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Best Way to Clean a Rifle Scope (Ultimate Guide)


    Riflescope can be one of the most sophisticated devices. Multiples make each of its tools of optics combined with high-quality brands. The main purpose of the rifle scope is to help shooters determine their victims.

    Because setting the right goals allows you to get an animal. This is why you need to take care of your rifle equipment.

    The right scope helps you publish and make your target shooting worthwhile and giving you a high-quality image. That's why professional shooters select a good spotting scope because of the clear vision the help achieve the best goals.

    Cleaning the scopes on time is just as important as taking care of the rifle. You must take care of your scopes to shoot successfully. The lack of proper maintenance can cause your rifle's scope to lose sharpness.

    How to Clean Rifle Scope Lens?

    Mainly because the rifle scope is extended, many people want to know - how can I clean the interior of the rifle scope?

    You are never going to clean the interior of the rifle scope. If there is a problem with the inside of the rifle scope, your job is returning to the manufacturer because it is sealed with inert gas.

    You should take some precautions to ensure the clarity and brightness of the rifle scopes. But believe me, I will describe here only a few small steps and techniques to ensure its precision and brightness.

    Fog, Dust, and other environmental garbage can accumulate in it and reduce its sharpness. Since you do not have sufficient time to take care of the riflescope when hunting in a hostile place, and need to be more opportunity of your victim. That is why - "Resistance is Better than Cure." Because your object must remain bright of healing every day.

    Clean the Dust and dirt using a brush

    • Dust and dirt can easily accumulate on the lens surface. In this case, the pellucidity or sharpness of the lens may be reduced.
    • Use a soft brush to clean large dirt. (Grease and oil-free) You can get it from the local store or online stores.
    • Do slowly notice that no spots appear on your lens.
    • Use a microfiber cloth to remove small Dust. And gently wipe the lens completely light speed circular motion.

    Using this method, you can completely clean the lenses

    Cleaning imprint and smudges

    One of the most important reasons for the absence of beauty in your lens is imprint and smudges. Use a smooth microfiber cloth to prevent these. These two elements will make your job easier.

    Use microfiber cloth instead of any cotton cloth because it will protect your lenses. Microfiber fabrics have triangular fiber material that is different from other cotton fabrics.

    Use premium grade gun tissue to remove hidden objects

    Most of the time, dense water and small debris can be stuck very tightly on the surface of the lens. At times, it may seem that it is unchanging. In this case, you might think of cleaning it with a simple napkin, but if you use soft premium great gun tissue, you will be able to do this successfully.

    Here is a guideline to clear the complex water that is trapped, needs to start from the middle. And slowly get to the edge of the rifle scope and do it carefully. Once the tissue is used, use a new dry tissue to get better performance.

    Use the protective gun cover

    You can search for the local market or online store to get a protective gun cover. Of course, you look at the best brand gun cover from there.

    The role of the gun protective cover is to handle any unforeseen accident. This cover protects your lens from various accidents when you are not able to expose it to other engagements.

    How to fix a cloudy scope

    Most good brand scopes come with water repellent. You may be affected by cloudy skies through a hostile environment. And most of the time, you will notice that the outer part has cloudy spots or dry water spots.

    To deal with this situation, simply dampen your microfiber cloth. To get accurate results, gently rub at a noticeable pace, not directly over the lens. And use a blower or fabric cloth to dry.

    Use of lens pens

    If you are looking for a faster and more effective method of cleaning scope lenses, lens pen is better for other methods. The lens pen has a soft cushioned brush on one side and a cleaner like a section cap.

    When cleaning the rifle scope (What cannot be)

    • Never try to fly Dust with your mouth. In this case, saliva and moisture get on it.
    • Do not rub the lens firmly, as it can cause scratches on the lens.
    • It cannot use any object that is not recommended for lens cleaning.
    • Never try to tear down the scope apart.

    Way to clear the rifle scope quickly

    • Use a clean cloth or brush to remove the dust from the scope.
    • Use cotton, or swab to clean the inner edges.
    • Use damp swabs or wipes to clean out dry water. And rub lightly in a circular motion to clean.
    • There is no substitute for contact-free cleaning to avoid fingerprints. You can use compress air in this case.
    • Use a protective gun cover to get rid of dense fog inside the scopes forever.

    How to take care of a rifle scope?

    There is a lot to take care of rifle scopes because good care revives scopes and makes them useful for long periods of time.

    Most of the modern scopes come with all the important cover that you needed, which is very safe and waterproof. Modern scopes certainly save you a lot of trouble.

    rifle scopes

    Even then, you can follow the steps below to avoid various issues you may need:

    Don't try to use conventional solutions in the market for cleaning your scopes. Because it can destroy lens cover, through flashing light. So, you use the Scope Cleaning Kit, as I suggested above.

    • To avoid danger during the collision, check that the scope and rings have been clamped tightly because it can slowly damage the internal components.
    • Check the mounts regularly because the loose mount can be separate. And damage the object.
    • Avoid multiple scopes during transport. This can cause serious damage during transport.
    • Always fold the rifle scopes with a twist.
    • Always separate the scopes from the rifle while moving.
    • Do not hang rifle scopes against walls or trees when not in use because you can lose your scope.
    • And clean the scopes regularly.

    The conclusion:

    I suggest you buy a good quality scope from good brands. Good scopes are available at a fixed price. You need to develop a regular hygiene routine. These proposed preventive measures can solve many problems for you. This post will make you interested in more about rifle scope care. If you have any questions or concerns about any new ways, please contact me or don't forget about the comments.

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