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    Fulfill your ambitions having an elegant backyard by getting yourself the best greenhouse kits. Greenhouses go a milestone to create a comfortable and luxurious setting at our gardens. Whether it's for commercial purposes or leisure, greenhouses provide stable conditions and enough space to nurture your plants. From giving them a good growth to shielding them from strong winds, heavy rains, hurricanes, and even pests. Greenhouses allow you to produce fresh fruits vegetables and gorgeous flowers. If you're looking to transform your backyard to a beautiful garden, check our reviews and guide for more information.

    best greenhouse kits

    Best GreenHouse Kits Comparison For You

    Top 8 Recommended GreenHouse Kits

    When it comes to picking the right greenhouse kit, you can face some challenges because there are so many models on the market. The following are some top 10 best models that you can consider.

    1. Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse - Best for Money

    The palram Hybrid greenhouse brings you the best works of the world, a long-lasting aluminum with a design perfect for your emerging needs in lesser spaces, along with a spectacle precise support of double-wall polyester-carbonate insulation.

    If you believe in the benefits of gardening, you should be thinking of having a super greenhouse that will guard your plants against weather and other constraints.

    Palram is a form of DIY Greenhouse kits and a snap-together greenhouse that one can entirely assemble without the use of multiple tools. The double-wall polyester-carbonate is amazingly strong, being 4-mm thick. That makes it entirely virtually unbreakable. It is almost impossible to find a greenhouse kit with such unshakable material at an affordable price. But Palram offers you both.

    Another essential feature of the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse is the blocking roof. Also made of polycarbonate, the latter will block up to 99% of UV rays, thus eliminating the risk of plants burn by diffusing sharp illumination. The side panels come with a crystal polycarbonate that offers clarity and also providing 90% light transmission. Also, the aluminum frame is very remarkable and looks stunning and its ability to be rust-resistant makes it last longer. The frame is the super foundation for the house anchoring combining with a thick galvanizing steel base for maximum support, making the glasshouse very firm to adapt to the changes of environment without any reason to worry you, especially during the rainy season. That is why many rate Palram as one of the best winter greenhouse kits.

    Also, another remarkable spec of Palram Hybrid is the availability of enough space to suit your backyard. The space inside is very generous and satisfying. It offers an area of up to 48 sq. Ft. that I think will be more than enough for any interested hobby gardener. Though there are some other larger greenhouses like Climapod’s if you are not a large scale gardener, you can consider having Palram in your package. The greenhouse helps to sustain irrigation with a fantastic rain gutter for integration, which channels the water. Last but not least, Palram comes with a lockable door handle and a magnetic door catch.
    • Wonderful customer support
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Durable industrial materials
    • Comes with a reasonable price
    • Easy to assemble and fewer parts to setup
    • Quite heavy
    • Does not include some accessories in the assembly instructions

    2. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse-Best Mini Greenhouse

    If you got your spot at a premium, you might be looking for the Gardman R687 4 tier mini greenhouse. A t only 27" Length * 18" Width * 63" Height, this greenhouse has a lightweight structure and a small footprint that accommodates up to four 18" shelves best to offer you excellent gardening space.

    The greenhouse is ideal for homes or small backyards since it takes only a tiny portion of your compound. To strengthen the point, Gardman is the best mini greenhouse in our list that offers you full features comparable with the larger models like Palram. It is very dependable in its functions and will provide you with a time extension without any sort of demerits.

    Though some people use this greenhouse indoor, you should be very cautious about the fact that Gardman does not come with a bottom floor. So, if you don't install yours, you might find your deck is a mess, and you won't like it. Installing floor for this house is not a challenging task. But you can prefer to seek the help of a professional to ensure that the floor is efficient to cover your needs. However, though there might be no floor for the greenhouse, we cannot fail to mention the roll-up zippered door, which allows easy access. Although some suggest that the PVC that serves as the cover in this greenhouse does a terrible task, the good thing is that Gardman sells the covering of the house separately so that you don't need to replace the whole house when the cover damages.

