Best Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair In 2022 – Expert’s Guide


    Do you love relaxing outside in your backyard or by the pool? You can make your outdoor experience the best when you have the best outdoor zero gravity chair. Outdoor zero gravity chairs are comfortable and provide your body with many health benefits. They are a great option if you are suffering from back pain. The chairs work well to reduce pressure on your spine hence giving you a relaxing feeling.

    Best Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

    Additionally, having a zero gravity chair for outdoor use provides you with many more benefits which include improved circulation, reduces stress, reduce muscle tension among others. These chairs are suitable for people regardless of their age, health condition or fitness level. On top of that, these chairs are relaxing and so you can use them outside your yard for a relaxing experience.

    There are a wide range of outdoor zero gravity chairs that come with different features. If you are on the lookout for a quality outdoor zero gravity chair, we have reviewed top 5 best models that you can find on the market this year. We selected quality chairs with a strong build, design material among other great features. Read our detailed reviews and guide to help you make the right choice.

    Best Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair Comparison Table

    Top Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

    Selecting a quality zero gravity chair can be hectic if you do not know where to start. Which is why we have reviewed top chairs that will provide you with a relaxing experience outdoors. The following are recommend top reviews that you should check before you buy an outdoor zero gravity chair.

    1. Timber Ridge zero gravity patio lounge chair oversize

    If you are looking for that top quality, zero gravity chair that comes with superior comfort and a tough solid construction. Then the timber ridge oversize is one of the best smart options you can find. It comes with plenty of useful features that will give you an awesome lounging experience both outdoor and indoor.

    The timber ridge zero gravity chair is well designed with strong steel tube frame, elastic bungees, and polyester fabric. These features give it that tough, solid build that can support a possible carrying capacity of up to 350lbs. Therefore, you don't have you worry about it breaking if you are a plus size, you can totally enjoy its comfort.

    Comes with easy adjustable reclining positions. You can easily adjust and lock this zero gravity camp chair in any position that you desire. Whether it is upright, or fully laid back, its lock mechanism is strong and you won't have to worry about leaning back too much and losing your preferred relaxing position. This chair has got you covered and will ensure that you have the best comfort while using it.

    Additionally, the chair can be fully extended up to 72". Therefore, making it ideal for those who are taller. This ranks it among the best zero gravity reclining chairs outdoor. Once fully extended, you get to sit comfortably and relax just like any other medium height person.

    The chair comes with a fully padded seat, a padded pillow that is removable. The removable pillow can be used for either headrest or lumbar support whenever you need it. This prevents body strains and in the process it will give you that perfect comfortable experience.

     Also the wood armrest design and a cup holder fitted on the side. As you relax your arms comfortably, while enjoying that sunset, you can also enjoy a drink while you are at it as your cup will be held firmly just at your arms reach.
    • It is an oversized anti-gravity chair fit for everyone.
    • Has adjustable reclining positions.
    • Great construction for durability.
    • Comes with a wood armrest and side cup holder.
    • Removable padded pillow and padded seat for greater comfort.
    • Its finish tends to fade with time.

    2. Best choice products set of 2 adjustable zero gravity lounge chair

    Plan that memorable lounging experience for two with a pair of zero gravity chairs. The best choice products zero gravity chairs are a set of two matching chairs that are able to accommodate two people and are perfect for your front porch, pool parties, camping trips, among other outdoor activities.

    These zero gravity chairs come with some of the best features to give you the best relaxing time with your friends.

    Come with a double bungee system that can support a weight capacity of 250lbs. The UV resistant fabric is held by replaceable elastic cord which allows the chair to immediately adjust to your body size giving you support and comfort. Also the UV resistant fabric is efficient for use outdoors because it's durable and lasts longer.

    The chairs are ideal and a popular pick for those who want to purchase a set of zero gravity chairs. They are fitted with a plastic accessory tray that has two drink holders, a slot for newspapers, magazines, books, and tablets, a slot to keep your phone and other small items. This eliminates the urgency to leave that ideal relaxing position to grab your important accessories.

    The zero gravity reclining chairs outdoor can be easily folded and transported without any inconveniences. They are light weight and portable, so you can carry them to any outdoor settings and you wouldn't get disappointed in the process. Simply fold and fit them either in your back seat, or in the trunk of your car and still have more room for other items.

