Best Scope For AR 10 Rifle | Ultimate Guide & Review


    Do you know the main reason why most of the people end up getting the wrong product? This is due to the lack of information on what they need. But if you have been looking for Best Scope for AR-10, then no way you can fail to go through this article. It has fully discussed several issues that you need to have in mind. Some of the things the piece has talked about are; the things that you need to consider before purchasing any scope, Best Scope For AR 10 Rifle for the money, and other essential features.

    If you want to shoot your target without missing, then is a must that you have one or more of these scopes.  The scopes are such essentials if you're going to begin a long-range shooting. They ensure you have an easy time while shooting a target at a long distance.

    An excellent scope will give you all that you need to ensure that your chances of hitting the target are high.  With this buying guide, you can quickly get a cheap but high-quality scope for your AR-10 rifle as we have provided all that you need. This article has discussed details of the best top 4 scopes that are currently available in the market.

    Best Scope For AR 10 Rifle

    Best Scope For AR 10 Rifle Review

    Whether you are looking for the best ar 15 scope under 200 suitable for ar rifle, the following top models are worth your investment. We have provided detailed reviews so that you get a better understanding and make the right choice


    Vortex Optics


    14.6 ounces


    13.6 x 3.4 x 2.4 inches

    Item model number:




    Sport Type:


    Vortex optics diamondback is one of the best high quality and durable type of scope for AR10. This kind of scope designed in a way that it's suitable for different occasions, including hunting.

    It's one of the accurate scopes for AR-10 that can listed as the most perfect and straightforward scope in the current market. The best and unique feature with this type of new scope is its durable and sturdy aluminum body. The aluminum frame makes the scope lightweight as compared to similar models.

    Also, this scope for AR-10 is suitable for all weather conditions as it’s made of waterproof material. The scope's not just a waterproof but also a fog proof as well as dustproof. The aluminum body gives it an elegant and eye-catching design. Despite all that, it is a corrosion-resistant; therefore guaranteed of getting a life warranty scope for AR-10.

    One thing that has made this scope for AR-10 famous is its durability. Thus, no need to purchase another one to replace it as it's capable of lasting for several years. Apart from being durable, the scope is user-friendly when it comes to health issues as it keeps your brows and eyes healthy, especially during night times. Besides that, the capability of the scope to modify long-range shooting makes the extent more unique. 

    Another great feature with this fantastic scope is the ergonomically designed lens to keep the scope free from scrapes and scratches. If you are looking for the best scope for big games, slug shotgun, hunting, and long-range applications, then this is ideal for all that. The best thing with this type of classic scope for AR-10 is that it has a dead hold BDC that is suitable for shooting at various ranges.

    When it comes to the lenses, they are multicoated to ensure that they provide bright and clear pictures. It is also equipped with a high-quality eyepiece that ensures a quick and effective reticle focusing.

    Lastly, with this kind of scope, the issue of guesswork is well taken care of by the customized designed dot.  The diamondback is essential in offering a high and bright, versatile magnification range.
    • Has an elegant design that makes it suitable for carrying during outdoor activities like hunting.
    • More accurate than any other scope.
    • Suitable for providing clear pictures.
    • Can withstand harsh climate conditions.
    • Can take care of the lens from scrapes and scratches.
    • Time-consuming while adjusting the shot at times.
    • It requires some maintenance.

    2.UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Ringsby UTG




    1.45 Pounds


    10.4 x 1.6 x 2.1 inches





    Tube diameter:


    Might you be looking for is a proper scope for AR-10? If yes, then your problems are well settled by this tremendous and impressive scope. The most fundamental factor with this enormous scope is the ability to be used by both professionals and beginners.

    One of the amazing features with our scope is the parallax free views that can function from 10 yards up to infinity. This factor makes it unique and uncommon with most of the ordinary scopes.

    The scope for AR-10 comes with uncommon features from the traditional ones making it more classic. Thus is a high-quality scope equipped with IE (illumination Enhancing technology) installed in the reticle system? Besides, it provides dual-color, i.e., green and red and other modern 36 colors. The illumination enhancing technology makes this scope suitable for any weather condition. When it rainy or sunny day, then this scope suits you well. Despite the IE technology is ideal for harsh conditions, it is also eye-friendly.

    The 3 UTG 3-12 *44 30mm ranked among the accurate scopes in the current market. Thus you are guaranteed of getting the right range for addition to it being accurate; the scope is more durable as compared to similar types. Besides being durable, this scope is easy and straightforward to use. Another fantastic feature in this scope is the zeroing capability.  The fully multicoated and high-quality optical system makes this scope ranked as the best scope for AR-10.

    The lenses are well protected from any physical damage and any other interference due to its coating. The aluminum frame body also makes this scope more sturdy and rigid as compared to those made from graphite or any other material. Apart from being durable, the shape it's also corrosion-resistant.  Our digital scope can also withstand heavy recoil, unlike different scopes.

