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    You will agree more that when it comes to purchasing best tile saw for the money, the experience can be one such hell. Not because the commodity is scarce in the market, but because there are a number of good domestic and commercial tile saws in the market. In case you identify with this problem or want to escape such a hustle, consider this article your biggest breakthrough as it does not only single out the top notch tile saws in the market but goes ahead to expound on their features as well as their pros and cons.

    best tile saw for the money

    Top 10 Best Tile Saw For The Money Reviews

    From virtual stores to physical stores, this article has succeeded in compiling the 10 best tiles saws in the market for your sake. Below is a quick comparison of these items before you get into deeper yet interesting understanding of each one of them, which can quite similar with how to find some best quality portable workbench.

    1. DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand

    Not once have any of the Dewalt products disappointed, and the Dewalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw is certainly not an exception. Think it is all sugar coating to entice you to buy it? How about taking a look into its features to justify the above statements.

    Firstly, it comprises two water nozzles, which aid the user to easily direct the spray to allow water to flow in the correct place. Secondly, it’s cutting, and plunge features are all you have been looking for as they champion quick cuts to A/C registers and the electrical outlets. Nearly all contractors understand that best professional tile saws are those with a stainless steel rail system.  Influencing this is the fact that the tile saw with a stainless rail system helps in giving precise cuts. Well, this is the case of the Dewalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw, which marks its third mind-blowing feature.

    In addition to the listed qualities, this tile saw has a compact design and weight of an estimated 90 pound thus making it easily portable by one person. Its compact design fosters its easier storage at home or even in the vehicle. You have no idea the hustle that comes with buying a saw without a stand. This is why you need to get this best tile saw for the money as it does not only come with the saw but with the stand. What more could you ask for?

    • Easily portable by one person
    • Easy storage and portability
    • Not complicated to use
    • Comes with a stand
    • Offers easy and precise cuts
    • May not be pocket-friendly hence not the best if you are looking for quality at a relatively cheaper price

    Final Verdict

    In terms of quality the Dewalt gives what the consumer wants. However do not go for it if you have little cash on you or are working under a budget.

    2. QEP 83400Q Bridge Tile Saw

    If you have been doing background research on this best saw for sale, you already know that this tile saw has been around for the past 30 years. However, this does not make it any less. If anything, this makes it great as it means it has been able to withstand the test of time.

    Influencing this is its awesome features including one horsepower and multitude sources of waters. This help in moisturizing, which in turn protects the motor and the saw blade altogether. Far from this is the fact that this tile saw cuts diagonally up to 18” but can hold tiles of up to 24 inches.

    Did we mention that this device comes with a folding stand and that the folding stand comprises casters at one end? Well, we just did! And if you are wondering how this is relevant, the casters at one end make it easy for positioning, and the folding stand makes the storage of the product pretty much effortless. Although the stand comes with its chain of merits, a generous amount of users have reported that in the course of cutting various items, the stand notably produces a large amount of chatter which is somewhat discomforting.

    Sadly, one cannot buy this commercial tile saw without the stand. However, one can easily decide to do away with the stand and purchase a better one if it becomes quite a bother. While compared to the other item, the 83200Q is better in relation to weight as it weighs an approximated 83 pounds hence can be carried around by the contractor with much ease. Another important feature you are bound to love in this commodity is its pivot rail. As a result of this feature, it is easy for the miter to cut enhancing a smooth movement from 90 to 45 degrees as required in most cases.

    Important to pen down or keep in mind before purchasing this commercial tile saw is that this is a bridge saw just like the name suggests. Therefore, unlike other saw tiles which work by pushing the tile through the blade path. It’s mechanism of operation entails drawing the blade to you. Sounds easy right? In case you find this challenging to comprehend, there is no need to worry. The package of the device comes with a user manual; hence, you can prefer to go through it to get a step by step guidance.
    • Convenient storage as its foldable
    • Relatively cheaper
    • Comes with a stand
    • The stand produces a lot of chatter

    Final Verdict

    Incredibly great! While purchasing it, just remember to have an option for a new stand in case you do not have a free one in your home because as per the review, the stand can be quiet a headache.

    3. MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw

    The MK-370EXP is a highly professional tile saw due to the features it comprises. However, do not fall into the trick like most of the previous buyers of this product. Yes, do not misunderstand the term highly professional in its description. By high profession it means that it delivers quality but not on work sites.