    The best choice products set is quite affordable compared to some single models. This doesn't mean that the set is of poor quality and you won't get perfect relaxing time. The chairs come with a removable and adjustable headrest to give you added comfort. Many people have found this set very satisfying and convenient.

    With their adjustable reclining positions, you and your companion can slide the zero gravity chair to an upright or laid back positions. You can also elevate your legs and give you back some rest it needs to help you relax fully and comfortably. So go ahead and enjoy the company of your friend without feeling as though you are the only one enjoying the feeling of weightlessness in your anti-gravity chair.
    • They don't need any form of assembly.
    • Come with a plastic accessory tray.
    • Have elastic cords to fit up to 250lbs body size.
    • They are foldable and very portable to transport.
    • Adjustable for comfortable lounging.
    • The rains can damage them with time.

    3. XtremepowerUS zero gravity reclining chair pool, patio outdoor lounge chairs

    The xtremepower zero gravity comes as a pack of two chairs, they are easily set up as they require no assembly, just need to simply pull them out of the box and extend them and they are set. They are a top quality set good for outdoor settings for you and a friend. Their perfect design is meant to fit as an addition to your outdoor decor.

    The zero gravity chair comes with two big cup holders and a phone holder which will let you enjoy some drinks as you sit out and enjoy that cool breeze with a friend. Preferably, you can turn the cup holders a place you can put your other small accessories close by and you won't have to keep making unnecessary movements to spoil your relaxing position.

    Also, if you are looking for comfort, the zero gravity camp chair is an excellent pick. With several recline positions, you get to change the position of the chair favorable to give you a more comfortable relaxing and sitting position. Whether you want to sit in an upright or lean backwards, you can change the chair to stand in either positions.

    The set if very easy to store as it can be folded flat. Once folded they can easily fit in your car trunk, on top the car or even in the back seat, they may look a little large when set up but once folded you get a more lightweight and portable chair. Such convenience makes transporting and carrying the chairs very easy if you are going out on that camping trip or any other outdoor function.

    Come with armrest levers which are excellent for you to relax your arms tirelessly. The levers are long enough to accommodate your arms and you simply place them there and you are all set.

    The chairs come with an adjustable headrest and neck cushion. You can also slide it down and use it as a back or a lumbar support whichever will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. This gives you total satisfaction while using this anti-gravity chair.

    • The xetremepowerUS set comes with 2 big cup holders.
    • Also comes with a neck cushion for added comfort.
    • Folds flat for easy transportation and storage.
    • Doesn't require any form of assembly.
    • They have adjustable reclining positions to give you the best seating comfort.
    • The chairs don't recline fully to let users lie flat on their backs.
    • They have a very weak lock mechanism.

    4. Caravan sports infinity oversized zero gravity chair

    Looking for that popular, standard chair that will offer you the ultimate comfort? Then the infinity oversized anti-gravity chair is the one for you. It is specifically made from an extremely durable, long lasting Textilene fabric. All at a very affordable price that fits your budget.

    The chair comes with a headrest that you can easily adjust to also act as a lumbar support. You can simply slide the padded headrest up or down the frame back to get the perfect position that you desire.

    Comes with a very durable and long lasting fabric that stands out perfectly for outdoor activities. The fabric is supported by a double bungee system and a long lasting powder coated steel frame. This prevents resting unlike the above mentioned padded zero gravity chairs which rust within a short period.

    Although, there are plenty of specifically designed XL oversized zero gravity chairs that can take up very heavy weights. This anti-gravity chair has a weight capacity up to 330lbs. Therefore, whether you fit that weight bracket or not, it can handle your weight and still let you enjoy the utmost reclining in weightless experience.

    The caravan zero gravity chair has an advanced locking system, which allows you to lock your chair in any relaxing position. You simply choose your desired seating position by placing your feet on the footrest and then recline to that perfect position. Once you are in that position, pull the fingertip lock downwards to lock your position, if you want to unlock the position pull the finger lock upwards.

