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    A good kitchen knife is the first thing you need for delicious meals. So, what does it take to be a professional chef? Essentially, a knife is one of the accessories you need as a chef to boost the success of your career. Surprisingly, some of the expensive models come with inferior quality blades. If you need to get the best kitchen knives under 100, go through our guide and reviews for top recommendations. I hope by the end of the guide, you will have the best edge to take home.

    Best Kitchen Knives under 100

    Best Kitchen Knives Under 100 Comparison Table

    ** At the time of publishing this post, each products price were under $100 in Amazon. Please check latest price on Amazon

    Best Chef Knife Under 100 Reviews

    After researching and testing a wide range of kitchen knives, the following are some recommended ten best kitchen knives you can buy.

    1. Wusthof 4172-7 Classic IKON Hollow Edge Santoku

    Everyone knows about Wusthof knives. The knife is one of the most famous brands in the world for professionals and chefs. The model comes with some of the most amazing features. As a chef, you need a super sharp blade to aid your kitchen skills.

    Wusthof features a sophisticated handle with a dual bolster for incredible balance. Furthermore, you will not fail to notice the sleek design and the classic icon of the knife.

     Another critical feature spec of the brain is the precision forging from a universal block, which is of a super carbonate stainless steel. With the precision edge technology, the braid will yield a 20% increase in sharpness twice better than the previous models. You will notice an antediluvian traditional style with a ten cutting edge degree, which gradually curves to provide a straighter edge. Moreover, the artistry of the hollow side is impressive.
    • It is a durable model for a start
    • Perfect choice for the family
    • Awesome quality
    • Wonderful color choice
    • The curves are amazing
    • You need to sharpen the blade once for a while.

    2. Zelite Infinity Homesuki Knife 4.5 Inch- Alpha – Royal Series

    Many professionals deem Zelite as the powerhouse of quality and efficient knives. The model is one of the most beautiful knives very versatile for the use of any person. This blade may look hefty, but it is very effortless to handle just like other super-light blades.

    Speaking of maneuverability, Zelite Homesuki is perfect boning knives for the chicken. Using a robust utility knife, you will feel the touching feeling of a surgeon.

    This kitchen knife comes with a pure Japanese carbon stainless steel for durability.  Besides, the blade looks elegant with the rocking texture, which is perfect for the buildup design. At a fantastic price, you will get a unique performance set of knife, for your outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. The blade is a perfect multipurpose cutlery gift for your friends. If you lack a bread knife, then it is the best time to go for the model.

    • Perfect in style and function
    • Exceptional value
    • Produces precise cuts when slicing
    • Easy to hold
    • Assures comfortability
    • The knife is not the right choice for beginners.

    3. Global 8” Chef’s Knife

    Without a doubt, Global is a quality kitchen knife that come from the Japanese. If you are a professional chef, you probably like the premium standard for a knife. Being the most famous Japanese 8-inch knife brand, Global cutlery is ideally for the entire enthusiast and the cooking experts.

    It comes with a super light design, stylish appearance, and perfect performance at standard conditions. Beginners will find the blade quite cool since it is a regular piece.

    Global 8” chef knife takes quality to another level. I imagine how durable a knife will be with a making-of molybdenum or vanadium steel? Interestingly, the steel making the knife is 100% stainless, giving you a reason to believe in the artistry of the model. The edge of the knife runs quite well and will cut several pieces without having to sharpen now and then. That is the reason why the blade is a perfect choice for chopping or slicing.
    • Lightweight
    • Balanced design
    • Super sharp with a perfect- thin edge
    • The entire buildup is stainless steel
    • Durability is the primary call
    • The knife does not come with a bolster

    4. Imarku Chef Knife – Pro Kitchen Knife 8 inch

    Even the small kid knows about the Imarku Chef knife Pro. The model is prevalent in the cutlery industry. People respect the blade for delivering high-quality knives with quite beautiful packaging.

    Imarku Chef Knife comes with an 8-inch blade with a super carbon stainless steel for the buildup. I love the German Kitchen machines, and everybody does. Since it is a top German model, the knife assures durability and high engineering, which blends to bring a perfect piece of the blade.

    The thick blade, which is approximately 0.75% carbon, ensures more strength and power. That is the reason why Imarku is purposely for professional chefs with significant experience in the fields of food catering. Furthermore, the thick blade is super light to ensure the knife performs several kitchen tasks. These jobs may include slicing of vegetables and butter, chopping and cutting meat as well as dicing. Moreover, the model is a good boning knife for the fish and the birds.
    • Ensures comfortability when performing duties
    • It has a more extended handle for balancing
    • Super carbon stainless steel
    • The packaging is wonderful
    • The finish does not fade easily
    • The knife is not suitable for slicing frozen foods

    5. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8” Chef’s Knife

    Victorinox Fibrox is among the most famous kitchen models in the entire universe. Possibly, you are not a professional chef, and you need a reliable knife to perform your daily chores. Well, you can count this kitchen knife for home cooking and other domestic tasks.

    Surprisingly, the manufacturing company of Fibrox was founded in 1884 in Switzerland. Now you can guess how the experience of the company in the cutlery industry. Victorinox comes with an 8-inch blade that boasts a high-quality butcher knife very common to the Swiss Army.

