Best Scroll Saw For The Money – [Perfect Solution In 2022]


    How many times do you experience fails with your scroll? Does it lag your work? Well, finding the best scroll saw for the money can be a walk in the park. When making excellent cuts that are so decorative and precise, you must have the perfect tool.

    Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing the best scroll saw for the money, there are a lot of interesting facts you should consider. Choosing any scroll saw might lead to incompetence during work. Even though purchasing a scroll saw might be a difficult task, this guide makes everything more straightforward for you. It consists of some of the best models in the market. Additionally, it features a buyer guide that will help you.

    best scroll saw for the money

    Best Scroll Saw for the Money Comparison Table

    Best Scroll Saw for the Money Reviews

    1.DEWALT DW788 Scroll saw

    It is a variable speed scroll saw with a 20 amp motor. It is a beautiful portable scroll saw that produces smooth cuts on the wood. It also does it works with less vibration. It ensures that your working condition is comfortable and suitable.

    Even though the saw is a bit heavy, it comes with a sturdy handle that makes work easy. It consists of a parallel double-arm that is made out of solid construction. At work, it produces minimal noise. It gives a lot of room for cutting into the material.

    The most incredible thing about this is that you can quickly swipe the blades in seconds with ease. It gives a depth cut of about two inches. Besides, its arm can pivot to the front or back. It provides a short arm movement that is so smooth. The arm lifts so the blade can easily thread into the wood give to desirable cuts.

    • Its arms lift easily to enhance threading
    • Produces minimal noise
    • It can tilt in both ways at a degree of 45
    • The tool blade can change within a short time
    • It is a bit expensive
    • Its blade does not appear at the center

    2.Delta Power Scroll saw Review

    It features a parallel arm that is dual. It is a 40 to 694 scroll saw. Surprisingly, it works at producing very low noise. It makes quiet and smooth movements. Note that if the saw makes noise, you should consider lubricating it.

    It features a drawback that holds the saw firmly. It provides a 1.3 amp motor that gives about 400 to 1750 SMP. It cuts to a depth of two and a half inches deep.

    It can also cut up to a depth of 20 inches in the material. Its sturdy bevels allow the table to tilts at 45 degrees in both ways. One most interesting about this saw is that its dust hose adjusts and creates room for cutting.

    It makes a sizeable visible cutting area. The arm locks perfectly to give an easy change of the tool-free blade feature.

    • Its table can tilt up to 45 degrees each way
    • Its variable speed can adjust to your preference
    • The upper arm can lift and rise
    • It features a blade clamp that enhances its effectiveness
    • Has a variable speed that gives a variety of cutting arrays
    • The device needs frequent lubrication to work effectively

    3.WEN 3921 16 Scroll saw Review

    Its incredible features make this device the best scroll saw for the money. The unique features make the tool move in two directions. It allows for more ripping abilities. The variable speed can go from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. It all depends on the type of speed you prefer.

    It can deliver clean and precise cuts. You would probably like how the saw drills into the material. Even though it comprises a 16-inch throat length, you can turn the blade sideways to enhance its ripping abilities. Keep in mind that both the pinned and pinless edges are handy tools.

    In most cases, people tend to fiddle with the holder than make cuts with the blades. It is effortless to use and operate this tool. The two-inch depth cut gives a fantastic reduction on woods.

    • It comes at an affordable price
    • Its tables tilt well to the left at 45 degrees
    • It offers a variable speed of 400-1600 spm
    • Some of its features are not helpful
    • The pinless blades do not work as advertised on the manual

    4.Dremel MS20-01 Scroll Saw Kit Review

    It is an incredibly powerful tool for metal works and woodcutting. The different blades enhance cutting into different types of material quickly. The saw gives multifunctional options, including coping.

    It offers an easy solution for making deeper cuts. The saw is portable, and it is easy to install and operate without help from a professional. Its operation features, such as tool-free, enhance quick changes.

    It features an auto-tensioning feature that keeps the taut ready to cut. It ensures that you don’t have to make adjustments when you want to cut.

    The slim comfortable handle makes sure that you are comfortable when sawing. It gives you a comfortable position. Additionally, you can remove it from one location to another. However, it does not come with some of the essential features.

    • It adapts easily to the thickness of your material
    • Its clamp system can easily attach to your work area
    • Its design can fit perfectly into the bag
    • Its coping function is easy to operate and detach
    • The material has a plastic construction

    5.Jet 727200K Scroll Saw with Stand Review

    It can also be known as the user-friendly blade. It consists of a unique scroll that saw blades that accomplish work perfectly. It comes with a weight that is a bit heavy for its cutting period.

