The 4 Best Methods Of Purifying Your Water


    Whether you’re using water from the tap or are looking for water in the wilderness, one of the most important things you’ll need to consider is how clean is the water?

    Water is an essential resource for the human body. The average human is 60% water and it exists in every cell of your body. Alongside making cells look fuller, it is very effective at bringing nutrients to cells and extracting toxins.

    Unfortunately, water can also carry toxins which can because you issues. This includes bacteria that can make you ill or, in extreme cases, kill you. Water can also contain heavy metals which accumulate in your body. Metals like lead cause brain, kidney, and liver damage when left to accumulate.

    Methods Of Purifying Your Water

    Best Methods Of Purifying Your Water

    That’s why it’s essential that you know how to purify water and do so if you ever suspect an issue with your water supply.

    1. Boiling


    This is one of the oldest ways of purifying water but it works. You’ll need to bring the water to the boil and keep it boiling for at least one minute. At high altitudes, you can extend this tie to three minutes. The boiling process kills the bacteria in the water, helping to make it safe to drink.

    You should note this is a useful emergency measure but it won’t remove the heavy metals in the water.

    2. Water Filter

    Water Filter

    Perhaps the most effective and efficient way to purify your water is to use reverse osmosis water filters. These filters are designed to push water through a semi-permeable membrane. During this process, the contaminants in the water are left behind.

    Reverse osmosis is an adaption of a process that occurs naturally in nature. It’s very effective at removing minerals and heavy metals, along with some bacteria.

    However, to ensure your water is safe to drink you should use a reverse osmosis filter in conjunction with an aerated carbon filter. The two together can remove all contaminants.

    3. Distillation


    If you’re looking for pure water then distillation is probably the best approach. This can be done at home or in the wilderness, you just need a few materials and a little patience. 

    The idea is to boil your water. This turns the liquid into a gas, known as steam. You then have a cool substance above the boiling water, this turns the steam back into water and the freshwater needs to be captured.

    It works because water boils at a lower temperature than the minerals in it, making the steam pure water. You collect the cooling steam as water and can use it straight away.

    Of course, this is slower than using a water filter.

    4. Solar Power

    Solar Power

    The sun emits UV rays which are surprisingly effective at killing bacteria in water. If you’re in the wilderness you can leave a bottle of water in direct sunlight for the day and the UV rays will kill the bacteria making it safe to drink.

    You can purchase solar filters that slide inside bottles, creating the same effect in a much shorter time. They are also portable, making them a great option for home or camping trips.

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