    Therefore, this only applies well in the DIY project thus you can comfortably state that this is one of those best tile saw for homeowners. Like the other two, it is pretty much lightweight and compact thus easy to carry around and store.

    So does it have any unique features? Yes, it does. To begin with, this saw tile comprises an inbuilt and adjustable 45-degree cutting head which makes the miter cut easily and accurately. In line with this cutting features, the saw tiles also have a variable height cutting head efficient for plunge cutting.

    Most of its users are excited about its MK Safe switch which remains intact when locked hence no messes will occur as long as it remains locked. Additionally, the saw tile includes a submersible water pump and also has an inbuilt pump receptacle.

    Not that it’s anything complicated to use, but in case it’s your first time, you will not have a hard time. Why? Okay, this is because the machinery comes with a rip guide and a manual just in case anyone does not know how to operate the device.

    Everyone wants to get such a saw tile but at an affordable price. Are you part of the crowd? Well, this will then work well for you because along with its impressive features which guarantee quality, the saw tile sells at a relatively cheaper price.
    • Small
    • Easy to store
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • No set up is required
    • Only convenient for small house projects and not job site projects

    Final Verdict

    In as much as it is most of the time branded as a saw tile with highly professional specifications, the professionalism specification in this case has to do with home projects. Therefore, this is an excellent saw tile for home use but one of the worst saw tiles in job sites.

    4. 2.5 Horsepower 10" Industrial Tile

    Another top-rated tile saw you want to try out is the 2.5 Horsepower 10 industrial tile otherwise known as the Chicago 2.5 Horsepower 10 Industrial Tile. It is all you need if you are looking for the best tile saw for the money that can handle much of cutting especially brick cuts as well as porcelain or glass tile cuts.

    So why this specific tool? Well, it holds a large capacity of tile inch. Particularly, the tools can sustain tiles of up to 24 inches. It also has an excellent height that allows bricks of up to 3.5 inches thick to be used on it without any strain.

    In terms of weight, you wouldn't agree less that it is among the lightest among the already reviewed best tile saw for the money. Influencing this is the fact that it weighs only 80 pounds. The explanation should easily tell you that it is easy to carry around. The lightweight nature of the Chicago 2.5 Horsepower 10-inch industrial tile is the fact that it does not come with a stand. Meaning, you will either need to buy a separate stand for that tile saw or improvise a steady stand for easier completion of your tasks in case you are cautious with your expenditure. The saw also houses a swiveling head which is excellent when it comes to the bevel cuts.

    Keep in mind that this is a Chicago power electric tool. Ideally, such devices sell via the harbor freight. Why are we telling you this? Well, most if not all the users of this saw have reported that finding the spare parts of such an electric power tool is close to impossible but certainly not impossible. You don’t want one to use this device lest it’s an all-in-one unit tool due to the technicality and risks involved in handling heavy-duty power tools if one has close to minimal experience with them. The description should tell you that if you are a fast timer and believe this is the tool for you, kindly go for the all-in-one unit Chicago electric tile saw.
    • Lightweight
    • Pocket-friendly in relation to price
    • Cuts a variety of commodities
    • Does not come with a stand

    Final Verdict

    This is all you have been looking for and at its selling price, there is no reason why you should not be having it in your project essential list. However, though, stay clear with its mechanism of operation as it is a chicago electric tile saw.

    5. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

    The tile is yet another unique taste of best tile saws for homeowners. It claims to offer DIY users an excellent experience of personal and small projects. It is no wonder a thousand have preferred it which means its quality is topnotch!

    But instead of guessing around based on user’s experience, let’s analyze the features and give the verdict ourselves, right? To begin with, the device has great hydro lock features. Just in case you didn’t know, one is bound to soak and feel a little bit cranky towards the completion of a cutting process especially after using a small saw. Having said this, no doubt you'll appreciate the SKIL tile because in as much as it is a small size tile saw, its hydro lock features allows it to moisturize the cutting process by drawing the blade through a trough of water. As though this is not enough, the device further captures as well as reverts the overspray to the reservoir. Isn’t this just amazing?

    Additionally, SKIL constitutes sliding panels. Have no idea what sliding panels are and how they help in the cutting process? Don’t panic as this article has got your back. As a result of the sliding panels, you are not restricted to stand on only one side of the tool. Rather you can stand in either side depending on what’s convenient at that particular moment. The point here is that you will have an easy time handling large tiles and getting those precise movements and cuttings.

