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A wheelbarrow is one of the most useful transportation equipment. Wheelbarrows have a wide range of uses within and outside home. Whether for gardening, construction, hauling things within the home or even for kids play, you will agree that the best wheelbarrow come in handy. Selection of the most appropriate wheelbarrow to suit your needs is important.  Therefore, it is important to look at the different products available in the market including body material, type and number of wheels, load capacity, and terrain to determine the wheelbarrow you need. Check out some top recommended wheelbarrows that you can think of buying.

best wheelbarrow

Best Wheelbarrow Comparison Table

Top 10 Wheelbarrow Reviews

1.Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart Review

For most people the hustle of transporting and especially dumping is tiresome. However, with this Cart dumping is child's play. When it comes to wheelbarrow brands this is arguably the one with the best dumping systems.

Features and Benefits

a) Can Be Used In Any Terrain

The cart is fitted with pneumatic tires that have a radius of 10". The axle with it is 5/8'" diameter provides extra support to enable your cart comfortably breeze through any terrain.

b) Easy Maintenance

The cart can easily be cleaned. This makes it easy to maintain and more durable. The body also has tiny drain holes that allow any excess fluids to drain this, in turn, reduces the wear and tear of the wheelbarrow.

c) Easy Unloading

This is a one of a kind cart, in fact, it has one of the greatest wheelbarrow styles when it comes to ease of unloading. It is fitted with a quick release feature that allows the cart to slightly tip making dumping easier. Just pull a bar, and the body tips to dump the contents.

d) Stability

The cart has 2 pairs of wheels in the front and the rear making increasing stability. The cart has inflatable tires and an axle with a 5/8-inch diameter to further increase stability.

e) Easy to Use

The cart is very user-friendly as it body made of poly plastic is very lightweight. The wheel alignment makes balancing it easy and unloading is made easy and you use minimal upper body strength. It's less tiring to use.

  • The wheels are replaceable
  • Steel frame on the wheelbarrow
  • 10" wheel height gives good clearance from the ground
  • Easily pulled because of its long padded handle
  • Wheelbarrow comes with manual for easy assembly
  • Wheelbarrow must be assembled before use

2.WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Review

When you hear the word Multifunction when it comes to wheelbarrows, do you ever wonder what that could mean? Well, this cart is a true definition of what it is. wheelbarrow reviews rate this as one of the best wheelbarrows ever due to its versatility and durability. Read on if you want to find out why.

Features and Benefits

a) Adaptability

The cart is easily adaptable from a wheelbarrow to a hand truck just by the addition of a few accessories it operates as both a cart and a dolly. It comes with a plant mover, hammock-like boulder mover, bag holder, cylinder holder and a flap to transport bulkier among other accessories. It's truly a one of a kind. Its extendable arms are capable of accommodating loads of up to 80 lbs.

b) Easily Portable

The cart can be easily transported. The hand levers can be easily removable making the cart compact. Thus the body can easily fit into the backseat of a saloon car without any problem.

c) User-friendly Design

The cart has been designed in a way that makes stability a priority. Because of its design, the center or gravity automatically adjusts itself thus reducing the risk of toppling over any load. It is also easier to control using minimum effort.

d) Lightweight

The cart is made of very light but durable metal frame. it is also Extremely easy to lift load and move around. This is because the load rests directly on top of the wheel thus requires more pivoting rather than lifting. The Ergonomic design makes the wheelbarrow seem lighter than its actual body mass weight.

  • Versatile easily adaptable design
  • High-quality steel body material
  • Lightweight durable metal body
  • Easy to lift load and move around
  • Arms can be shortened or elongated depending on your convenience
  • Comes with plastic wheels
  • The cart is small, narrow and shallow

3.Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow Review

This is arguably one of the most bought wheelbarrows on the market today. Its lightweight material and user-friendly design make a wonderful dual wheel wheelbarrow for your home use. It is rust-resistant poly tray makes it a long lasting wheelbarrow perfect for long-term use.


a) Design

The design of the wheelbarrow makes it easier to use than most of its counterparts in the market. It’s double wheels and looped handle ease balancing and maneuvering. The looped handle is cushioned adding an attractive look to the wheelbarrow. Its looped design makes storage easy as the handle can be used to as the wheelbarrow hanger to suspend the wheelbarrow.

b) Light Material

The wheelbarrow is made of light yet sturdy poly plastic material that makes the mass weight of the wheelbarrow smaller than its colleagues in the market. A light material translates to a lighter wheelbarrow mass that is easier to maneuver. Averagely it is estimated to be 25% lighter than other similar wheelbarrows in the market making it a winner.

c) Convenient Cubic Style

The wheelbarrow is designed in a cubic manner perfect for transport of items and luggage without worrying that your load may slip off or fall off. This is because the wheelbarrow offers depth thus a load can be conveniently carried in the tub.