    Gardman is a very portable greenhouse; thus, you can keep shifting it around your backyard. Also, it is an optimal compact greenhouse for boosting your seeds' early start. That is because it helps retain some vital elements of the ground structure, thus enabling the saturation and retention of nutrients necessary for the earl growth of your seedlings. However, the house is not preferable as a severe winter greenhouse kit because fog can compromise its performance, thus limiting the growth of the plants therein. If I had to comment on the enhancement of this house, I would probably like to see a vent at the top of the kit.
    • Well construction
    • Sturdy at the bottom
    • Lightweight and portable greenhouse
    • Comes with a powder tubular steel frame for durability
    • Does not have a bottom floor

    3. Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse - Best for Gardener Enthusiast and Winter

    Rion Gland Gardener 2 is better known as a winter greenhouse kit and very robust for the blustery harsh wet weather and snow fog. The best thing about this house is that it comes with heavy resin frames to withstand the most extreme winters and destructive winds without bending or discoloring either.

    Many consider the greenhouse as “top of the line” as the house has a very rocking reengineering making it heavy duty. Also, the thick panels which range from 4 mm to 6 mm make the house long-lasting and more adaptable to whatever situation. The panels also perform the task of ensuring the greenhouse is 100% free from UV rays.

    The barn-style of the roof is so breathtaking and takes plenty of headroom to provide you more space for your seedlings. That is the reason the house is ideal for the enthusiast who takes gardening as a hobby. Furthermore, it is effortless to assemble all the parts of the greenhouse. You can easily use the Pin and Lock connectors to ease the whole process while sliding the merely the roof panels. However, if you want the greenhouse to withstand harsh weather conditions and be steady even in whirlwinds, you need to set it on a concrete pad or a heavy timber. That will ensure that there is no situation to compromise the overall operations of the house, thus keeping your plants secure.

    As a home gardener, you would be proud to own such an indispensable DIY greenhouse at least to showcase your adequate gardening skills. The house is beautiful and much gorgeous worth to stare the second time. The model is not just durable and spacious but also a stunning piece we can refer to as heavy duty. Rion Grand Gardener will improve the quality of your gardening experience, making you an excellent tutor for ages.  Though the house may be relatively costly compared with other typical models, when you notice the extraordinary features of the house, you will agree that spending your money on the style is reasonable.
    • Stunning appearance
    • Heavy-duty steel frame
    • Ability to adapt harsh weather conditions
    • Spacious interior optimal for vegetable seedlings and flower pots
    • Excellent polycarbonate that safeguards the house against UV radiation
    • May require two people to set up

    4. Abba Patio Large Walk in Fully Enclosed Lawn and Garden Greenhouse

    If you are looking for a portable greenhouse from a famous manufacturer, then you should try Abba Patio. The manufacturer combines reputation and experience to offer one of the best DIY greenhouse kits in the market today.

    The design of the model is sleekly highly tested for durability and optimal performance and an impressive assembly methodology effortless from start to finish. The trendy design and authentic craftsmanship withstand the ages to come.

    Abba Patio Garden Greenhouse comes with large windows with insect netting that safeguard your plants from insects. There are four large windows on the panels and a roll-up front opening with a zipper on every end to make sure only the authorized personnel has access to the house. The large windows and the upfront door acts as excellent ventilation for your plants and vegetables.

    The covering element is very sturdy, durable, and has the reinforcement of transparent PE. Besides, the super-coated steel frame is essential to ensure that the entire model is free from rust, cheeping, and occasional peeling. For stability, the greenhouse comes with big footplate to ensure the model stands even during the blizzard. Another vital fact for evaluating this model is that it's effortless to assemble and disable without any use of professional tools. Moreover, the model is still portable even after gathering. When you want to focus on growing plants, fruits, and flowers round the year and safeguarding them extreme weather conditions like rain whirlwind and fogs well as pests, abba patio greenhouse comes to you to meet that evaluation.