    Additionally, it comes with a dual finger locking system that gives you super smooth reclining positions. You can sit upright or even lie flat on your back and not have to worry about it changing your position.
    • The chair is extremely easy to fold and unfold.
    • It has an adjustable, padded pillow.
    • Comes with a weight capacity of 330lbs.
    • Has very durable fabric material.
    • Dual fingertips lock mechanism.
    • Tends to be narrow for some users.
    • Has no cup holders.

    5. Outsunny zero gravity recliner lounge patio pool chair

    The outsunny zero gravity chair review is no exception from other zero gravity chairs that we have mentioned above, it is also extremely comfortable. The chair is a little heavier than other padded zero gravity chairs as it weighs 20lbs.

    This can be good if you’re looking for a more sturdy zero gravity chair, the only negative is that it tends to be a little heavier for elderly or weak users.

    Comes with top quality and breathable mesh fabric as well as a powder coated steel frame. This makes the chair very long lasting and perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, camping and lounging by the pool is made much easier and very possible.

    The chair also comes as a set of two and has removable adjustable pillows that can work best as headrests or as a lumbar support, to give you back rest like never before. You can therefore enjoy that utmost satisfaction that you wished for by using this extraordinary zero gravity chair.

    It also features an angle lock system. This allows you to adjust the chair to your desired seating position without worrying about it changing on its own. Additionally, you can also use it as a reflexology therapy chair.

    The chair has a carrying weight capacity of 300lbs. If you fall in that weight range, then this chair is the perfect pick for you. Also, you can fully extend it up to 59" as well as enjoy different reclining positions to fit your preferred seating position for the best comfort.

    The outsunny lounge chair is easily folded to give you convenience while transporting it. So prepare a camping trip or any other outdoor function and be sure you will be able to take one of the great outdoor zero gravity chair with you by simply folding it and fitting it into your car.
    • Has a weight capacity of 330lbs.
    • Folds easily for easy transportation.
    • Comes with adjustable padded pillows.
    • Features an angle lock system.
    • Has a UV resistant and breathable mesh fabric.
    • Doesn't come with cup holders.

    Things to Choose Consider When Buying Zero Gravity Chair

    Zero gravity chairs are also called patio recliners and they elevate the feet and legs supporting the back and give a weightlessness feeling. They are common among the beachgoers, pool partyers, and porch sitters too. The zero gravity chairs will make you feel relax and will take care of your body especially the back. Here are factors or rather things to consider while buying the zero gravity chair.  

    Your Needs

    Before you choose an outdoor zero gravity chair, consider your needs first. If you are a larger adult, it is important to select a quality chair that can support your size and weight. Majority of the zero gravity chairs on the market today can support a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. You also need to consider the price so that you can select a zero gravity chair that is within your budget limit.

    Locking Mechanism

    For you to get maximum pleasure, the chairs need to tilt back. This means that they adjust and then you need to place a lock to hold them in that position that you are comfortable with. If the chair has poor quality adjust and locking mechanism, then your comfort and safety are compromised. Make sure that you find a quality chair with good locking mechanism so that you can be in full control when using the chair.


    It is so important to consider checking on the material of the seat and the back side of the zero gravity chair. Most of the chairs have a highly breathable, mesh material that also dries quickly. In case one wants extra comfort there is a cushioned seat at the back, this is essential to people having back pains. There should be no open ends in a good chair so that water will not accumulate the inside part and cause rust from the inside out part. This will, therefore, make it more durable. The material doesn’t keep water in the recliner seat hence ensuring it can stay for long.

    Extended Length

    It is crucial to also observe the extended length of the zero gravity chairs since some short chairs may not offer full comfort and especially to tall people. If you need to stay in place while reclined then the locking mechanism of the chair is important. Many of these chairs use a lever or even a latch so that the seat is locked at the back. Make sure that the chair you will want to purchase will have this locking mechanism working well. Therefore make sure that you can extend the length of your recliner so that it can be fit to each and every one no matter their height.


    The quality of a chair is another feature that should be considered, this means that you get a chair that you can use for a long time with just little maintenance. The chair needs to be sturdy and strong. The frame of this chair should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions; the mesh of the chair should also be resistant to the sun. If you need to use your chair outdoors then this is a factor that you should view important. If you don't have any idea how to pick the quality chair then SittingRex can help you to choose the right one.