  • Easily replaceable wheels and tires
  • Easy to install just requires a screwdriver and wrench
  • Easy to maintain as the poly tray material easy to clean
  • Light in weight making it easy to move around and lift
  • Tires are prone to easily deflate or puncture

4.Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame Review

With this modern design wheelbarrow, the hassle that comes with dumping or offloading is substantially reduced. This is because the cart has an easy dump feature that makes dumping an easy task.

There is no need to lift the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is a must have for any home. It is a very lightweight wheelbarrow perfect for around the home use.

Features and Benefits

a) Easy to Operate

The wheelbarrow is designed in a manner that makes it easy to operate even with heavy loads. Its four-wheel design helps in balancing of loads easy. It is light in weight thus making the wheelbarrow easy to push-pull and maneuver around. The quick release lever on the tray of the cart allows for the tray to be detached on one side as the load is released on the other side. Minimal effort is used in dumping.

b) Higher Ground Clearance

The wheelbarrow's design allows for bigger 10" tires to be used and increasing the ground clearance of the cart. This is also advantageous because it helps in areas with a hill or rough terrain. It is among the wheelbarrows with the biggest tires in the market. The size of the wheels also gives the cart ability to easily maneuver bends.

c) Easy Maintenance

The wheelbarrow is pretty easy to maintain. The tray of the wheelbarrow is made of a poly plastic material which is very easy to clean. The sturdy bed is also not easy to rust. Thus lasts longer.

d) Weatherproof

The wagons are made of plastic material that can withstand different weather conditions without getting easily damaged.

  • Easy to assemble barrow
  • Easy to dump mechanism
  • Easy to clean plastic material
  • The wheelbarrow has padded grip handle
  • Has a strong initial smell but it eventually wears off

5.Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow Review

For that wheelbarrow that meets all your professional needs, this Jackson M6T22 is the wheelbarrow for you. Made from heavy-duty material this wheeled cart is sure dependable to cover all your needs.  

This is one great quality wheelbarrow you can depend on. The cubic shape of the cart allows it to accommodate huge loads. The cart is fitted with leg stabilizers reducing the risk of the cart from tipping by at least 40%.

Features and Benefits

a) Hard-wearing

This wheelbarrow is made only from the best steel tray. It also has hardwood handles that are able to stand the test of time. The H bracket steel strips on the wheelbarrow further add to its sturdiness. It is a heavy duty wheelbarrow that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The wheelbarrow handles are made of sturdy wood that is long lasting. The strong steel undercarriage further reinforces the durability of the cart making it's very dependable.

b) Ground Clearance

The 16" wide tube tires allow for a maximum of the ground clearance.  The tires not only make smooth passage in rocky and hilly terrain but also allows the wheelbarrow to easily maneuver turns or bends.

c) Smooth Ride

The wheels are fitted with tube tires which help in impact absorption. This ensures that the wheelbarrow is less bumpy as it is pushed or pulled.

  • Has a solid frame with H-braces
  • It comes fitted with a great hydraulic system
  • The wheelbarrow is spacious it has a capacity of six cubic feet
  • The wheelbarrow is fitted with leg shoes to increase stability
  • Comes with big tires excellent for ground clearance
  • The tires tend to puncture or deflate easily
  • The cart tends to be easily dented

6.United General WH89695 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow Review

The wheelbarrow is ideal for lightweight duties around the home. We highly recommend this wheelbarrow. It comes it has a poly tray cubic design with strong wooden handles and not forgetting the steel undercarriage that has the ability to support hefty loads.

This wonderful piece of equipment is easily referred to as the best-rated wheelbarrow in the market. With its small size, it requires minimal wheelbarrow storage space. 

Features and Benefits

a) Smooth Ride

The wheelbarrow is fitted with 16" inch tires that not only give ample ground clearance but also go a long way in ensuring that the shocks of impact with the ground are easily absorbed thus giving a smooth bumpless ride.

b) Load Support

The wheelbarrow has a sturdy steel undercarriage. This helps in ensuring that the wheelbarrow though made of plastic is supported by the sturdy undercarriage made of steel. The durable wood handles are able to support the wheelbarrow even with heavy loads. The handles are sturdy enough not to break as you push, pull or lift the cart as you dump its contents.

c) Long Lasting Tires

The wheelbarrow has 16" inflatable tires that are designed to withstand even rough terrains. The tires do not easily puncture and provide maximum support for the wheelbarrow absorbing any impact shocks that may occur.