    The blade is extra-long and sharp to aid several tasks such as meat processing jobs. This professional knife comes at an affordable price since it is under 100 dollars. On top of affordability, the knife comes with tapered stainless steel whose cut is very smooth hence a perfect model for slicing butter. The razor is very sharp and can chop anything you place on your kitchen table.
    • Affordable
    • Comes with dishwasher materials for safety
    • Super stainless steel blade
    • The handle comes from thermoplastic elastomer
    • Perfect choice for amateurs
    • The knife is relatively heavy

    6. Mac Knife T.H.- 80 Series Hollow Edge Chef's Knife

    You don’t need to pay a lot of money or break your bank to get a superb quality knife. This knife comes with a 2mm blade with exceptional sharpness. The knife can go for several working days without the need to sharpen.

    Moreover, Mac knives are one of the best in terms of design and style. It comes with high carbon that preserves the edge for a notable period. This professional chef knife is a perfect choice for slicing vegetables since it comes with dimples.

    The blade is solid; hence will serve you for a long time without wearing out. Just one slice of the Mac will give you a new experience of high definition sharpness, which provides top balancing for value. To complete its reputation as one of the best kitchen knives, Mac TH comes with authentic molybdenum steel that is perfect for retaining the edge. Besides, the handle is ideal wood, ensuring that your safety is the top priority when shopping.
    • It comes with a long handle
    • Retains the edge for a notable period
    • Sharp blade
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight
    • The sharp edge is thin and fragile

    7. J.A. Henckels International Classic 10- inch Chef’s Knife

    Henckels International is one of the most famous cutlery companies on the planet. The company is old, thus having a vast experience of producing top quality knives that suit the needs of the consumers.

    We expect German products to be relatively expensive but not with the Henckels. The perfect steel ensures that the knife is stable and runs for an extended period.

    This german kitchen knife comes with an antediluvian ergonomics triple-rivet handle style design that is perfect for balancing and comfort. This handle design will fit your hands perfectly, even with gloves. With a large blade size of 8 inches, expect to have excellent chopping, slicing, and mincing. Naturally, many people prefer short blades that are lightweight. But the professional can handle any kind of edge. This blade will be suitable for your daily tasks.

    • Super standard German stainless steel
    • Lightweight model for chopping and slicing
    • High-quality full bolster
    • Safe dishwasher
    • It has a triple-riveted handle
    • The edge does not last for long

    8. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Chef’s Knife

    This blade is another professional chef's knife under 100. Elegant design and a reasonable price for a brighter outlook is the first thing you need for a knife. The blade has an excellent balancing that is suitable for a severe cook enthusiast.

    If you have been looking for a knife with a simple design, then I bet you already have one. This Rosewood Chef's knife comes with classic but straightforward artistry with a super tapered stainless steel for durability.

    The cutting edge is thick to make easy and efficient chops. That is the primary reason why the blade is perfect for all kinds of tasks. Its central role is to serve well in the kitchen with the super sharp razor. This model is comfortable when handling. To knife comes with triple handle rivets that offer top durability as an added advantage. Besides, the 8-inch blade will be perfect for chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing.
    • Super Swiss quality
    • Effortless handling
    • Suitable for all tasks
    • Beautiful design
    • Thick cutting edge
    • Not fit for beginners

    9. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 8” – Gladiator Series

    You cannot speak about quality kitchen knives without mentioning the DALSTRONG Chef Knife. This model is the best when it comes to value and affordability. When it comes to commercial and home users, there is no other model like the DALSTRONG Chef's Knife.

    This chef knife is known for stunning technology and super design. Its versatility is perfect for beginners and experts. This knife is among the few that use the super –carbon ThyssenKrupp   German steel.

     The buildup of the steel ensures that the blade is aggressive and sustains high performance. Besides, it provides the edge is ultra-sharp and free from rust or stain. The 16-degree edge angle is as well perfect for cutting operations of the knife. By having a close stare at the knife, you will notice that it is an extreme kitchen knife of another level of a workhorse. The blade is relatively long, with 8 inches, and the razor is perfect for all the tasks.
    • The knife is effortless to hold
    • Excellent DALSTRONG sheath
    • World-class winning design
    • Super handle shape and size
    • Perfect for low maintenance
    • The blade is quite heavy for beginners

    10. Chef Knife, 8- inch Kitchen Knife Professional German Sharp Knife

    With an ideal German design silhouette, the SKYLIGHT Chef's knife a beautiful piece to stare. When you look at the triple-riveted handle, you will notice that it is not only fair but also gives a satisfying grip for maximum balancing when cutting.

    It is easy to use the knife for mincing, chopping, dicing, or when slicing without a single drop of sweat. That means the model is super lightweight for smooth operations.