    Featuring spacious style and design, the model allows you to keep both small and moderate side-by-side. Further, its heat and light management system are pleasable. The best thing with this model is that you can comfortably walk inside to manage and take care of your number of plants.  The extended-lasting cover and secure guy ropes will provide you worry-free ownership for ages. If you need to choose a greenhouse for the value of the sale, then you should put Abba Patio on the list. Also, if you are on the sides of a portable yet cold greenhouse, this design is for you.
    • Durable
    • Super lightweight and portable
    • A sturdy model with a sturdy design
    • Excellent value for your money
    • Maximum security for your plants
    • Not ideal for harsh conditions

    5. Quictent 2 doors 20 Stakes Heavy-duty Portable Greenhouse

    I ordered this greenhouse online about two years ago and ever since it has been all aces on my gardening. First, this greenhouse has two entrances which allow efficient air circulation inside it and also plays a major role in extending its lifetime.

    Its cover is reinforced with 2 PE layers that offer protection from UV light which could destroy the crops. It is waterproof and considerably transparent so plenty of light will get to the plant inside the greenhouse for improved growth. In addition to its double zipped entrances, it has 8 roll-up side windows which gave me more ventilation keeping my greenhouse well-aerated on sunny days.

    Unlike other greenhouse frames that use screws and nuts to tighten their frames, its corners are connected by joints. These joints are either four-cornered or three-cornered. With this and powder-coated frames made from steel, bases and multiple stakes, more stability is provided. This means that more stability is provided hence better resistance to various climatic conditions.

    Its PE cover is long enough to seal it from the bottom. You could either seal it with concrete or but it to keep it airtight. It came in handy during winter, it preserved a lot of heat, humidity, and temperature which helped a lot during winter. This greenhouse is perfect for all season's usage. This product was accompanied by a lot of hassle-free warranties. I didn't damage the greenhouse but it is good to have the assurance of cheap and free repairs and replacements. It offers unlimited replacements for stakes and connectors and a 6-month warranty for covers.

    It came with a set of visual instructions on how to put it together. With that, there was nothing hard while setting it up. For its affordable price, it's the most decent greenhouse you could ever desire.
    • UV light protection
    • Powder-coated steel for durability
    • Very adequate air circulation on the greenhouse
    • An endless replacement for bases, connectors, and stakes
    • Could easily leak if the plastic dries out

    6. Quictent 2 Doors Portable Greenhouse

    This portable greenhouse works out great. I was able to transport it easily from where I lived to where I moved in. It weighed about 20 pounds when packaged so it was no hard work for my truck or grown muscles.

    Generally, it was very easy to set up. I took less than ten minutes to raise it without the aid of any tool. It was pretty stable with its stakes at the base so I did not require any other anchors.

    This greenhouse also provides enough ventilation. After fixing its cover, I found it to have four side vents plus one above the back door. In addition to the two openings, there is a total of 7 vents which is enough for aerating the greenhouse. This saved me the weight of getting a fan. Since I did not plan on moving out of my new place, I concreted the overlong cover so that the air and temperature inside would not escape during the cold season. Its framework is steel coated so I'm provided with a stable greenhouse layout to last me through a couple of years.

    Its polythene cover is double-layered so I have no worries about it dry rotting. Its warranty and provisions also amazed me. This greenhouse's manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on poles, a 6-month warranty on the long cover. Moreover, it offers a 50% discount on its parts for sale and an extremely free replacement on stakes, bases, and connectors for as long as it is used.
    • Base with stacks for stability
    • Enhanced PE covers with settings
    • 5 exhaust outlets with screens
    • Aluminium steel glazed frames
    • Lifetime free substitutes for connectors, bases, and stacks
    • Instruction set could be crappy at times

    7. SKY 1917 15×7×7ft Portable Large Work Greenhouse

    I purchased this a green plastic greenhouse with roll-up zipper exits and I admit it is a great item. I finished setting it up by myself, it wasn't difficult. I'm glad I bought it. I'm overall pleased with the purchase. All the materials required for the greenhouse were included and arrived on time.

