Best Professional Vinyl Cutter – [Reviews & Buying Guide 2022]


    If you are considering setting up your business, or even looking to upgrade, you need the best professional vinyl cutter. We are aware of how time-consuming it is to acquire the best investment, especially regarding a vinyl cutter.

    With more than hundreds of vinyl cutters models in the market, the chance of making a wrong purchase is high. Thus, we decided to halt this malpractice by conducting research and carefully analyzing a couple of vinyl cutters. We came up with a list of the ten best vinyl cutter machines.

    best professional vinyl cutter

    Achieve the imaginable and realize what seemed impossible using professional vinyl cutter. It's time you take your crafting a notch higher since you can use this cutter to make stickers of various sizes. That's not all; use a vinyl cutter to make t-shirts while using different materials. We have reviewed our pick of the ten best vinyl cutters below.

    Best Professional Vinyl Cutter Comparison

    Reviews Of The Top 10 Professional Vinyl Cutter

    If you are looking for quality and reliable Vinyl Cutter, read my reviews of the best vinyl cutter which you must be appreciate. I'm sure you will end up with one after going through the reviews.

    1:Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in

    At the top of our list is the best vinyl cutter for the money, US Cutter MH 34. It is the suitable option for an entry level person who is a vinyl cutter enthusiast. It's the best pick for anyone whose budgets are slightly higher. 

    About the product

    It is a US Cutter model that is complete and has all the supplies, tools and software that you need. Moreover, being a 34in makes it the best option since it is best balanced among the other options which are 14, 28 and 50 in.


    This US Cutter MH 34in is amid the best value vinyl machines in the market. First of all, it is flexible. Second, it has desirable advanced features. Thirdly, it has rollers and lastly, it offers compatibility.


    Owning this cutter gives you a supreme advantage. You can cut through any material of any thickness. Thus, you don't have to worry about getting another machine for a particular material.

    Adjustable pinch rollers

    The best vinyl cutter is one that has variable pinch rollers. The roller system has a double ball bearing system. Hence, rather than always using the roll to feed the material to the machine, you can place the material on the rollers. This technique, by the way, is also time-saving.


    US Cutter 34in has a Roland blade which is also compatible. Thus, it is convenient and cost-effective because you enjoy access to flexible blades.

    User experience

    For ease of assembly, the machine comes with all the necessary tools. Moreover, it is inclusive of instructions. Also, the software that the device uses, Vinyl Master Cut is simple to use. The software has a unique design that enables it to make vinyl signage. Using this machine gives the user professional experience.


    VinylMaster Cut software has an ample set of text as well as object tools and curves. These sets will help the user produce an extensive choice of pin striping, lettering, and other signage.

    Spool function

    The software is inclusive of a spooling feature which makes the machine a step ahead of other competing cutters. This spool function enables you to send different tasks to the queue. You can sort the tasks by color.

    Editing tools

    Supplementing the additional tools above the software contains various clipart samples. Consequently, with the layout and dimension tools, you can be sure that your design is going to be precise. Also, you will minimize the material wastage. Furthermore, you can edit nodes, customize and adjust shaped, weld and manipulate paths. All these functions are simple and reliable.

    Vectorization tools

    VinylMaster Cut is the most robust vinyl cutting software. It has inbuilt vectorization tools. The software will quickly turn a large number of images and transform them into vector path designs which can be cut. You can achieve all these through the image trace feature.

    • Good value
    • Easy to use software
    • Impeccable quality supply products
    • The rollers may jam after some time

    2.Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

    If you are looking for cheap vinyl cutter machine, consider getting the Circuit Explore Air 2. It is a new release from Circuit Company. Moreover, it is among the best individual vinyl cutters in the market.


    Enjoy high speeds as you cut or even write up. Since it is an advancement of previous products, it is two times faster than the rest.

    Ease of use

    Every vinyl machine uses software, but not all software is easy to use. Cricut Explore 2 has space free, easy to use software that is cloud-based. The software allows editing, customization and even previews of projects at hand.


    The machine can effortlessly print images, even those with full colors. It can also write patterns, and after printing, let the device cut them out for you.


    Don't just cut; enjoy the precision cutting that Explores Air 2 offer. Using this machine assures you of perfect designs be it be lace stationery design or even beautiful snowflakes, you name it.