    Lastly, with this type of scope, you are guaranteed of taking full advantage of the classic and premium features equipped in this scope.   The scope is also suitable when the atmosphere may not be so favorable to most scope. But our scope is capable of viewing regardless of the number of bright ends up essential to be used in day and night times.

    • More accurate, even when used in harsh weather conditions.
    • It has a perfect zeroing capability.
    • Managing, adjusting, and mounting it's.
    • Long-lasting.
    • User-friendly as it has no impact on your eyes.
    • It has dual-color; red and green and other 36 colors.
    • Lacks sunshade.
    • Cannot hold the recoil with the colored LED.

    3.Primary Arms Silver Series 4-14x44 FFP Rifle




    2 pounds


    15.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches

    Product Type:

    Rifle Scope



    Special Features:

    Fogproof, Shockproof, & Waterproof

    Primary arms scopes have a good reputation on the market.  This is primary arms scope review, which is one of their best-selling ar cope. The Primary arms silver series 4-14x44 FFp scope for AR-10 rifle is one of the enormous scopes that you can be aiming to get.

    To guarantee you thing product, it comes with a 3-year warranty; thus no more doubt with its quality and durability. One of the great features of this scope is the material used to construct the scope as it's made of a massive and durable duty aircraft grade 6063.  In addition to being durable, the scope is shock-free, water-resistant, and fog proof. 

    Another fantastic feature with the scope is the six different illumination settings that are powered by one CR2032 battery. As times goes on, we are making significant changes to our primary arm's scope in terms of features to ensure that you get a scope worth your money. This primary arms 4-14x44mm remains to be the most high quality and cheap in the market. The scope is suitable for different occasions and can be used by different people like; marksman, hunters, as well as competitors.

    Our scope has a 30mm main tube that is compatible with most of the mounts and rings. Unlike other ordinary scopes, this one comes when fully sealed for durability. With this kind of scope, the issue of guesswork is no longer available.

    Lastly but not least, the scope is 100% sunshade adoptable thus suitable during sunny times.  Apart from being weather-friendly, this type of scope is more accurate and easy to use. It also features other significant parts for practical shooting. For instance, it has an adjustable wheel turret that is useful during parallax adjustment. The other feature that we can't fail to mention is the presence of the second focal plane reticle that remains constant regardless of the magnification range.

    • Clear and premium pictures.
    • Suitable for harsh conditions.
    • It has a high accuracy rate as compared to similar types.
    • Strong and durable aluminum construction.
    • Lightweight.
    • Slightly tricky to fix on some rifles.
    • The magnification of the scope is a bit limited.

    4.Nikon M-308 SF 4-16x42mm Riflescope


    Primary Arms





    Main tube:


    Metal type:


    Special Features:

    Waterproof, Shockproof and Fog resistant

    Getting the right scope for an AR-10 rifle is your right. Therefore, we have decided to come up with this high quality and digital range that is very easy to operate. When we talk about classic and unusual scopes for an AR-10 rifle, then we are talking to something like this. The scope is lighter than any other scope making your AR-10 rifle light. The uncommon feature with this remarkable scope is the spot on as well as the optimized precision. In addition to that, the scope can maximize the accuracy of any caliber or object regardless of its distance.  The 4x zoom technology makes maximizing easy.

    When it comes to the design, the scope is well designed in an elegant and ergonomic design for secure handling.  Our scope is constructed to satisfy all the users, including hunters.  I liked its nature that it's a fog-proof, shockproof and waterproof thus suitable for any weather condition. In addition to been weather friendly, the scope is nitrogen purged which ensures that it can be used in rugged and heavy recoil.

    Another fantastic feature that we can't leave behind is the high magnification range equipped with a modern lens that provides a heavy caliber to the rifle. The scope has a faster focus eyepiece that ensures targeting is accurate and no guesswork.  When it comes to health issues, the scope has a built-in 4 inch for constant eye relief that helps to keep your eyes secure. The continuous eye relief provides safe to the brow during severe shooting, heavy recoiling, as well as a light rifle.

    The multicoated optical system is essential for ensuring premium light transmission and enough brightness to the dusk. The scope is equipped with a smooth zoom control that provides fast magnification ranges.
    • Presence of enough brightness and transmission of light.
    • Gog proof, shock-free and water-resistant.
    • Highly versatile.
    • User-friendly.
    • Fully multicoated optical.
    • It requires some skills to operate.
    • No lens covers.

    Things to Consider When Purchasing a Scope for AR-10

    Before going to the market to buy any range for AR-10, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that you get the right range for AR 10 rifle. The main reason being that there are many fake and shoddy quality scopes for AR10, making it difficult to choose the right one a bit challenging. Some of these factors are as discussed below;

    The Magnification

    Magnification is one of the essential features that you should look for before purchasing any AR 10 rifle scope. When we talk about magnification, it's the one that determines the range that you want to shoot.

