Bike Or Skateboard – Which Should You Choose?


    Skateboards and bikes are all excellent means of transportation. Both are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and athletic means of getting around. The question of which stands as the best between Bike Or Skateboard is a difficult one to answer.

    That wholly depends on one's skills and experience, what you intend to use the mode of transportation for, and the terrain. However, skateboards are just too hard, requires a lot of skill. At the same time, light BMX bikes are only less difficult to ride and pretty simple to learn. You can also opt for skating shoes, well if you dnt own a pair, get it from

    Bike or Skateboard

    The bike is an all in one machine that is fun to ride, but you can even use it in semi-professional purposes and professional environments. This article will show that also though both a skateboard and a bike are all tremendously enjoyable and come with their benefits, a bike still stands out as the best.

    Skill Requirement

    Riding a bike is easy compared to skateboarding. Most people already know how to ride a bike, and from a very young age, kids are taught how to ride. Bike riding does not require a lot of skill.

    However, skateboarding does require a lot of skills and practice. For one to skate, you have to learn to balance, use your foot to push, find your stance, and use your foot as a brake. It can take a long time for one to master all those skills and be able to skate around.

    Fun Factor

    When comes to riding and skating, a skateboard is a whole lot cooler and enjoyable. Both skating and biking offer enjoyment to the rider, but skateboarding or downhill longboarding is more fun and relaxed. It is a great way to surf the streets. There are so many cool tricks you do with your skateboard. To get the most out of your skateboard l recommend you go to the skate park.


    A bike is absolutely the best; you can cycle anywhere with your bike. Rough terrain, uphill, steep downhill, you can still cycle with your bike effortlessly. However, if your area's terrain is not smooth and level, this makes it impossible for you to use your skateboard. To skateboard, you require a pavement, not just any pavement but a flat smooth pavement. A bike is overall a much better choice, even on steeper terrains, you can still ride your bike.


    Both the skateboard and the bike are all equally dangerous. Both activities can put the rider in hazardous traffic situations with low visibility and minimal control. However, bikes are considerably safer compared to skateboards.

    Bikes have brakes, which gives you more edge and control. This makes them more advantageous. Unfortunately, skates do not have brakes, even though you can still use your leg to brake, it is still more risky.

    NB: For your safety, it recommended that you also buy a helmet, elbow pads, and gloves when you are purchasing either your skateboard or bike. Make sure that every time to go riding or skating, you wear this protective gear to keep safe.


    When it comes to cost efficiency, a skateboard is less expensive compared to a bike. A bike has a much broader price range, but you are bound to spend more on a bike than a skateboard even with that price range. Expect to spend at least $250-$750 or more for a bike. As for a skateboard, expect to spend at least $49-$149.

    When it comes to maintenance, a bike requires a higher and more costly level of maintenance. At the same time, skateboards won't get you off budget with maintenance and repairing. For instance, parts of a bike can be rather costly and hard to find.

    Skateboards take the price here as there are highly affordable, you are bound to find a skateboard for yourself that is within your price range. It's an inexpensive mode of transportation.


    Biking is a great way to exercise effortlessly; every ride will give you a great workout session. It is an excellent way to do cardio work out. Also, the pedaling will provide you with a great leg work out, especially if you are cycling for a long-distance or uphill.

    Even though when you are skating, you also get to exercise during the process. The work out session doesn't come close to cycling.


    A bike is more versatile compared to a skateboard; it doesn't have many limitations compared to skating. You can use a bike to carry things, exercise and can use it to travel a long distance. A bike is more equipped to deal with high speeds, tough uphill, and longer distances.

    Whereas, a skateboard is more useful for recreational skateboarding. Because of its versatility, you can ride your bike anywhere, whereas to get the best out of your skateboard, you need a skating arena or a perfect pavement.


    A skateboard is highly portable; there is no need to hassle looking for a place to put your skateboard, which takes out biking. You can simply clutch your skateboard like a handbag and go whenever you want to, even on crowded places. However you cannot do it with your bike.

    Length Of The Trip

    If you are traveling a long distance, a bike is a better option. You can cycle for miles and go places without tiring, but doing the same distance on your skateboard if it's not downhill will be so exhausting, will cause you to have great fatigue.

    Final Verdict

    A skateboard and a bike are both popular modes of transportation, making it very difficult to choose between the two. However, in the battle between a bike and skateboard, the bike takes the price. A bike has several benefits that even a skateboard can't also match.

    You can go further and faster with a bike, and if need be, you can use it to carry your things or grocery. With that said, a bike stands out as the best. It offers you speed, practicality, versatility, and maneuverability that a skateboard can't even provide you.

    Even though it is more expensive compared to a skateboard, a bike is worth the money. With its versatility, it has so much value to offer. However, you should choose a mode of transportation that best suits your needs and feel comfortable.

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