    I completed setting it in place in 30 minutes. Its pieces were numbered so it was quite simple. The structure was sturdy and functional enough.

    It protected my plants all year round from harsh weather conditions for two years. It is of high quality. Its portable design allows me to maintain a beautiful garden in countless locations. It is easy to set up and composed of a mesh cover with a rust-resistant steel frame. With its zipped door and the presence of 8 roll-up windows, I was able to regulate the heat flow and lighting in the greenhouse. For the period I have been using this greenhouse, I have been sure of its durability and reliability under any circumstances. This is a result of its powder-coated steel which is rust-resistant, stakes, strong guy ropes and threaded plastic cover.

    With its walk-in design, I got to have better management and care over my crops. I could walk inside it due to its spacious and comfortable space and check on my various plants. Now, I could confidently say that I'm able to grow any tropical plant variety with the warmer and more humid conditions inside the greenhouse. Initially, I didn't think that it would let in enough light because of its dark covering. I was greatly opposed by the result. Plenty of light got into the greenhouse. The covering wasn't dark at all. It had enough spacing so I proceeded to shelve it. It is also very easy to repair. I occasionally used a gorilla strap. I had an amazing gardening experience with this greenhouse.
    • Roll up windows
    • Walk-in design
    • Easy to set up and mend
    • It is strong, sturdy and durable
    • Tunnel design which creates a lot of room in the greenhouse
    • Water leaking at seams

    8. Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse - Best Lean Greenhouse

    Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse

    If you want a combination of performance, quality, and a feeling of sort of a class, then you should consider Palram Greenhouse kits. Palram Snap & Grow is not pretty different from its sitter Palram Hybrid. The two share ideal features that make them stand at the head of the best DIY greenhouse kits.

    Palram Snap features polycarbonate panels for providing protection against dangerous UV rays that destroys your seedlings before blossom.

    But why does Palram strongly rely on Polycarbonate materials? Polycarbonate is a blend of engineered thermoplastic that transmits light as the glass but with a stronger and lighter zeal. Polycarbonate is optimal for blocking dangerous rays and stands up well against extreme weather conditions. That is the reason why Palram is preferable to a good winter greenhouse kit.

    We cannot ignore the fact that Palram Snap & Grow features an expedient smart lock connection system that helps to make the assembling process simple, effortless, and without having to use a lot of tools. You don't need to be a professional to set up the whole system. Moreover, the model comes with an aluminum frame that easily snaps together to easy wear and tear of the metallic structure. That ensures you can use the greenhouse for an extended period without some ongoing serious issues. Another super spec is the crystal roof, which is super bright to give you a full image of the blue sky during the summer.

    The biggest drawback among many greenhouse kits is the lack of incorporation of ventilation. Palram takes this challenge seriously, thus ensuring the 6" broad series comes with a single double-hung opening to provide ventilation in the Snap and grow greenhouse series. Plants are just like human beings. They need fresh air and plenty of supply of air to keep them growing. This opening is also convenient for providing security and keeping animals out of your greenhouse.

     Furthermore, there are more choices and features you need to understand. We can mention the galvanized steel base. That ensures no corrosion, no wear and tear, and only soft performance that will favor your career as a gardener hobbyist.
    • Water-resistant
    • Easy virtual instructions
    • Stakes for additional anchoring
    • Durable and easy to set up
    • Manual roof vents for temperature regulation
    • Not lightweight enough for shifting

    Things To Consider When Buying The Top Greenhouse Kits

    Before you buy the right greenhouse kit, it is essential to consider some important things that make up a quality greenhouse kit. These buying tips will help you pick the right one.

    Your Budget

    Buying is all about how much money you wish to spend or how much you have to spare. Your budget is what determines whether you're going to use recycled materials or getting new ones. Your budget is the main consideration when purchasing a greenhouse. It is the exact measure of how much you're going to pay for the greenhouse. Regardless of your investment, always go for the quality. It is better to get a smaller greenhouse which is consistent than to get a much larger one which could get wrecked easily.