    Using Cricut Explore 2 enables you to create designs and products from a variety of material. You can use a non-complex material such as vinyl, thicker material like cardstock and even the most adhesive materials such as leather.

    Numerous pre-set designs

    Also, the machine`s library has many plans, cuts, and projects. Feel free to choose any of the 3000 available. Furthermore, you can use these designs to make pillows, totes and even t-shirts. You can get this Design Space App and immediately commence crafting. Additionally, there is an offline feature that doesn't limit your designing to the internet availability.

    Unlimited designs

    If you are designer, then this Cricut Explore 2 is what you need. Scale to greater heights and unleash your potential. You can now upload and even cut your artwork designs for free. No, it doesn't end there, you can also upload your files. Design at your comfort on your device or even computer using the machine's software.


    Unlike most vinyl cutters, its operation does not limit you just to cut. You can use Cricut Explore 2 to fold lines. It has a Scoring Stylus that will create perfect fold lines for your boxes, envelopes, acetate pinwheels, cards and 3D paper crafts just to mention a few.


    Additionally while using this material, you can also use it to write using individual makers and pens. There are more than 370 fonts from which you can choose. Furthermore, you also have the option of selecting any favorite font from the computer.

    Bluetooth connectivity

    With the advancement in technology, it is time you jump on board and go wireless! You can now cut, write and score using the inbuilt Bluetooth. On completion of your product, it allows you send it through Bluetooth from your device to the Cricut.

    Automatic settings

    There is a smart set dial that is at the front part of the cutter. These dials are there for automatic settings as the machine cuts through various materials. Furthermore, the software has a custom material selection.

    • Twice as fast as other models.
    • Has Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Provides precision cutting.
    • Easy to use.
    • Quite noisy
    • It is small in size

    3.Silhouette CAMEO 3 Bluetooth Starter Bundle

    There is a lot of comparison between the Circuit machines and the Silhouette Cameo. Silhouette cutters are among the top-rated vinyl cutters. The Silhouette Cameo 3 is the most recent Cameo. It is the best option for someone looking to spend to acquire the best vinyl cutting machine adequately.

    Upgraded features

    It is a recent Cameo product, which means it has upgraded features. Some of the upgrades include wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it has robust software which makes designing and customizing cuts easy. Furthermore, it has a touchscreen feature that makes it simple to operate.

    Cutting ability

    Silhouette Cameo 3 design is the best if you are looking for precision in your cuts. You can use this machine to cut models as small as a quarter inch. Thus, it can handle complex designs which make it fit as a commercial vinyl cutter.  Also, unlike most vinyl machines, this one suits even making banners.


    Pix Scan technology is what the Silhouette Cameo 3 uses. Pix Scan technology enables you to cut any prior printed drawings. So, it is the best vinyl cutting machine when it comes to t-shirts.

    Automatic blades

    Cameo 3 has auto blade feature. You then don't have to set or adjust depths depending on the material or the material thickness. Hence, it is convenient and time-saving.


    Most vinyl cutters have features that allow them either connect wirelessly or using cable. Cameo 3 remains unique since it offers both of these features. You can connect it using a USB cable (2.0) or even wirelessly using Bluetooth. Additionally, it is compatible with both Windows and IOS devices. You can use it to design without an internet connection. Thus, it is time-saving and cost friendly.


    Using this vinyl machine guarantees you perfect cuts irrespective of the material. Thus, you can create designs and cut them out on absolutely any material such as; cardstock, vinyl, transfer paper and even fabric.

    Other features

    The Silhouette Cameo 3 comes with 24 oracle sheets and 651 vinyl papers that are permanent by the way. These are mostly for crafting stickers. For optimal sketching, there are 24 pens, each with a unique color. Silhouette Company has recently doubled the ink amount in each pen. The Silhouette Cameo 3 is a recent product.


    Among the accessories that come with the Cameo 3 are scraper, vinyl trimmer, cutting mat, spatula, hook, premium transfer tape and a ratchet. These accessories are there to make your work professional and more accessible.

    Instructional video

    If you are a starter, it may be complicated for you to do things right. Thus, if you are new to design, the Silhouette Company is here to help. It comes with a pre-installed tutorial video. The video will guide you through crafting basics, which is a huge boost.


