Why Should A Business Conduct A UX Audit Of Its Web Systems?


    With increasing competition in most industries, the usefulness of a website or online store is becoming more and more tangible. Improvements related to improving the UX (User Experience) of the site can significantly increase sales and bring the company closer to achieving business goals.

    What Is A UX Audit?

    Every business has specific goals to achieve. Sometimes he gets most of the orders through the form on the website, while others get the sales results in the online store. However, there are situations in which something blocks the development of the company, and the goals are not achieved. Conducting user experience audit can help solve this problem.

    Usability analysis checks the site in different ways from the point of view of business goals, examines each of its elements and, finally, draws conclusions and suggests changes. The implementation of the recommendations should lead to increased efficiency and, as a result, to an increase in sales and online orders due to an increase in conversion rates.

    Business Conduct A UX Audit

    What Does A UX Audit (User Experience) Consist Of?

    The scope of a UX audit usually depends on the needs and scale of the project ordered by the client. Nevertheless, there are a number of advantages that the company receives as a result of cooperation, which include:

    • Report with recommendations of the interactive agency and its extensive discussion with delegated persons;
    • Ready-made graphic design and layouts with recommended changes;
    • Coding of changes, that is, the implementation of previously specified recommendations by the programmer.

    Everything consists of a complex process that allows you to complete the cooperation with visible effect. The report contains all the conclusions of the conducted research and expert analysis. Creating layouts requires discussing opportunities with the company's team. The second stage, i.e. creation, is the creative work of the agency. That's when applications turn into solutions, and the company gets a chance to really improve its results. If the built layouts and graphic design are accepted, it is possible to implement the described solutions by a programmer or a team of programmers, depending on the complexity of the project.

    Business Analysis

    Contains a detailed interview with the client to develop the right business approach. Checking the site or store, as well as offering a solution, requires an individual fit. In—depth analysis of an interactive product is the moment of the UX audit, which is considered critical from the point of view of competence. It is at this moment that the influence of UX on sales efficiency is investigated and an expert analysis (heuristic or cognitive path) is carried out. If the company has decided to conduct user experience studies, they are also conducted at this stage.

    Business Analysis

    The Cost Of A UX Audit And Other Related Costs

    The costs associated with an audit vary greatly. This is because auditing sometimes involves expensive testing of the user experience with live users. In other cases, it is sufficient to provide expert analysis together with the analytics data. The above stages to some extent illustrate how different the scale of the project can be. Will the customer choose layouts and graphic design, or is the report enough for him? Will it be necessary to implement the recommended changes or not?

    The Impact Of UX On The Effectiveness Of Sales In The Company

    It is always necessary to stand out from other competitors in order to convince potential customers and partners of your uniqueness. However, sometimes even the best marketing will not fill in the gaps that an inconvenient site has. This is due to the fact that over time, users are becoming more demanding of interactive products.

    They appear when something on the site is unclear, the services are described inaccurately, and the form is too long to fill out. They do not make transactions in the online store, because the road to it is too long, and the choice of payment methods is too small. Any lost client who has not taken the actions that the site owner needs is useless and does not make a profit.

    It is in this respect that the UX audit affects the company's sales and results. The presented recommendations allow you to shorten the user's path and make him move around the site with pleasure. Finding a product, completing an order, filling out a form or finding a description of a service will no longer be a problem for him. However, in order to adapt the page to the user's needs, expert knowledge is needed. UX audit allows you to get them, and if the process is completed correctly, the long-term benefits of its implementation will be obtained.

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