    Besides, it can be the best saw for cutting works. It allows you to cut more substantial, heavier materials with ease. The blades are easy to operate and replace. It can also make precision cuts if you tilt the blade at 45 degrees. It does work entirely within a short time.

    One incredible thing about this device is that it offers a lot of space on the table. You can place your material and saw it comfortably in its vast area. Additionally, the table absorbs vibration perfectly. It makes sure that there is minimal noise when working with the machines.

    • It is hard enough to saw through hard materials
    • Comes with blades that are already pre-installed
    • Helps save you money and space as it is compact
    • Its speed control is adjustable thus easy to locate
    • For better functionality, you have to adjust the screws
    • It is mostly suitable for small and medium projects

    6.Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Scroll Saw Review

    It does not feature a powerful motor but suffices small projects efficiently. However, if you scroll it on the wood, it allows you to make a clean cut. Its speed knob appears at a perfect position that will enable you to adjust the variable speed easily.

    It gives you a depth throat of about 16 inches. It can draw well into the small and medium types of materials. When the table tilts at 45 degrees, it allows the making of angular cuts efficiently. It tilt can move to the front or back.

    Its construction also provides a solid foundation to deliver perfect scrolling. The structure makes it very stable and easy to work along.

    • It comes at an affordable price
    • Its table material is sturdy and well built
    • The table is relatively large enough for much work
    • Comes with an LED lamp that illuminates perfectly
    • It may tend to be slow with you like powerful machines
    • Some of its table features are loose thus it can be unsteady

    7.King Industrial Scroll Saw Review

    It tends to be expensive but worth your money. The table is so decent and creates space for a variety of materials. As the name suggests; it is a powerful saw with an excellent simple design. Besides, it consists of fewer features but works well. 

    Its design works to empower woodworkers to scroll mostly on woods. Its powerful motor and robust design of the saw make its scroll quietly on materials. Its design can perfectly fit in small spaces. Furthermore, it gives you a constant torque with a permanent magnet motor.

    It features excellent features that make the blade the best choice for woodworkers. If you are looking for a professional scroll saw, then it is the best saw to consider. It also comes with high performance that you will love it. The handle is also sturdy and comfortable to give you an intuitive working condition.

    • It comes in a sturdy and robust design
    • Features a powerful motor that runs effectively
    • The table comes in a spacious design
    • It comes with a high-end dust blower
    • It is a bit expensive to purchase
    • Even though it delivers impressive results, it features less space

    8.18" Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

    It is a perfect scroll saw that enhances illumination even in dark places. The stand makes work more accessible as it makes more spaces in the working stations. It comes with variable speed for its functionality. The dual tilting table can maintain a degree of sawing on both sides.

    The tabletop part of the table can rotate to a degree of 45. Its material is robust in construction. It helps the device to handle the continuous use of the product.

    It comes with two blades that enhance its functionality. The plastic nut on the device prevents your hand from injuries and reduces friction between the hand and the machine. The stand helps you lag the device quickly. Its variable speed makes an excellent precision cut in the material. 

    • It has a powerful motor of 1.6 amps that uses a ball bearing induction system
    • The tool and stand legs have shoes like features
    • It is powerful in carrying out intricate cuts
    • The features are effortless to put together
    • It brings about difficulties when cutting small like pieces
    • The tabletop consists of a fragile plastic material

    9.ShopSeries RK7315 16" Scroll Saw Review

    Its features work perfectly for efficient delivery. It uses pin blades but can also feature the pinless one. It comes with an adapter that you should purchase separately. It gives a deep cut of the depth of about 2.5 inches. It consists of a throat length of 16 inches.

    It has a built-in LED lamp light that illuminates the dark places while sawing. The motor pushes the speed from 500-1700 spm, which gives sufficient spaces for projects. It can tilt to 45 degrees but only to the left side.

    However, the blades need frequent adjustment of the settings. If not, it will continuously get out of its square. Its insert is too low for a perfect fit of the table. Since it loads too much, it tends to produce a lot of vibration.

    • It makes fine cuts of about 2.5 deep in the wood
    • It is cheap when it comes to its price
    • It comes with variable speed for better cuts
    • Has a powerful motor of 1.2 amps
    • The height surround the blade is too low
    • The blade at times goes out of its position

    10.Excalibur Scroll Saw Review

    It is a tool for professionals and enthusiasts in the sawing industry. It is an essential tool in cutting and making essential designs in the wood. As the name suggests, it comes with a unique feature. It gives you a high surface when it comes to cutting.