    Like any other Silhouette product, it uses Silhouette Studio Software. The software is presently at version 3. Its software gives you access to numerous library designs. These designs are timely for quick projects.

    • Automatic blade settings.
    • Touchscreen.
    • Roller locking mechanism.
    • Super cutting clearance.
    • Weak cutting force

    4.USCutter TITAN 28 inch Vinyl Cutter

    Sometimes even enthusiasts need to upgrade to a machine that makes their hobby professional. Besides, it gives you the best quality for your price. The quality is first due to the construction is of aluminum alloy, and the sides have ABS precision. Second, due to the design as it has four wheels for carriage. More features include;

    Cutting Ability

    When looking to buy the best professional vinyl cutter machine, the cutting ability is essential. You should always look to buy a device that can cut many materials at the same time. It is precisely what the Titan 28 offers.

    Contour cutting

    Contour cutting is comfortable and is inclusive of the software (VinylMaster Cut). There is also laser registration reading.


    Us Cutters Titan 28 if versatile since it performs well on many materials. You can use it to cut through many materials for example mask material, adhesive vinyl, hard paperboard, sandblast stencil, window film and so much more. Enjoy the versatility that comes with this product.


    All the metallic parts of the cutter are of robust aluminum and precision ABS sides. For accurate contour cutting, it has a carriage with four wheels that feature laser alignment. Also, its construction features a servo motor. Thus the machine is silent while in use. The structure of this vinyl cutter can then withstand rigorous activity.

    Pinch Rollers

    The pinch rollers may not be adjustable, but they are of high quality. They are in place to ensure precise tracking.

    Vectorization Tools

    Among the available vinyl cutting software, the VinylMaster Cut is the best. It has inbuilt vectorization tools and offers compatibility.

    Ease of use

    Since the vinyl cutters use software, one has to be conversant with operating it. Some machines have very complicated software that ends up frustrating the user. Titan 28, however, uses software that is intuitive. Besides, it is reliable, and its interface is simple to use.


    US Cutter Titan 28 is compatible with both Mac and PC. However, the software it uses is not compatible with MAC.

    Supreme control

    To give you ultimate authority, Titan has a big LCD Display and a control panel. The control panel allows adjusting of speed, and it also allows cutting the pressure as per your desire.


    Titan 28 integrates the latest technology to ensure you get the best service. Beside its packaging is inclusive of a catch basket and a floor stand. The technology it uses makes it the best vinyl cutter for small business. It is also ideal for anyone looking for the best machine to actualize their creative projects. Also, there is a digital readout that ensures the settings are precise.

    True USB

    Usually, actual USB is a feature that is only inexpensive products. However, you can get the feature on Titan 28. The True USB enables you to send files to the software directly to the Titan utter.

    • Durable construction.
    • Laser registration
    • True USB
    • Uses the latest technology and user-friendly software
    • It lacks an operating manual that may make it hard for some to operate.

    5.Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

    The latest from Roland manufacturers are the GS-24. The most recent desktop vinyl cutter model features a redesign in the carriage as well as the blade holder. Roland is a renowned company regarding their cutters design.

    Upgraded features

    As the most recent product, it has some improvements. These improvements include more stability than its precedents. Moreover, now it has better ability to cut through thick material and substances that are hard to cut. Also, it provides an overlap cutting.


    Roland cutters usually have a significant impact in regards to their decorated apparel, their graphics as well as signage. Its structure and design is the reason behind Roland GS-24 being reliable, versatile and affordable. It is best suited for professional cutting. Furthermore, the majority of the digital printers and even sign makers depend on this Roland device.

    Cut Vinyl

    If you are looking for a professional vinyl cutting tool, Roland GS-24 should be your first pick. It is also best for cutting through different material such as vehicle graphics, wall art, stencils, labels, apparel decoration, pinstriping, window tinting and so on. Moreover, you can also cut through various materials such as twill, sandblast, heat transfers, paint mask just to mention a few.

    Cutting out printed graphics

    GS-24 Roland cutter has an optical registering procedure which automatically identifies the printer crop marks. Thus, it can create a potent cost-friendly print as well as a cut solution. You can then use your current printer to make professional graphics, and use the cutter to contour those cut decals, vehicle wraps or even heat transfers.