  • The handles are made of high-quality wood
  • The tray of the wheelbarrow is made of poly material
  • The cartwheels have a 16" radius among the biggest wheelbarrow wheels in the market
  • Superb for fixing burns, scratches, holes, or cracks
  • Leaves leather looking mellow and smelling good
  • The wheelbarrow requires assembly before use
  • The handles tend to be slippery use of gloves is recommended

7.Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Feet Review

Most wheelbarrow users know of the struggle to try balancing the wheelbarrow as you pour and making sure that the contents are poured without having extra work of picking up, shoveling or sweeping afterward because the contents poured from the sides.

This can be frustrating as it seems like doing double work. Well, that is a thing of the past now. With the new Ames, CP6PS wheelbarrow pouring is made easy and neat.

Features and Benefits

a) Inflatable Tires

With these tires, the bumpiness associated with pushing or pulling your wheelbarrow on uneven terrain becomes just a myth. The tires made of rubber ensure that the shock of impact is easily taken care of. This assures you of a stress-free smooth ride as you go about your business.

b) Unique Design

This wheelbarrow is unlike any other when it comes to its design. The front of the wheelbarrow is molded into a spout. This spout is helpful especially when you often pour loads into narrow areas. It ensures more accurate pouring as all the load is forced into the spout then out the wheelbarrow. Thus the inefficiency of having loads pour out from the whole length of the wheelbarrow is eliminated.

c) Attractive look

The Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow is attractively finished. The handles are made of Ash wood handles beautifully polished. The poly tray also has a polished black finish making the wheelbarrow very pleasing to the eyes.

  • Easily assembled
  • Enables efficient accurate pouring of loads.
  • Has sturdy handles made of ash wood
  • Tray easily withstand corrosion or rust
  • The wheelbarrow is weather friendly, can be used in all weather conditions
  • Tires have a ribbed tread excellent on traction
  • Poly material not very durable sometimes flexes due to weight of heavy loads
  • One tire design makes balancing a bit difficult especially with heavy loads

8.Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow with Steel Handles and Flat Free Tire Review

As many wheelbarrow users may agree on the nature of work in which wheelbarrows operate to make them susceptible to tire punctures now and then. They do agree, that it's just a bummer every time you have to change a tire because of a puncture.

You waste time and most importantly it may cause your load to tip over spilling its contents. You then have to use a lot of time changing the tire in addition to cleaning up. So working with flat free tires is a blessing.

Features and Benefits

a) Flat Free Tires

The wheelbarrow has tires that work in the same manner as inflatable tires. They are able to rebound and absorb shock impacts just like the traditional inflated tires but amazingly, the NEVER go flat. This is unlike the solid rubber and plastic tires which don't have a tendency to bounce.

b) Steel Body

The steel body of the tray makes the wheelbarrow a sturdy piece of equipment worth investing in. It is assured to last for a long time without breaking or flexing. Durability is one of the most important factors that any wheelbarrow user looks out for and this is assured to last you a very long time.

c) Steel Body

The steel handles are built to withstand the extremities of weather while ensuring that the wear and tear is minimal. They last long and do not need replacement. Additionally, are long enough to ensure that you have an easy time be it pushing or pulling the wheelbarrow.

  • Handles are made of steel and are padded
  • The tires are flat free no stress of changing punctured tires
  • The wheelbarrow tray is made durable steel
  • The wheelbarrow has ample space as it can accommodate 6 cubic feet of load
  • The steel is susceptible to corrosion if the finish chips
  • The support brackets of the wheelbarrow are flimsy

9.High-quality Wheelbarrow 6 Cu. Ft. Review

This wheelbarrow is among the most convenient to use in outdoor settings as its wheel does not puncture. It is also durable due to its steel body and sturdy undercarriage. So whether you are using it for construction, woodwork, or just doing some gardening in the home, you can rest assured that the bits and pieces that may be otherwise hazardous to your tires will not pop or platen your wheelbarrows tire.