    Therefore, you should be very keen when selecting scope AR 10 rifle. The one with a wide magnification range is suitable for great versatility. However, other factors go in hand with the magnification range like; weight, length, and the scope's diameter.

    Therefore, when you get a scope for AR 10 with useful magnification, then it will be faster and comfortable to focus on a particular object that you intend to shoot.

    The Diameter

    The diameter of the AR 10 scope is the other factor that you can't afford to look if you what to get an excellent AR-10 range. If your reach has a wide diameter, then it's going to allow enough light to your scope thus getting a clear and smart target sight. Therefore, if you have a full width, you will be able to focus on any target regardless of its position even when its thousand yards apart.

    Besides, a wide diameter of scope is essential in when shooting in medium or low light or even in harsh conditions. But you need to keep in mind that the broader the diameter, the larger the scope, thus the heavier it will be.

    Kind of optical glass used

    The kind of optical glass used is a straight forward factor which you should be able to determine before buying any scope for AR-10. When you get a range with high-quality optical glasses, then you will be capable of viewing the target much faster and clear regardless of the magnification power. For you to determine the best optical lens used, then you are supposed to compare all the sides of the glass.

    The intended use of the scope

    When you are purchasing scopes, then you decide to determine the primary purpose of the range. For example, if you want a scope for hunting, then you should not go for the expensive and complicated scope.  Despite that most of the scopes are almost accurate; some of them do not weather friendly.

    Also, it's always advisable to go for a weatherproof and more straightforward scope rather than getting an expensive but of poor quality that will require some skills. Another thing while selecting the type of magnitude in terms of the intended use, you should ensure that you get a lightweight scope to prevent much additional weight in the rifle.


    When we talk about reticle, we are merely referring to the fines lines that are available in the scope that are suitable in aiming more accurate. We have several types of reticle that include; bullet drop compensation [BDC], mil-dot reticle, red dots. When buying a scope, you should be able to differentiate the types of reticles as each provides its advantages.

    Focal Plane

    They are several forms of focal planes, the most important thing it's that the new riflescope equipped with the second focal plane.  The second focal plane makes the scope accurate as compared to the first one focal plane. One thing you need to note is that the size of the range becomes smaller or bigger, depending on the settings of the magnification. The focal plane is helpful to both long and short-range shooting.

    Elevation Adjustment

    Different types of scopes for AR 10 equipped with separate elevation adjustment are now available in the market. For example, short-distance scopes fitted with less elevation adjustment, unlike long-distance scope. Lastly, the smaller the diameter of the scope, the less the elevation adjustment options provided.

    Objective Size

    Actual size is another factor that you should consider when purchasing scopes for AR 10. It is that determines the amount of light to be allowed to enter the scope. The light is essential in determining the clarity of the picture; therefore, the significant objective will let enough light to get into the scope ends up providing a clear picture.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the types of mount that are available for AR-10 scope rifle?

    We usually have two types of mounts that are currently available in the current market. They include; one-piece mount and the other one is the two-piece ring. While working with the AR10 rifle, the one-piece mount is more suitable to use as compared to the two-piece collar. The reason has been that they are slightly sturdy and durable. However, you can also decide to go for the two-piece collar as they are interchangeable among different rifle.

    Q: Which is the best night force scope that you can use?

    This is a bit challenging to give a straight forward answer as everyone has his/her view. But one of the most ranked night-force scopes the night force 2.5- 10x as it can target an object up to a distance of 80 yards.

    Q: Which are the best scopes for AR-10 rifle?

    We have a large number of scope that is in the market, but you need to keep in mind that not every scope is worth to be used. Some of them are of poor quality and lacks some crucial features. The discussed scopes above are some of the best-ranked scopes for AR-10 rifle and other.

    Q: What features/factor should you consider before buying a scope for AR-10 rifle?

    Some of the features that you can't afford to consider while making a purchase include. Those are elevation adjustment, objective size of the scope, eye relief & reticle etc.


    In conclusion, by now, you should be able to differentiate a different Best Scope For AR 10 Rifle that shoot smoothly.  If you get one of those scopes that we have seen above, then you are guaranteed of changing your long-range shooting without missing the target. All of them are of a good, but they differ in some points; thus you should be keen while making your purchase.

    Some of them are one-piece mount while other two-piece rings; therefore, you are required to determine the type of AR-10 rifle that you have. The best thing with these scopes is that they are all accurate and user-friendly as they don't require many skills to use. Another crucial feature of them is that they are weather friendly. Almost all of them are waterproof, shocking resistant, and fog-proof. Get one today, and you never regret in the future for making such a decision.

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