    Heat Applied Materials

    If you need the best vinyl cutter that can cut various heat applied materials, you got one. The Roland GS-24 is the best for gym bags, personalizing jerseys, jackets and even caps. You can do all this through heat applied materials for example neon, glitter, and twill.

    Overlap cutting

    Among the new feature in Roland GS-24 is its overlap cutting function. This feature enables the machine to recut through a thick material as much as ten times. It then ensures that the cut is complete and thorough, which improves the quality of the cut.

    Additionally, overlap cutting enables you to create precise results when dealing with materials that are thick and dense. Such materials include card stock or even magnetic to mention a few. Also, perforated cutting will also add to the numerous capabilities of the services the machine offers.

    Simple to operate

    Roland GS-24 has an LCD control panel. The panel has the commonly used settings like the cutting speed, blade force, and even the origin point. Besides, it saves the cutting conditions to a maximum of eight previous job settings.

    Labels and Decals

    You can pair this Roland machine with a printer (digital) for contouring decals and cut printed labels. The optical registration further makes contour cutting accurate and straightforward.

    • Versatile
    • Optical registration
    • Appealing design
    • Saves prior settings
    • The software it uses may be complicated to operate for some.

    6.Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

    You can now let go of those unnecessary cords. Now you can get the Cricut Explore Air to get more space on your desk and enjoy working on those new projects you have. Its software allows you to send your tasks to the cutter wirelessly.

    Simple to use

    The Cricut Explore Air is suitable for beginners or even enthusiasts who are looking to begin crafting. Its user interface is straightforward to install and use. Also, it has a compact size that makes it the best home vinyl cutter.

    Wireless ability

    It's wireless ability its best feature. The vinyl cutter has Bluetooth connectivity. You don't have to go through the trouble of hooking cables to the computer and cutter. Consequently, it is convenient and time-saving.


    Cricut Explore Air features a sleek design. It is small thus takes up less space. Also, it has sophisticated light blue accents. It is therefore attractive and space saving.

    Precise quality cuts

    All Cricut vinyl cutters have real quality cuts. The precision of the cuts makes them best for even those small intricate designs. It can cut the material in any shape and size precisely. Furthermore, it has a considerably long and durable German carbide blade. The quality of cuts you get and the cost of the machine give you the best quality for the money.

    Control Panel

    There is a smart set dial at the machine's top. The feature is suitable and convenient that makes it ideal for even beginners. The control panel then enables you to choose the material the device is cutting through. The cutter will then do the rest such as adjusting other settings such as speed, depth, and pressure.


    You can use the Explore Air to make various things. You can make banners, invitation cards, favors and even decoration. Also, you can add embellishments to those photo memories.

    Still, on versatility, enjoy cutting through different materials using this machine. You can cut through paper, poster board, vinyl, cardstock and even fabric. Furthermore, you can also choose from the pre-installed pictures or even upload yours.

    Extensive Library

    If you are working on a quick project or if you are looking to learn to craft worry not. The software library has more than 50000 images, plans, and fonts from which you can choose. Moreover, you can also upload personal designs at no cost at all.

    Dual Carriage

    Similar to its predecessor, the Explore Air also has a double carriage. The dual carriage then minimizes the time the machine takes to cut through materials. Furthermore, the dual carriage also enables cutting and writing. You can even cut and score simultaneously. Thus, it results in reduced production time.

    • Allows wireless connections
    • Availability of an IPAD APP
    • It operates quietly
    • Sturdy construction and offers versatile uses.
    • You can only use the vinyl cutter with its software.

    7.Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine

    If you cut or craft as a hobby and need advancement to an easy to use the machine, consider the Brother ScanNCut CM 100DM. It has suitable features that will add quality to the users work.

    About the Company

    This machine is a product of Brother International Corporation which is in Canada. The company fits into the customer's shoe and recognizes the customer needs. Customers are the primary motivation behind their high quality and user-friendly machines they bring to the market. For customers' ease of use, they ensure their products are easy to set up and use.