Features and Benefits

a) Extra Strong Handles

Unlike its sister, these wheelbarrows handles are extra tough. This makes them last longer as the risk of the handles breaking due to pressure when lifting is eliminated.

b) Non-puncture Tires

The wheelbarrows tires are made of polyurethane foam which is in solid foam. It is, however, rubber-like thus able to absorb impacts that may be caused by rough terrain. Their bouncy properties mimic the inflatable tires rebound qualities but without the worry of running out of the air. It is convenient for outdoor duties.

c) Ease of Dumping

The front width of the wheelbarrows tray is slightly angled to allow smooth dumping of loads from your wheelbarrow. This means that you do not have to lift the wheelbarrow all the way just so that you are able to dump contents from your wheelbarrow. Because of the outwards angle at the front, just a slight tipping will allow the load to smoothly flow out from the wheelbarrow.

  • The tray of the wheelbarrow is steel made. Very long lasting to give you value for your money.
  • The wheelbarrows handles are made of tough steel and are not easily breakable
  • Comfort grips are fitted on the handles
  • Angled Curved front allows easy dumping of loads
  • The tray is vulnerable to chipping which may easily encourage corrosion

10.True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Dual Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow Review

This wheelbarrow is one to offer you the opportunity to move loads of debris in a shorter time frame. This wheelbarrow with its 8 cubic feet capacity is able to carry more loads at a time-saving time and effort. Its dual tire support makes balancing a breeze while corrosion is kept at bay because of the poly plastic tray. This wheelbarrow is a sure keeper for those constantly hauling around loads.

Features and Benefits

a) Sturdy

A sturdy wheelbarrow is one that will last you a long time and give you value for your money. This wheelbarrow is just that. With its poly frame, it is easy to maintain. It can be easily cleaned without having to worry about it rusting.

b) Big Load Carrier

When it comes to carrying big loads this is one which can carry a lot of leaves. with its *8 cubic feet capacity it is able to carry a bigger load than most of its counterparts in the market. You don't have to worry about the multiple trips to and fro ferrying loads. With this wheelbarrow, all your load can be carried with just a few trips.

c) Stable

The wheelbarrow is double wheeled thus providing good balance and support. You need not be worried about how you will be able to balance the huge load in the tray as the two wheels will do all the balancing for you. Whether sanding or moving you are set with this stable wheelbarrow.

  • The tray is easy to maintain clean
  • Corrosion free s the tray is made of poly plastic
  • The wheelbarrow is easy to put together
  • The wheel's hub is made to universally fit all wheelbarrows
  • The tires are made of lightweight material and last long
  • The handle grips help you steadily control the movement of the wheelbarrow
  • The instructions for assembly are too long and complicated

Things To Consider When Choosing A Wheelbarrow

Every wheelbarrow user has specific needs when it comes to wheelbarrow use. Your intended use will determine the type you need to acquire. Nonetheless, there are important factors you need to take into consideration before buying a wheelbarrow to ensure that you get the perfect wheelbarrow.


The three main types are the hybrid, hill use, and electric wheelbarrows. The Hybrid is an updated mix of the traditional design. Traditional wheelbarrows had a single wheel and a shallow tray. Nowadays the wheelbarrows come with up to 4 tires. Whereas there are no specific hill use wheelbarrows, the wheelbarrow you select should be able to easily navigate a hilly terrain. The electric wheelbarrow is a motorized wheelbarrow.

Tray Material

There are various options in the market for the tray body material. This includes wood, plastic, metal, and fabric. Generally, the sturdier the tray material the more weight it can accommodate. It is recommended to select a material that can easily hold your loads without damaging the body material. Generally, a lightweight or poly plastic material is most ideal.

Tray Size

The tray size you select should be ideal for your use. The more the load you need to haul, the bigger the quantity of material you are able to haul.


Wheelbarrows come with three types of wheels, Pneumatic, plastic and no-flat tires. Pneumatic tires come with a hard rubber on the outside with an inflatable tube on the inside. The plastic tires are mainly made of hard plastic material. The no flat tires are made of polyurethane foam material that does not puncture.


This is where your hands will hold the wheelbarrow as you move or lift it. You need to make sure that the handles offer a good grip. They should be comfortable and of high quality and sturdy material. Preferably the material should be rust resistant and easy to maintain.

Final Words

Finally, when all is said and done, the top rated wheelbarrow is the one that specifically meets your needs. It's not about the latest in the market or the flashiest wheelbarrow. It's about durability, practicability, safety, and usefulness. We have provided a range of wheelbarrow types for you to select from.

All the wheelbarrows are made of durable material are practical as safe to use, not to mention quite easy on the eyes. Well, now that you know what to look for when picking the best wheelbarrow, I believe you will not have trouble selecting the right one.

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