The Brief And Only Boat Dock Inspection Checklist You’ll Ever Need


    Do you love spending time out on the water?

    If so, you're not alone.

    That's because boating is a great way to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and the beauty of your favorite body of water.

    Owning a boat can be a lot of fun, but it's also a ton of responsibility. After all, you have to maintain your boat and find a boat dock where you can store it throughout the year.

    This article takes a look at how to care for your lake dock by providing a dock inspection checklist. Keep reading to discover everything you'll need to know to make sure your dock remains as safe as possible.

    Boat Dock Inspection Checklist

    Dock Walkway

    Let's start with your walkway. After all, this part of your dock is crucial for safety. Thus, you need to check for any obstructions or materials that could potentially create a hazard for slipping and falling.

    You should also make sure the walkway is structurally sound. Look for splinters and areas where the wood might be rotting. It's also important to inspect your walkway for protruding screws or nails.

    It's also a good idea to inspect the walkway for any slick spots that might make footing difficult, especially during severe weather conditions.

    Dock Handrails

    Next, let's talk about the handrails on your dock. The key to maintaining safe handrails is to ensure they are structurally sound and free of wood splinters. Make any necessary repairs immediately rather than putting them off.

    Keep in mind that your dock should have a minimum of one handrail, and it should be 42 inches in height, easy to grip, and it should be extremely stable.

    Dock Superstructure

    The superstructure of your dock is crucial for supporting the weight of you and your fellow passengers as you load into and exit your boat.

    Inspect the quality of the connections and weld points on the superstructure. Make sure the sheet metal, metal straps, steel plates, and plywood gussets are solid and resist movement. This is essential for keeping you safe and holding your boat in place.

    The Deck

    Most decks are made of lumber. Thus you need to check for splinters, nails, screws, and anything else that might be protruding and potentially cause injury.

    Electrical Wiring

    When a boat dock is outfitted with electrical features such as lights or a lift, the wiring will need to be inspected. The best strategy is to hire a professional electrician with years of experience in the boating industry to inspect the quality of your wiring.

    Here's a resource to help you find an experienced marine electrician.

    Dock Flotation

    It's also important to inspect your dock flotation. Make sure the materials are in good condition, undamaged, and are well secured to the dock superstructure.

    A Dock Inspection Checklist for Boat Owners

    There's nothing better than enjoying the freedom of the open water in a great boat. Fortunately, this dock inspection checklist provides the tips you need to maintain your dock for many years to come.

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