should be able to serve you for least five years.

    Clarity of Vision

    As you ride your bike, you must be in a position to see Cleary what is ahead of you. Select a modular helmet that has a face shield that is made of a transparent material and high quality.

    Choose one that has an internal sun visor which is essential if you are riding in bright sunlight. Consider peripheral vision and whether it has anti-fogging elements.


    If you take motorbike riding as a sport or you ride with colleagues, then a helmet that has communication gadgets will come in handy. You will need to communicate with your fellow riders or listen to music as you ride. Some helmets will have these devices clipped outside the helmet or integrated into the helmet.


    Your riding experience should be comfortable and fun. A helmet that is well ventilated will be convenient to put on. It should allow air to flow freely in the helmet. Most brands have a hole in the EPS that is in line with ventilation holes in the hard outer shell.

    The chin should also have vents that push air up to the head.  In addition to ventilation, the modular helmet should be fitted with an inner lining that is removable. This is necessary since you can wash it and avoid the lousy odor emitted that builds up due to sweat. Hope you love this review of best flip up motorcycle helmet.

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