    The Company has been existent since 1960. They are then aware of the market needs and the ever-changing technology which is why their products are versatile and durable. Besides, they offer products for personal use and commercial purposes.


    The machine is reliable and convenient. You first have to create an outline for the designs you wish to be cut. The designs origin can be original art, a model you have come across say on the internet or magazines or even hand-drawn sketches. There is absolutely no need for a Computer.

    After scanning the sketch, image or even photo, the machine will accurately cut the outlines or shapes as you desire. It gets better because it does not limit the material. You can then cut through the plastic, fabric or even paper. All cuts are precise.

    Inbuilt Scanner

    ScanNCut CM100DM is a machine that suits the world first home. Among the best features, it has is an inbuilt 300DPI scanner. Therefore, you can scan absolutely anything maybe it be a handmade sketch or even a family photo.

    No need for a computer

    Most of the vinyl cutters in the market need a Personal Computer or even cartridge to function. The Brother 100DM then stands out since using it does not necessitate any cartridge or computer. It comes with pre-installed designs, more than 600 of them. Also, it can scan which gives you unlimited opportunities. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

    LCD Screen

    CM 100 DM is a digital machine that has a large LCD which is colored. Besides, it is a touchscreen that allows editing. You can then adjust the rotation, welding, organization and even resize. Furthermore, the scanning area is extensive and so is the cutting area to give you ample space while dealing with large projects.

    Easy to operate

    On delivery, the machine requires a very minimal installing procedure. Moreover, the software is user-friendly. It is thus simple to install and use, that makes it ideal even for beginners. Besides, the CM 100DM design is the best for fabric cutting.

    Ability To Read SVG Files

    It has a web application that can effortlessly convert files from SVG to FCM. More so, the service is free and simple to register. Besides, it can read .fcm and .svg files.

    • Versatile uses
    • Simple to install and use
    • Touch Screen controls
    • Can read SVG files
    • The screen is a little small

    8.Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine

    Cricut vinyl cutter machine reviews have always been impressive. Maybe this is because the company puts a lot of effort to create quality products that are affordable. Most of the Cricut vinyl cutters offer versatility and precision cuts.

    Numerous designs

    The Explore Electronic cutter has free online software for designing. This design software is there to help you refine your works or projects. There are more than 50,000 available images from the library. Also, there is an upload option for your tasks which you would like to cut.

    Precise Cuts

    Cricut Explore Electronic has a patent-pending technology for smart cuts. You can then use the machine to cut through an extensive variety of sizes and shapes accurately. Thus, you can use the device to cut the standard fonts and shapes. Each form has a professional cut.


    The engineering of the Explore Electronic machine is in a way that makes it the best device on the market. Its structure makes it precise, offer versatility and even simple to use.


    Cricut Electronic vinyl cutter can cut through different materials of varying thickness. When cutting, it is silent and easy to use. You can use the machine to cut through materials such as paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, poster board, iron on, felt just to mention a few.

    Printing ability

    Not all the cutter machines in the market allow printing, which makes the Explore Electric among our best list. It has a print then cut competence that will enable you to create full-color custom stickers and many other projects such as wall art. You can then link your printer and the machine.

    Control panel

    Explore Electric machine saves you time since you no longer have to keep adjusting the blade depth or even the machines speed settings. It has a smart dial for the control which helps make precise cuts for every material you feed the machine. Besides, you can create and keep custom settings for various elements.

    Cut and write simultaneously

    Two clamps hold the blade, and there are available accessories such as scoring stylus and pens. These accessories enable you cut, write and even score in a single step. You have to place the pen accurately in the dual clamp. The machine than then cut the cut, and then write at the desired section of the card. To score stylus, swap the pen, and watch the device cut an envelope as well as score the lines.

    Impeccable design

    Each detail that the Explore Electric has is a result of experience and thoughtful designing. Thus, you can be sure the machine will enhance your creativity and intuition. The features such as Kevlar Reinforced belts offer ultimate flexibility and lightweight; it also provides precise positioning and durability. Its blade ispremium German carbide for precision cuts which is resistant to wear and tear and breakage too.

    • German carbide blade
    • Sleek design
    • Quiet while in use
    • Precise cuts at even high speeds
    • It does not sync with a computer or even MacBook's.

