Best Office 365 Features You Need To Know


    Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription for Microsoft Office which has been used for many years all over the globe. Businesses can use Office 365 from the cloud, which means there is no need to download it, it depends upon the user whether they want to download it on their system or not.

    One of the best things about Office 365 is that users will get automatic updates to the latest version of the Suite and always be on the latest security patches, which would keep their data secure. All this is included in the subscription fee itself; users don't have to pay anything extra. Even after years of usage and demand, there are many features and advantages that businesses can take leverage from.

    Best Office 365 Features Businesses Can Benefit From:

    Best Office 365 Features

    Chat With Users Through Skype

    Add an E-mail Signature

    Users of an organization or business can use Skype to chat and discuss their business processes over Skype Easily. With the cross-platform technology, users can continue their conversations through Skype on their smartphones or laptops.

    Add an E-mail Signature

    Chat With Users Through Skype

    Initially, users had to print a document, then sign it and then later scan it or fax it. DocuSign has been integrated into Outlook that allows users to sign and email documents on the go, as well as collect signatures from others. Due to the capabilities of Outlooks businesses plan to Migrate Email to Microsoft Office 365.

    Turn Notes Into Calendars

    With the help of cross-application integrations, users can create a to-do list in OneNote and then convert it to tasks and set it up with deadlines and reminders in their calendars.

    Users can also add meeting details (location, date, time, attendees, etc.) to notes and then send them through email to their respective teams.

    Microsoft SharePoint Online

    Microsoft SharePoint Online

    Being a Web-based platform, SharePoint Online is great for document management, collaboration, and data storage. Many businesses use it as a website, where they store all the business documents and data. Employees with access can easily access this data.

    It is also a communication and collaboration hub for all its users as they can collaborate on the same documents in real-time. Through SharePoint Online Migration businesses can migrate all their documents and data onto SharePoint.


    Office 365 is cloud-based enables multiple users to edit the same document at the same time (in PowerPoint, Excel, or Word). Users can even see and track the edits when they are being made on a real-time basis.

    Users can also see who has made the changes, this can help increase the productivity between the users, as they won't have to later look for the changes made.

    Turn Data Into a Map

    The latest version of Microsoft Excel has embedded a new feature called the Power Map. The Power Map allows the users to convert rows of data into images. If that data is geographic in nature, it will be put into a 3D map automatically.

    As you see, these Office 365 features will help improve the productivity of the users which in turn will increase the overall performance and productivity of the businesses. Apps4Rent provides reliable services for products like Office 365 with round-the-clock support and maintenance.

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