    This Chef's knife comes at a very affordable price but with ultimate features. The quality of the blade will surprise you. For your information, the knife is the least expensive in this list, and possibly the producing company is unknown but you will surely long using it. The knife ensures all the operations are smooth, especially when chopping and slicing. The German stainless steel blade ensures the knife will last for an extended period.
    • Smooth cutting
    • Perfect grip on the handle
    • Effortless to use
    • Super-size Stainless steel from Germany
    • The brand is relatively unknown

    Things To Consider Before Buy Top Kitchen Knives Under 100

    Choosing the best kitchen knife under 100 is not an accident or a coincidence. You have to do thorough research on the same and understand your taste. Avoid at all cost blind buying. Besides, you need to invest your bucks in a well-built knife model with fewer drawbacks.

    What do I need to look for a good kitchen knife?

    Partial Tang or Full Tang

    Knives and sword use only a few designs. Among these styles, the only two are accessible. The full Tang and the Partial Tang are the perfect constructions for any knife. These two styles are accurate and give all the brands a touching aspect of authentic nature.

    The Partial Tang

    The sub tang is a universal design for the knives. This Tang is generally narrow and sub inserted into the areas of the handle with the grip. Most of the steak knives use this style since it is cheap to curve and use. Besides, the Tang is perfect for the beauty structure of any piece of a knife.

    The Full Tang

    Typically, the handle has two central portions that attach to the rivets. This style acts as a cover for the grip. For this design, you can quickly notice the Tang in the stretch of the edge and on the whole gripping handle of the knife. This kind of Tang is perfect for ensuring that the blade has pure strength, which generally enhances the overall performance of the entire knife.

     Which Tang is Perfect For Chef’s Knives?

    All these two tangs are useful in the construction of Chef's knives. However, full tang design is perfect for authentic knives. Besides, the full tang design provides an added advantage when it comes to the performance of the blade. Ideally, partial Tang is convenient for making a knife beautiful, while the full Tang is the only choice for influential Chef's knives brand.

    What Is Bolster Bluff?

    Bolster bluff is useful for maintaining a secure balance of the handle and the blade. Also, it is a very vital element for ensuring the edge lasts for an extended period. It gives the knife a smooth transition. With the thick junction, it helps with the overall control of the blade. Bolster buff ensures that you use the knife in the best way.

    You should consider a knife with a thick junction for effortless sharpening of the blade. Also, ensure you put your hands afar distance when slicing to prevent cutting yourself.


    Most of the experts, enthusiasts, and professional chefs prefer huge knives for multiple tasks. If you are a beginner, you should keep in mind that a large blade is hard to control. As a beginner, begin with shorter blades as you advance.

    Which Is The Perfect Size?

    A 7-inch Japanese blade would do better. Also, an 8-inch German chef's blade is convenient for performing all the chores. The size of the knife is an essential factor for any serious chef because size goes hand in hand with the overall performance of the blade.

    Ask Yourself These Questions Before Selecting A Specific Size:

    • What is the size of your hand?
    • What your best knife’s design?
    • Do you have experience with the knife?
    • What is the type of task are you performing with the knife?

    Before buying a knife, you should ensure to check through gripping the knife in your hands and chopping something.


    No one wants a blunt knife. A sharp knife will save the time you use during operations and ensure efficiency during cuts. For any chef knife, sharpness is the most vital factor to look at. A good chef knife is not only good at cutting but also in slicing and dicing. Ensure you have a knife with a right edge that helps to maintain the sharpness of the blade. Any expert will recommend regular horning. Also, note that extra sharpness is dangerous, so ensure your safety is the priority when using the knife.


    a) Can I Get Kitchen Knives Under 100 Dollars?

    Yes, you can get quality kitchen knives under 100 dollars. All the chef knives in our guide come at a price of fewer than 100 dollars. Apart from affordability, these kitchen knives offer incredible specs that are necessary to increase your skills as a professional. Choose the best brand that will not break your bank account.

    b) Where Is The Zelite Infinity Honesuki Knife Made?

    The knife is a product of China from a state – of –the –art company in Yangjiang. However, the blade material of the knife comes from Japan. That is to ensure the durability and high performance of the finished product. The manufacturing company of the Chef's knife is highly skilled in knives' products in Asia. This company borrows a lot from the Shun Japanese knives company, and you will notice that the design of the blades looks similar.

    c) Is The Zelite Infinity Knife Asian Style Or Western Style?

    The knife carries the Asian style, which is mainly from the traditional Japanese style. That is because most of the products that make the blade come from Japan. There is a deep history in the culture of the Chinese and the Japanese, especially when it comes to swords and knives. Zelite Infinity Knife brand may look very similar to the Japanese brands from the Tojiro or the Shun.

    d) Is These Imarku Chef Knife Good For Juggling?

    Imarku knives are perfect for Juggling. The even weight distribution and super balancing of the blade make it ideal for a clean toss. Besides, the sleek appearance of the knife will maintain the keenness of your audience. However, you should be very careful when juggling with the knife.

    Final words

    In such a modern era, everybody wants to get amazing top products at an affordable price. But after careful research, our guide features the best kitchen knives under 100 dollars that are excellent in quality and design. For only a few bucks, you will get perfect chef knives for your commercial use, at the restaurant, and for your domestic kitchen. For a good reason, you need a premium knife like a chef. These knives in our list are effortless to collect at low prices, and they will serve you for an extended period.

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