    9.Silhouette Portrait 2

    Silhouette Portrait 2 is among the most recent Silhouette products. Its design and construction are not so much different from its predecessor. It is just a little sleeker and chicer than the Portrait 1. The fundamentals, however, remain the same and are a cheap vinyl cutter machine with similar specs as the Cameo.

    Bluetooth connectivity

    Wireless connectivity is a recent trend in vinyl cutter machines. Bluetooth compatibility guarantees that you can comfortably design while seated on the sofa using your device be it a tablet or smartphone. On completion of the design, you can send the plan to your machine wirelessly. Forget about the hassle of connecting cables.

    Automatic blades

    The best feature of the portrait 2 is its automatic blade. The blade ensures that the machine can automatically calibrate itself and feed the right settings to cut through the material you are using.

    There is no need to fill about with the blades seeking to adjust either the pressure or depth. Besides the automatic blades saving time, they are convenient and significantly improve the cuts. Also, it ensures minimal wastage of material especially waste due to bum cuts.

    Print and cut

    Silhouette Portrait 2 has a print and cut option. The feature enables you to print out images and then cut them out. First, you print the copy. You then load the printer paper to the machine. After the device detects the paper, you can cut it. It is best especially if you are looking to cut a detailed shape precisely and fast.


    Portrait 2 is compatible with deep cut blades. If you are looking to use these blades, you will have to buy them separately. However, pro-cutters recognize the need for blades and will appreciate the compatibility. These blades tend to present more cutting opportunities. Also, you will comfortably cut through thick materials which would have been troublesome previously.

    Ease of operation

    The installation process is easy, and the software is user-friendly. Also, the software is compatible with both computers and Mac that makes it ideal.


    Moreover, it is also compatible with Pix Scan, which allows you to scan and even cut through your images. Besides, it has an optical scanner that enables you to create customized cuts while using Print and Cut.

    Large clearance

    Silhouette Portrait 2 has a large clearing, which will enable you to cut through thick materials. It has a 2mm clearance that is similar to the Cameo 3. This massive clearance is a significant improvement over its predecessor.

    Unlike the Portrait 1 that could comfortably cut through only thin materials, Portrait 2 is comfortable and sturdy enough for thick materials.


    Like earlier discussed, it can cut through a variety of materials which makes it versatile.It can cut through paper, vinyl, cardstock, heat transfer material, fabric, adhesive magnetic paper and so much more. Besides, it can also draw.

    • You can print, scan and draw
    • Suitable for thick material
    • High quality and is affordable
    • Automatic blades and Bluetooth connectivity
    • It is small in size that limits its cutting ability

    10.Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool

    Silhouette Cameo is the best option if you are looking for an electronic vinyl cutter. If you are enthusiasts and take pride in rafting your designs consider getting it. Its design and features make it the best home vinyl cutter.


    You can use the Silhouette Cameo for various uses. It can design, craft and cut; which means you can use it to handle a variety of projects irrespective of the size. Its cutting ability is diverse regarding length. Besides, it is suitable for cutting through materials such as fabric, vinyl, paper, cardstock and much more.

    Its operation is not limited to a cutting mat, hence can operate with or without it. The blade can sketch if you replace it with a pen. Besides, you can control the machine using a computer or even an SD card. It also has a print and cut attribute that allows you to print design, and feed it to the machine for cutting.

    Scrapbook pages

    Using the Cameo electronic tool makes scrapbooking an easy to handle task. You can now enjoy shaping and creating titles or even paper embellishments. Enjoy these services while having a majority of the fonts either on your computer or software. Cut your designs to your desired size and get precise fits for each layout.

    Easy to operate

    The Silhouette Cameo can cut numerous designs some of which are already in the software. It uses the Silhouette Studio Software which is not only free but which also provides many tools and functions.

    The software is simple to use which ensure you can handle custom projects quickly and conveniently. Also, the software can manipulate and even cut fonts. The fonts can be installed in the software, or the font can even be on the device you are designing on.

    Custom Apparel

    Silhouette Cameo has a precise cutting ability, freedom and it allows customization of designs. You can now customize any outfits be it shoes, shirts, jeans. The personalization is an easy task for anyone. Besides, you can also cut and iron layered designs that are in heat transfer material. Get to add a touch of bling to your attire through cutting rhinestone patterns.