    Last but obviously not least is the built-in cord wrap and the steel rubber feet which offer a sturdy base for the tool. Did we just say last because there is an additional feature identifying as the aluminum deck? For one, this guard is adjustable. Secondly, it champions the cut of corrosion-free miter as well as safe transports. Always remember that when full of water, this saw tends to be heavy, but when it’s empty, the vice-versa happens which brings about an unbalanced weight factor and it takes time to adjust during storage.
    • Convenient for home and personal projects
    • No restrictions
    • Easy to use
    • The unbalanced weight factors make storage challenging and time wasting

    Final Verdict

    With the freedom in terms of where you can stand while conducting your work, you should opt for this saw if you are this type of user who hates staying at one position. It works best with home tile projects.

    Admit it! It’s not every day that space will be sufficient. So what do you do in such a case? You definitely prefer a saw tile that is cautious about space and this saw is none other than the MK 170. Not only is it small enough to accommodate a small location but it is also lightweight. Yes!

    Its weight cannot be compared to the rest of the saw tiles as it only weighs 15 pounds while empty. It does not come with a stand but can be used easily on a tabletop thus advantageous if you have a tabletop at home.

    Another worth recognizing feature of this tool is the MK Safe switch. Kids will forever be kids and if you don’t have an assistant around you may find that they have messed the saw blades, water, and electricity while you are on your breaks or handling some other stuff. However, with the MK Safe switch, the user can comfortably lock down the device, and until you unlock it, children cannot mess around with anything.

    Another plus feature of this saw is the spatter protection which is available in bulk. The spatter protection also offers a good blade height to operate with at work. Worried about moisturizing once you have this device? Well, this saw comprises a submersible pump which fosters the continuous supply of water which in turn promotes smooth cutting of the various tiles. You are probably wondering how much this will cost since it has all these great features. It goes for less than $300, and yes you are right this is probably one of the few best wet tile saw under $300, and for such great features, you wouldn’t mind taking one at home for DIY tile projects.
    • Cheap
    • Lightweight
    • Space-friendly
    • Easy to operate
    • Does not come with a stand

    Final Verdict

    One of those tools you need at home if you have children as it has amazing guard features. Go for it if you also don’t have enough space at your premises.

    7. QEP 22900Q Power 1 HP Pro Tile Wet Saw

    Of course, this is a traditional tile wet saw, but it delivers pretty much the same quality as those modern best commercial tile saws. Its mechanism of operation unlike some of the saw as mentioned in this review is quite easy.

    Championing this is the fact that this saw works by pushing the tile through the blade path in order for it to be cut. Unless you want to get some bad cuts, do not fit tiles that are beyond 7 inches in this machine. The reason is that the tile saw can only cut blades that have a maximum of 7 inches. Yes, this to some extent is a limitation that apparently one cannot prevent.

    In case you are interested in the herringbone pattern and are using the subway tiles, this is the tile saw to purchase since it has cutting guide features that comprise an angle jig that fosters diagonal cuts. Also, it has a table that naturally tilts for miter cuts. You can bet that you will fall in love with its adjusting guard tool which is easy to operate. All you need to do is lifting the handle and sliding the guard, and when you have reached the correct dimension, you lock it back in place.

    The last amazing feature of this best tile saw review is its blade and guard. While the blade is in a fixed position, the guard is dynamic and moves to fit your convenience. Such makes it easy for you to get rid of the tile debris on the saw table but can be troublesome during guard adjustment since the guards are plastic and flex easily. Judging from appearance, the tile saw seems heavy. This tile saw is one of the easiest to operate. However, you can bet that you are not going to have this experience if you keep your saw deck dirty. Therefore, it’s essential that you master the easiest way to get the tile debris out of your saw deck.
    • Easy to use
    • Relatively cheaper
    • Comes with a table
    • Cannot cut tiles of more than 7 inches

    Final Verdict

    The QEP 22900Q saw tiles has nearly the best features needed for amazing tile projects. It is also cheaper which tops the reason why you should add it in your cart list if you are not purchasing it any time soon.

