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Big Agnes Copper Spur Ul2 Review


    Have you ever of camping? Well, Let alone camping, many traveling activities require you to have a tent. The good news is that Big Agnes brand brings you a big Agnes copper spur UL2 tent to make your camping moments enjoyable. The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 Review finds some kind of harmony between ultralight sensibilities and solace cognizant highlights. At a little more than three pounds, the UL2 isn't the lightest tent in its group yet offers a similar inside headroom and extra room of tents more than twice its weight.

    Naturally conscious highlights, for example, dissolvable free polyurethane crease tape and eco-accommodating anodizing on the tent pegs and posts make it an increasingly moral alternative, and canny highlights like intelligent person lines and twofold portals make the UL2 progressively reasonable.

    The Copper Spur tent line has been around for quite a long time and is the most among given open-air fans love it. In 2017 the line experienced an overhaul and improved both the post structure and the plan of the entryways. In case you're needing a lightweight tent, however, fear the confinements of the run of the mill ultralight exploring covers, the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 is a brilliant decision.


    Big Agnes


    3.06 pounds


    23 x 9 x 7 inches

    Floor Area:

    29 sq ft

    Head height:

    40 in

    Packed size:

    4 x 19.5 in

    Weather Resistance

    Like other ultralight tents, the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 is a three-season tent. The rainfly and post structure are sturdier than different tents of its group, however, an overwhelming day off winter temperatures would be trying to suffer in the UL2. By the by, the silicone-treated bath style floor works admirably of keeping water out of the base of the tent, and the downpour fly works admirably of repulsing the heaviest deluges and can deal with a few creeps of the day off.

    The creases come previously taped, and the dissolvable free polyurethane tape that Big Agnes utilizes isn't just waterproof yet eco-accommodating too. Velcro tabs on the vestibule entryways guarantee that your rigging will remain dry as long as the ground isn't soaked. There are not many issues with buildup inside the tent gratitude to the work dividers and the steeply inclined sides of the tent.                

    The impression for the UL2 is sold independently from the tent, and on the off chance that you plan on outdoors in really swampy conditions, it merits dishing out the additional cash to guarantee the base of your tent remains as liberated from water and mud as could be allowed, but since of the structure of the tent, a great many people can utilize the Copper Spur UL2 as-is without spills.

    Solace and Livability

    The UL2 is a two-man tent, however, it's essential to take note of that – similarly, as with all ultralight tents – it's a comfortable fit for two grown-ups. Numerous clients have called attention to that it’s difficult to fit two resting cushions inside except if they are 20 inches wide or less. If you have bigger cushions, a great deal of apparatus, or on the off chance that you and your climbing partner appreciate progressively close to home space, the UL3 might be a superior alternative regardless of the additional weight. In any case, couples or solo explorers with a canine partner find that the UL2 is an ideal fit. 

    Inside, you will discover a lot of capacity on account of the four corner stockpiling pockets and two overhead media pockets. The media pockets permit a line to be run from a gadget down the mass of the tent, which makes tuning in to book recordings or energizing from a battery bank simpler.

    The tent additionally has circles where you can connect a discretionary apparatus space whenever wanted. Joined with the capacity gave by the two vestibules, you'll have all that could be needed space for the entirety of your things. This makes the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 perfect for multi-day stays or long path climbs since you can spread out your apparatus while keeping it out of the downpour and mud.

    Unlike other ultralight tents, the UL2 offers a great deal of headroom. The close to vertical dividers and creative shaft configuration takes into consideration 42 crawls of stature at the pinnacle which makes dressing just as entering and leaving the tent simpler. The UL2 likewise has not one but rather two entryways and two vestibules with 9 square feet of extra room consolidated. On chilly mornings, the headroom and vestibule space make it conceivable to set up a little kitchen under the downpour fly and make espresso or cook breakfast while still inside the tent.

    A Tent with the perfect establishment, the entryways are a 'rainbow' structure, which is impeccably usable yet can make putting on sloppy boots increasingly troublesome. The zippers likewise go very low to the ground which may permit increasing soil inside. The rainbow style of the entryway can likewise give bugs access to the tent when entering and leaving. The 2017 "HV" plan highlights D-molded entryways which are significantly more down to earth. Unfastening the base edge of the entryway makes it simple to put on shoes or arrive at gear in the vestibule while keeping the entryway for the most part shut. This style of the entryway is likewise increasingly characteristic for pooches to utilize.

    Set up

    The Copper Spur is a completely free-standing tent, which implies it's the primary body that you can pitch anyplace. This kind of configuration is amazingly advantageous, speedy to set up, and can prove to be useful when pitching on hard ground or strong stone. The state of the Copper Spur UL2 is uneven, with more space at the leader of the tent, yet its clasps and shafts are shading facilitated to arrange secure.


    The Copper Spur HV UL2 is among the lightest twofold divider unattached tents available, which is a major success in our books. Its weight is 3 lbs. 1 oz. (counting stakes, fellow lines, and so on.), which is light for a two-man detached tent, particularly considering the inside space of the Copper Spur. Conveying a lighter in general burden has a huge amount of advantages, yet just expressed, we see lightweight hiking as far less debilitating and considerably more pleasant.


    The floor and rainfly of the Copper Spur are made with 20-denier silicone ripstop nylon. The "denier" means the thickness of the texture, and 20d is on the more slender side for tent floor textures, however not as slight as some ultralight tents utilizing 10d or even 7d nylon. This texture is a major piece of why the Copper Spur is so light, however, it does marginally decrease its long haul sturdiness. In case you're difficult for hiking gear, this probably won't be the best because it is a backpacking tent.

    Quick Pros Summary

    • Amazingly lightweight
    • Speedy and simple to pitch
    • Unsupported twofold divider structure
    • Great inside space because of post structure
    • Waterproof and wind-safe
    • Enormous top vent decreases the buildup
    • Three helpful and roomy pockets
    • Scrupulousness and quality materials all around
    • Fundamental entryway zippers work effectively with one hand
    • Two enormous entryways and vestibules that pin back pleasantly

    Quick Cons Summary

    • More slender floor materials decrease long haul
    • Tent stakes are light, yet just alright in quality


    a) Is the tent freestanding?

    It is freestanding, so it requires no out of control stakeout moves.

    b) Is a footprint included in the tent?

    No, it not. The footprint for this UL2 is sold independently from the tent.

    c) Is the tent suitable for backpacking?

    The big Agnes copper spur UL2 is the best option for backpacking.


    A strong expansion to the 100 Nights of travel gear. Without no doubt, you can get a tent at a cheap price that will flood with water, tear when you attempt to get into it and be tossed into a landfill three days after the fact, or you can buy a quality item that with the correct consideration, will last you for quite a long time. The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 is one of our record-breaking most loved hiking tents and we prescribe it to everyone constantly.

    We love getting the solace, accommodation, and climate insurance of an unattached, twofold divider tent in such a lightweight bundle. In case you're an explorer searching for a balance between camp solace and trail weight, the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 is a brilliant decision. In case you're willing to convey more weight for a larger inside space, we additionally love the Copper Spur HV UL3, which despite everything weighs not exactly most two-man tents.

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