    There is no limit to what you can do with the Cameo machine. You can now make handmade cards that can be for invitations or even greetings. Create sentiments and designs excellently. Furthermore, you also get to make duplicates.

    Vinyl décor

    Embellishing your home using vinyl décor is becoming common and widespread by the day. Vinyl décor is the best option to add glamor to your home, windows, cars and even projects. Also, take advantage of the affordable Silhouette vinyl that gives you the freedom to take the decor down and put up new creative designs.

    • Inclusive of tutorials
    • Versatile uses
    • Simple to operate
    • Ideal for home use
    • To convert images to patterns the machine can read, you must purchase the software upgrade

    Things to consider before buy best vinyl cutter

    With the ever-changing technology, new advanced products keep flooding the market. There are some vinyl cutters on the market and purchasing the wrong equipment will not only lead to frustration but also failure. Below are aspects to consider in your vinyl cutter shopping spree.


    Do you need a personal or commercial vinyl machine? The intended use of the cutter determines the type you choose. For instance, if you run a profitable business, you will need a vinyl cutter that can; cut different materials and in different designs, one that is physically large, one which can handle numerous complex jobs simultaneously. 

    However, if you are seeking to buy one for personal use, then it should be compact enough, simple to use, operate quietly and so on. It is normal for some to be caught in between commercial business and personal use, say for someone looking to venture into business. There are machines such as US Cutter MH Series.


    There are endless upgrades on Vinyl Cutters each year. New features get embedded in the products. These features include;

    Wireless ability

    There are Vinyl Cutters from our list which has this feature. Wireless capability enables you design on your device or gadget, after which you can send it without cables.


    Using a vinyl machine needs you to have the software. Standard softwareincludesVinyl Master Cut and Adobe Illustrator.

    Automatic settings

    The recent technology eliminates the need to do something to feel in control manually. Automatic settings allow adjustments through switches.


    Vinyl cutters have motors which provide power and determine the operation of the machine. Engines are of types; it can be a mechanical stepper motor or a servo motor. A physical gear drives the mechanical motor and devices with this motor tend to be cheaper. The downside is that they make a lot of noise.

    Servo motors, on the other hand, are quieter than the mechanical engines. They lack physical gears and can turn or pivot in smaller paths without compromising its precision. Also, it can quickly cut small letters with the same precision it cuts with abundant materials.

    Other Features

    We recommend you choose pinch rollers that allow adjustments. Adjusting them enables you to moderate the pressure the media receives. The optimal pressure thus increases tracking on thick materials, for example, sandblast stencil (PVC)

    Select a vinyl cutter that has a cut-off feature for the media. The cutoff feature will enable you to start each job using a clean aligned edge. Furthermore, it minimizes wastage of the material. Also, it reduces the chance of damaging the platen which may result from taking the blade at the plotters front.


    Usually, an expensive vinyl cutter offers better quality. Costly machines tend to handle complex designs and handle the tasks simultaneously. They tend to have blades of high standards. On the other hand, cheap devices are also effective, efficient and the best vinyl cutter for small business.To make the most of your money, we recommend you choose a product that comes with a warranty. Also, consider getting customer care contact to seek help when need be.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a vinyl cutting machine work?

    A vinyl cutter is a machine that a computer operates. The processor handles all operations and ensures that the Vinyl cutters blades function correctly. These blades help cut out shapes or letters from Vinyl material. After the forms or letters are cut out, you can stick them on any surface. Through the computers help, the blades can move from X to Y axis.

    What is vinyl used for?

    It is commonly used in construction because it is durable, simple to install and cost-effective. Also, it can be used to craft wood, plastic, glass and even tiles.

    Can a Cricut Expression cut vinyl?

    Yes, you can use circuit expression on Vinyl. You can also use it on various materials such as vellum and fabric.

    Can you print on vinyl?

    Yes you can. As long as you have printable vinyl.

    Is vinyl the same as plastic?

    Vinyl is a non-natural synthetic man made the substance. Vinyl is a kind of plastic from ethylene, a crude oil product, and chlorine. During processing, both elements combine and form Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviated as PVC, but commonly known as Vinyl.


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