    8. Makita 4101RH 5-Inch Cutter

    As documented, in a generation where the cutting materials are getting tougher by day, there would have been no better and affordable saw tile Cutter than the Makita 4101RH 5 inch Cutter. Ideally, this is a very lightweight Cutter machine, or masonry saw for the tiles as it only weighs 6.5 pounds.

    This automatically means that it can be carried around which is excellent given its nature of work. It is relatively small in relation to size making it easier for storage but houses a high power with a high RPM. Notably, you will get to enjoy its high power voltage of 220-230 volts. The Makita 4101RH 5-inch cutter is a device whose operation is supported in both the AC and DC volts thus allowing you to run it on high various DC outlets and generators. Important to also point out is that it has a 5-inch blade diameter that cuts tiles of up to 5/8 inches.

    With regards to its features, this best saw tile has water valves and water regulator that ensure the water pumps through constantly. Aware of how water can be a motor killer at times, the product comes with a special cover. The purpose of this unique cover is to prevent water from entering the motor housing.

    Another additional feature of this excellent saw tile is the handle. Admit it! For such a device the holder is everything because you need a place to support once you are cutting your various materials. The handle, however, must not be of an uncomfortable material as this will make the whole process tiring and gruesome. This is why this device provided you with a wide handle that is comfortable and easy to grip. You won’t be applying any force as there is a lock that upon pressing, ensures that the device is working for as long as you desire.

    You will definitely enjoy the fault circuit interrupter that comes with this saw tile device. Thanks to this feature, electric shock is prevented hence your safety is guaranteed throughout your projects. Note that this is a Japan made project hence the USA users may want to set up transformers for its use. However, this is not something to knock your head about as it does not entail much and a good number of users don’t find it as a burning issue of concern.
    • Lightweight
    • High power
    • Relatively cheap
    • Lacks dust extraction guard

    Final Verdict

    If you are afraid and tend to be careless about projects dealing with water and electricity, consider this saw tile due to its fault circuit interrupter. However, devise a way of getting the dust out if you are purchasing this tool.

    9. Ryobi WS722SN 7-Inch Tile Saw with Stand

    This is another best tile saw under 300 you can ever get in the market. It is an excellent tile saw for home tiling projects. Since its inception in the market, it has been able to gather best saw tiles reviews hence the need of analyzing it to understand why much fame is given to it by most if not all of its users.

    One of the Ryobi 7 inch features that will make you impressed about purchasing this tile saw is its tabletop. For one, it comes attached to the saw tile and its material is stainless steel. You are correct! As a result of its stainless steel nature, you can be able to stay with the product for as long as you want as minimal corrosion is experienced. Another top feature of this saw tile is its guard features.

    They are easy to adjust which make the entire lockdown process easy for anyone. In most cases, it is normally a locked knot place or in simple terms is typically mobile. Therefore, you can forget the crank and tightening of the guard struggle when using this saw tile.

    Other than this, the saw comes with a large ripping deck. Not only does this large ripping deck make the saw tile able to handle 20-inch straight cuts and 13-inch diagonal cuts, but it also enables the deck to withstand extended thickness making it just perfect for home users. But does it have any downsides? Well, it does, but they cannot be compared to the merits just take a look.
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to fit and use
    • Easily portable
    • Comes with a stand
    • Pocket-friendly Highly durable
    • Limited to handling up to 7-inch tiles only

    Final Verdict

    I honestly do not think you are going to find a saw tile that delivers and comes with amazing features like durable material and additional stand at such a pocket-friendly price. So one statement: Just go for it while it is still in stock!

    10."Ridgid R4030s 7" Tile Saw with Foldable Stand

    Metal in nature, this is a top rated saw tile and if you are you looking for a job site tile saw? Well, this is it! It is perfect for job sites and not your pick for home use due to space issues. While it ranks among the best saw tile for the money in the market, it is certainly not an under $300 pro tile hence can be a bit costly, but if you weigh the features and quality it gives then yes, it is still pocket-friendly and worth every penny that will be spent.

    Hey, don’t stress much about the price as it is slightly above 300 and if that's not affordable for a product with great features, you don’t know what affordable means. Speaking on features and quality the Rigid R4030s offers, isn’t it right if we get to understand this better?