    Besides, the head tilts at 45 degrees giving you greater control over the power. In most scrolls, the operator has to tilt it to a particular position. The blade angle lifts slightly to provide you with better results.

    If you gain control over the material and the machine, it tends to produce accurate cuts into the wood. The upper and lower arm works to ensure that the blade remains straight during cutting. It also prevents any moves that will make poor cuts.

    Its brush motors offer horizontal oscillation. Additionally, it is so easy to put together this saw. Its tensioning lever provides safety during work.

    • It is ideal for industrial purposes
    • Comes with a vast tilting table surface
    • The quality of the material is superb
    • It cuts well in sturdy materials
    • Most of its pinless material is standard
    • It tends to be heavy
    • It comes at a higher price for its features

    Things to consider when purchasing a scroll saw

    There are various features that come with multiple models of saws. It can be tough to choose from a variety of models in the market. However, if you have some research on a scroll saw, then finding a perfect saw becomes easy.

    In the article, we are going to take you through some of the essential facts and details to consider when buying a scroll saw. It will also help you determine a high-quality product that will be suitable for your tasks besides since the facts will be helpful to consider checking them out!

    Consider how deep it can cut

    How deep can it cut? This is a vital question to consider before you purchase any scroll saw. It refers to the deepness you saw a go on a material. In most cases, the standard cutting depth is about 2 inches. Besides, there is more powerful saw with capabilities that can cut more in-depth than the standard size. However, the critical role of a saw is to work on finishing, and you won't need larger saws.

    Check out for the type of the blade

    There are so many different types of saws that have different blades. We have two categories: the pin-end and the plain-end blade type. There is less difference between the two blades. The plain-end blade gets clumped between the saw clamps while the pin-end consists of a pin that hooks on the saw holder. Keep in mind that the plain-end is also known as the pinless blade.

    In general, both types of blades are unique and perform well. The pin-end blade is a bit quicker and simple to operate as compared to the other one. On the other side; the pinless is thin and makes precise cuts. Nevertheless, it depends on what you want to achieve and what you prefer.

    Consider the length of the throat

    It is a very crucial factor you should never skip. It refers to the distance from your blade to the place the wood hits at the back of the tool. Most people prefer to go for the 16-inch throat length as it is common with most operators. However, you should try going for 20 inches as it brings incredible results. Besides, most models feature the 16-inch throat length. In most instances, go for an inch that you can manage and control easily.

    Check out for extra features

    Purchasing a saw with extra features is a great advantage as it saves you money. You won't have to purchase some features separately, as they come together. Some features, such as LED lights are crucial for illumination. Don't just go for the saw alone; consider some of its extra features too.

    Keep in mind that some of these extra features can enhance the effectiveness of your work. Another excellent feature to look out for is the blower. It helps to redirect dirt in a position where you can easily clean it. It also helps keep the tool clean and safe. It is a feature that makes it better for visibility of what you are working on. Always check out for extra helpful features.

    The affordability of the saw

    Your budget is a great determinant when it comes to choosing a saw. Models come with different prices and features. Mostly, the important features come at a higher price. Let’s look into the saying that goes: the cheaper you buy the expensive it becomes. It means that when you buy a saw with a low price, you might spend time repairing it or it might slow down its functionality ability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    a) What is the best scroll saw for the money to buy?

    There are a variety of scrolls saws to consider for your purchase. However, both are great, but their benefits outweigh the other. You should always consider its depth cut among other unique features to determine which the best scrolls saw to buy is.

    b) What is a scroll saw good for?

    It is an important tool for woodworkers as it makes unique designs and cuts in the wood. It allows you to create unique designs, make intricate cuts and make dovetail cuts. It achieves all this through the finless of its blade.

    c) Are all scroll blades the same?

    No, there are two categories of blades. We have the pin-end blade, and the pinless blade and both have different cutting capabilities. Choose a blade according to what you would like when it comes to its outcome. Besides, they are both great in different ways.

    d) Which is better the scroll saw or bandsaw?

    The two are similar to each other with fewer differences. However, if you are looking for fine detail cuts, then consider using a scroll saw. On the other hand, a band saw is larger than a scroll saw and thus can handle larger pieces effectively.


    At this point, you should have information that will make you choose the best scroll saw for the money that would be of help to you. All in all, we all got that one scroll saw that would catch your attention. Well, that is because it is your preference. Besides, let's revisit some of the reasons.

    It might base on the affordability of the tool. Some will go for the machine based on its features and functionalities. Both of the scrolls in this review are great. Besides, you might find out that one might outweigh the others. I hope the above guide will be insightful. Enjoy your purchase!

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