    These are basically ways that you plan to use the chair. These chairs are however made to give a position of no gravity. However, you still need to know for what purpose you want to use the chair. You might need to use it in your porch or even in your swimming pool. This ensures durability and gives a good performance. If you have swelling problems with your legs then this will be a great and the best choice.

    All your body will be at the same level and so there will be enough blood circulation. Having proper blood circulation reduces any back pain and gives a good and happy heartbeat. Therefore it is essential to get a chair having identified what you really want to use it for. People use the zero gravity chairs for various uses, they can be used in offices especially by people who have health issues.

    Weight Capacity

    While purchasing a zero gravity chair you will need to know how much weight the chair can hold. To ensure you are buying the right product make sure that it can hold weight according to its size too. Also, make sure that the lock mechanism is working properly. If this is not checked well then you might not get the desired comfort in your desired position.

    In terms of weight the no gravity position means that your body is weightless and this means that you will not feel the weight as well as any pain. The chair makes you feel as if you are floating in the air and so it relieves stress and hence gives you comfort and relaxation.


    The setting of the zero gravity chair needs to be user-friendly and simple to use. If you get the right chair controlling it will be very easy. Set your chair in a good and comfortable position. Once the chair is in a position you will set to sit comfortably. If you are experiencing back pains use the no gravity position and you will feel better. The no gravity position means that your feet are at the same level as your heart.

    Adjustability and Stability

    The zero gravity chairs will need to provide a stable position and this means that its frame should be made of durable polyester and you should feel safe and stable while using the chair. The chair should also have an adjustable reclining area. The adjusting reclining allows for zero gravity and the chair can be in any position until you get to the most comfortable position.

    Movement and Portability

    Moving from one place to another is so important, when you need to move a recliner from one place to another it is important to get a chair then you can easily move. Some chairs are even purchased while disassembled, they are assembled and fixed at you desired location and you can as well move them apart and travel to whichever destination you desire. Portability is therefore so important while you are choosing the best zero gravity chair. This means that you can move with you recliner to picnic, camping or even outdoor places and enjoy the zero gravity relaxing feeling.

    What is the difference between and indoor and outdoor zero gravity chair?

    Well, these chairs have the same design and they provide you with comfort features. What makes them different mainly is the construction. This means that outdoor zero gravity chairs should be durable and designed with weather resistant frames. They need to be strong enough to handle the tough weather conditions.

    Outdoor zero gravity chairs can withstand rain or sun for an extended period of time as compared to indoor zero gravity chairs. In regards to the material, these chairs are the most durable. They are made with a tough and strong metal that can stand up the weather.  They also feature a steel frame that is heavier meaning that they can support more weight.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can these chairs recline to a flat position?

    The above outdoor zero gravity chairs has almost the same design. In as much as they can fully recline, this doesn’t mean that they can go in a flat position. You can enjoy a relaxing experience as you extend your legs and feet above your hips level.

    2. Is it possible to remove the headrest?

    Some of the chairs feature a headrest that works as a pillow or back support. If you do not want to use the pillow, you can as well remove it without any issues.

    3. What other extra accessories can I get on these outdoor zero gravity chairs?

    The chairs come with different features and some of them feature attachable drink holders where you can keep your favorite drink when outdoors.

    4. What is the maximum weight of outdoor zero gravity chairs?

    The weight limit varies from one brand to the other. You can get outdoor zero gravity chairs that hold more weight while others do not. Generally, most chairs are capable of accommodating a maximum weight capacity of about 300 pounds.

    Final Words

    Many people suffer from back pain and outdoor zero gravity chairs work well in helping this condition. These chairs provide you with comfort and relaxation that you cannot find in other chairs. The chairs work well in supporting your weight and keep you comfortable. All the above reviewed chairs are great for enjoying some fresh air on your backyard, patio, and garden or by the pool side.

    We researched and reviewed top best outdoor zero gravity chair that come with great features. These chairs are comfortable and suitable for users of all ages. You can compare their best-selling aspects to pick the most suitable outdoor zero gravity chair. Whatever model that comes with features that you want, go for it and enjoy maximum relaxation.

    You can use any of these chairs to relax at your backyard, patio or at the pool. They are durable enough to withstand outdoor weather so you don’t have to worry about the chairs getting damaged.

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