BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope Review

BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope Review – Tested Riflescope Model


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    Are you a long-range shooter or a hunter with passion? Any person who is seriously involved in these two activities can tell you how important it is to go to the field prepared with all the necessary gear. They can also tell you how important accuracy enhancing gear can be to you as a professional. Choosing the right riflescope can make all the difference in the shooting field or hunting ground.

    There is a wide variety of riflescope models out there, giving you the chance to choose what would be more effective for you. Such an important task as evaluating scopes may require professional intervention, especially if you intend to choose the best, and based on your unique needs.

    This BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope Review presents to you one of the top-rated scopes for people who use rifles. Many users have praised it for its advanced characteristics and superior accuracy among other strengths that have been explained below.

    BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope Review




    0.96 Ounces


    8 x 1 x 6 inches



    Bulb type:

    LED Strips

    Special Features:

    Base, Voltage

    Details Guide Of BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope

    High Magnification Power

    As a shooter, you should know that too much magnification can blind your view and make it almost impossible to see your target. This rifle has a magnification of up to nine times with a minimum of three times magnification. This allows you to focus on targets that are nearer and further.

    You have up to nine chances to focus on the target and there is no limit to a magnification of targets that are far. With its 3-9x magnification power, this riflescope gives you a wide range of magnification times, which is an advantage for accuracy. The power in your hands since you can adjust the magnification with the turrets.

    The Optical Quality And Power

    Any experienced shooter would consider optical power first before any other factor when choosing a riflescope. Generally, the high-quality scope makes your work easy and more comfortable. The scope has a multi-coated lens that gives a clear view of the target enabling a very sharpshooting. It helps to view in low light.

    The light is regulated well such that it does not damage your eyes or blur the focus. This is a protector to your eyes. With the variety of selection on how to magnify the target, you can focus the animal you are hunting faster and save your time. The field of view is also wide and long-range. Hence, you can focus on targets as far as 100 yards.

    Durable and strong

    It benefits you in a lot of ways to purchase a riflescope that is built to last. Therefore, the better the built quality and durability of the scope the better-suited it is for the outdoor life. The riflescope has been built with quality materials like aluminum. Aluminum is rust-proof such that it will not be rendered useless as soon as it comes in contact with water.

    The rifle is so light and comfortable to use too. This weight is an added advantage in case the rifle falls because it will not break down easily. Your hands are guarded against heavy recoils during the shooting hence it is strong enough to cover the shock that results when a bullet is released.

    Ease of Use

    Ease of use makes a scope time-saving for the shooter in a lot of ways. Also, the fact that you will not struggle to understand it and how it works makes it suitable for beginners. And as you know, knowing what you are doing as a shooter is necessary for a lot of things, including safety. BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope scope is not a complex type.

    It comes compact and simple to use with your hands. It has features that are easily managed by using your fingers. The turrets have zero reset with bullets of 36, 38 and 40 fittings in. You will therefore not struggle to search for bullets that fit in your rifle.

    Survives Harsh Weather Conditions

    Life in the outdoors is typically rough. A serious hunter will have to face various challenges that are related to harsh weather conditions. That is why you need a scope that can work under a scorching sun and pouring rain. For those planning to have long hours of hunting, you should probably get this scope.

    It works in all harsh weather conditions. Sometimes when it gets rainy during hunting and you just do not want to stop, do not worry. This rifle is just as efficient as when used in normal weather. Similarly, it does not reduce its efficiency in the scorching sun or misty environment.

    Adjustable Objective, Windage, And Elevation

    Long-range shooting is often affected by the forces of gravity and wind. The objectives are adjusted correctly to get an accurate focus and shoot. The feature is great since you will see a subject in a stationary position so targeting will be fast and simple.

    You can wind and move the bullet side to side, on the left and right and elevation increases the minute of action. All this is great and makes hunting of moving animals simple than imagined. With this, you can target well on the subject with the desired magnification power to achieve a perfect shot.

    Amazing Eye Relief

    The distance from your eyes to the scope while viewing your target is a vital factor that helps you to acquire the field of view. Since sometimes you have to stay behind the scope for longer, eye relief is necessary. Otherwise, your eye will be exhausted. This scope provides amazing eye relief and therefore protects the eye from exhaustion.

    The best eye relief indicates the space needed between the eye and the scope in looking at the entire field of view. Since the BSA sweet 22 has an eye relief of 3 inches, it means that you can still view your target field through your scope with your eye 3 inches away from the scope. You can still view the full image of your target without dark edges.


    • It presents a high degree of accuracy
    • It is suitable for use in all weather conditions
    • Sweet 22 scope boasts a wide range of magnification times
    • Comes from a very respected brand not only in the riflescope industry but the entire shooting gear industry


    • No factory stock rings
    • Not the best for beyond 100 yards


    a) How long is this scope?

    The BSA sweet 22 scope is approximately 12.4 inches long. The length from the eyepiece bell to the turret length is 1.97 inches while that from the eyepiece bell to the objective bell is 5.03 inches. From the objective bell to the turret length it is 1.35 inches long. Generally, the eyepiece length is 13.87 inches and the objective bell length is 3.49 inches.

    The diameter of its objective is 1.86 inches while that of the objective lens is 40mm long. The diameter of the eyepiece is 1.72 inches. For this scope, the size of the length affects its weight. This small scope is very good, light and easy to carry around without getting you exhausted. The length is also perfect since it will be simple to mount a small scope on a rifle and fit in.

    b) Will this fit in a Picatinny rail?

    No, the BSA sweet 22 scope is larger therefore it cannot fit in a Picatinny rail. Preferably, you should purchase good compatible rings that can easily fit in a Picatinny rail. For instance, a slot for weaver is quite smaller than a Picatinny slot so try using rings meant for weaver they will fit in well in the Picatinny rail. Note that the opposite cannot work. High profile rifle scope rings are also one of the best rings that can fit in a Picatinny rail. Their effectiveness is high hence the term 'high profile'. The rings clear the sight and ensure there is a clear view. They do so by lifting the scope to a position where you can view through the lens clearly without obstructions.

    c) Does it come with a sunshade?

    The BSA sweet 22 scope does not come with a sunshade. But if you try the sunshade that is designed for Mueller rifle scope, you will realize that it fits just as good as desired. A Nikon 8053 Matte 40mm scope sunshade as well, can fit in a BSA sweet 22 scope.

    These mountable sunshades are exactly what you need to avoid having to look so closely and for long in the lens, which could cause your eyes to itch. They are therefore a protective gear for the eyes. The added advantage with sunshades is that they increase accuracy so you are guaranteed a perfect shot. The fact that BSA scope lacks sunshades should not put you off because you can always get compatible ones for your BSA sweet 22 scope.

    Final Verdict:

    This way the money you spend on purchasing it is utilized fully. With all these amazing features and guarantees, you can be sure that your money will have been spent well when you buy BSA Sweet 22 Riflescope Review. So if you still do not know which way to go as far as choosing the right is concerned, try this out and you might just be lucky to have found it.

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