    Everyone who wishes to purchase a greenhouse has a particular objective for the greenhouse. Different purposes for the greenhouses lead to a variety of preferences. For example, one may be looking for a greenhouse for his/her school. It may probably be for agricultural programs or for the little gardeners who are serious in growing their plants.

    Whether it is one of the reasons or both, the school director should get a very spacious one. This is to make sure it could not only fit a large number of plants but also a large crowd of learners. With its adequate space, plants have more room to grow while students roam inside to observe and study.

    For healthy vegetables, fruits and flowers on your garden for your household you should get a much simpler and more elegant greenhouse. It should also have a sturdy frame and great heat retention and provide a boost in energy-saving since you're not mainly after getting profit.


    The size of your greenhouse should be based on how many plants you want to grow. As a piece of advice, you should select a greenhouse which is about 50% larger than the size you initially thought you would need. This is because plant collections get bigger and you would start blaming yourself for not having gotten a larger one. The bigger the greenhouse, the more the heating and cooling options. So, if you should plant various plants you should get a larger greenhouse. Also, if you're to grow climbing plants, you should get a greenhouse with high sidewalls.

    Glazing Materials

    Glass is the most standard option for glazing. It is the most durable and is relatively endurable. Glass options require the sturdiest frames. They last for up to 20 years. Polycarbonate paneling is also an option. It is lighter, cheaper and easier to compose. It also has a higher impact resistance than glass but a shorter lifespan than glass. Polyethylene is the cheapest glazing material alternative. It is easiest to install and readily available. If you're looking for the best longterm option, you should consider glass as your glazing material.

    What You Want To Grow

    What you want to grow compares to your climate. If you want to grow tropical plants, and you live in a cold climate, your choice of greenhouse kit is a great consideration. You should get a greenhouse with thick polycarbonate covers, steeper roofs and stronger frames.


    You should always put in mind where you're going to place your greenhouse. In case you should place it in a location where there are risks of hurricanes or winter storms, you should get a more solid greenhouse structure. Portable greenhouses can't be an option in this situation. Plants in a greenhouse require a minimum of 6-8 hrs exposure to sunlight for successful sprout. Heating and ventilation are put in place here. In tropical areas, portable greenhouses are the best choice because of its lots of vents. In cold areas, the greenhouse should have the best heat retention.


    a) How Do You secure a greenhouse to the ground?

    This is fixing the greenhouse's cover to the ground and there are several ways of doing it. First, you could sell it with concrete. For a much permanent and airtight greenhouse, you should always consider applying concrete. This would efficiently seal the long cover. You could also bury it in the ground. This is a much simpler and cheaper option. This is also very adequate as it is a sure way of making your greenhouse retain all its humidity and temperature. Using plugs to fix the cover on the ground is another alternative. The spacing should be at least 8mm so that it could be airtight.

    b) What is the best greenhouse?

    The best greenhouses are those which can suit various customer preferences and nature cautions. It should come in hand with what you want to plant. The climatic conditions of the location of your greenhouse, your purpose for having it and the type of heating and lighting are also regarded. From my point of view, the best greenhouse is the one which can perform as efficiently as expected wherever it is and whenever the time.

    b) Can I establish a greenhouse in my garden?

    Yes, you can. Depending on where you live, you can always install a greenhouse in your backyard. If you're located in a rural area, you could easily set up your greenhouse. For those living in urban areas, you will have to fill some forms before you get a permit to set the greenhouse in your garden or backyard.


    Greenhouses are the ways of the future. Though they are mostly used for small scale production, I believe we should embrace the concept of using greenhouses in large scale agriculture. For the best farming outputs, greenhouses are all we need. I hope after going the above reviews and guide, you will have an easy time picking the best greenhouse kits to suit your needs.

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