    The first features that many users applaud in relation to this saw are its power which is offered to the fullest. Still, on this point, accidents tend to be numerous with devices using high power levels but for this professional tile saw, the power switch will turn on upon lifting up hence zero start-up power accidents scenarios. Along with this, is the great splash hood that accompanies this best saw tile. The purpose of the splash hood feature is to ensure that you enjoy great visibility while cutting. Also, the tile saw has a tilting top for bevel cuts and a quality jig for precise angled cuts.

    Topping all these features is the miter cut which unlike what is listed in best tile saws reviews in the market, is not plastic but aluminum. This means that you will not experience blowing or flexing during long cuts and this is just perfect. For the record, this saw tile handles 18 inches of straight cutting and 12 inches of diagonal alignment. In relation to thickness accommodation, it supports tiles of 1 inch and ¼ inch thickness.
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Comes ins Grey or Orange
    • Comes with a foldable stand
    • Uses a lot of space

    Final Verdict

    If you have been looking for an affordable work site saw tile, Ridgid R4030s 7" Tile Saw with Foldable Stand is the answer. However, its price is not anything under 300 dollars but slightly above this amount but given its quality, your penny is not going to get wasted.

    Things to consider when buying the best tile saw for the money

    Nothing is more annoying than knowing the tile saw to buy, and after purchasing it, it ends up becoming the exact opposite of your expectation. This is why you need a buying guide to either of your preferred saw tile above and where else would you get a perfect buying guide if not in this piece? Explained below are six simple, but essential things you need to keep in mind before getting that ideal saw tile for your projects.

    1. Understand the purpose of buying the saw tile

    Currently, there are two types of tile saws in the market: the saw tile for homeowners and the saw tile for job sites. Well, while most of the saw tiles for home use may be somewhat cheaper you don’t have to choose them yet you know the purpose of the saw tile is for job site projects. Influencing this is the fact that job saw tiles are designed to handle a lot, unlike the home saw tiles. To save yourself from unnecessary stress, always make known your purpose and understand if the saw tile you are about to purchase is perfect for your specific projects. 

    2. Nature of work

    By the time you decide to buy a tile saw, you are almost sure of what your job will entail. Will you be moving around? Will you just be static while at your work site? If the answer for the latter is yes, then you should consider a pretty lightweight tile saw because you will be moving around with the saw tile from time to time. If your response to the former is yes, then weight should not be a factor. I mean, you can choose to have the tile saw heavy or lightweight as you won’t be moving around.

    3. Power and water source

    Highly powered saw tiles and those that pump water are the best. Mainly, Horsepower of 2.5 and above will get you easy and precise cuts even of the thick tiles. With the saw tiles which have water coming from pumps, the quantity is usually enough to keep the debris and dust away quickly and efficiently. This said you know precisely what to settle for in matters power and water source.

    4. Cutting ability

    I have heard my own experience with various saw tiles but I can confidently urge you to consider those with plunge cutting features as well as cutting build. According to bestconsumersreview, Tile saws with plunge cuttings offer excellent and easy holes for electrical outlets. Yes! Those without this feature can’t perform the task. In relation to the cutting build, if they are excellent you are assured of superb cutting platforms as well as the guide. So while purchasing keep this in mind for an excellent time with the cutting process of your projects.

    5. Storage

    This is pretty much about space. How much do you have on you either at home or at your work site? You are not choosing a big tile saw yet you have minimal space on you. Here, it is only proper if you go with a small tile saw unless you have a plan on how you are going to create space for the tool. If you have enough space, then good! You can either opt for the big tile saws or small tile saws as you are sure storing the machine won’t be any headache.

    6. Consider quality

    Well, in an era where a replica of almost every commodity exists, you will agree that differentiating a top-notch quality product from a low-quality product can be quite a hustle. Just like when you are purchasing the best sliding table saw, you need to consider the quality of tile saw you get.  In case you were stuck on how to go about this, it’s simple! Consider purchasing your product from a reputable local or online store. Look for reputable sites that have long been in the map hence you can bet on your last coin that it sell a variety of high-quality products. Prior background research of the store is, therefore, the main point here.

    I believe with all these details; you are now set to not only get the tile saw of your choice but to purchase a tile saw that will serve your purpose. 


    While this article has done a great job for singling out the best tile saw for the money for you, it does not decide which one you will choose. This is because choice goes well with what is convenient for you and your needs. You won’t be buying a saw tile that’s cheap, yet it only favors home projects while you need a job site saw tile, right? Therefore, go for quality and your convenience and for quality and that has been agreed in here.

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