Can I Use Essential Oils in A Humidifier?


    Yes, you possibly can!

    A humidifier is not ideally built to dissipate essential oils, they are mostly used for adding moisture to the surrounding. There are a couple of reasons why using a humidifier is not advisable.

    Essential oils can cause the plastic in the device to break down, thereby damaging the humidifier. Most humidifiers are heat related and heat ruins the full effect of the essential oils. It destroys some of the properties of the oils.

    Humidifiers run consistently, this shows that it will be difficult for you to regulate the amount of oils released in the atmosphere. You won’t have the free will to limit the period of releasing the fragrance from the oils. Putting all of the above reasons aside, you can still use a humidifier conditionally.

    Can I Use Essential Oils in A Humidifier

    Use A Cool Mist

    Make sure your humidifier is a cool mist since a warm mist will destroy important features of the essential oils. Or you could use an ultra-sonic device.


    To use a humidifier for essential oils dissipation, you need to maintain it. Occasionally clean the interior of the humidifier to make sure that the oils do not break down the plastic in the device.

    Measure The Amount Of Oil You Are Using

    You need to provide the right amount of essential oil to pour into the humidifier. This depends on the size of the water tank of the device. There is also a holding area for oil found at the top of the humidifier.

    How Essential Oils And A Humidifier Function Together

    Essential oils are very well known for their effortless ability to help one feel better and stay in perfect health. They are made from plant-plant extracts. Water or steam fuels the distillation process. You begin to feel the essence of the initial plant. A soothing and pleasant fragrance fills the atmosphere and incorporates the features of the original plant.

    A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the atmosphere. It holds water or oil and dissipates them to the air with the help of a running fan. When you add any essential oil to the humidifier, the running fan will cause the oils to evaporate in the steam when released in the atmosphere to release its properties. Check the best essential oils in a humidifier in below.

    1. Lavender Oil

    This oil is known to promote calmness. You could use this oil when you are in distress, exhaustion or you have a persistent migraine.

    2. Peppermint Oil

    It has excellent features that are good for digestion. It decreases your headaches, stimulates your mind and additionally soothes your sinuses.

    3. Eucalyptus Oil

    Has antiviral properties therefore prevents viral infections. It is also known for anti-inflammatory no wonder it being used as a decongestant. It promotes mental acuity.

    4. Sandalwood Oil

    This oil promotes a surrounding for romance. It has an outstanding feature for invoking mental agility.

    5. Rose Oil

    Rose oil has anti-bacterial properties therefore countering any form of bacteria manifestation. As a girls companion, it has a rosy smell suitable to be a deodorant. Keeps away insects, therefore acting as an insecticide. It also ushers in a romantic atmosphere.

    6. Tea Tree Oil

    Fights infections having the qualities of being antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It counters symptoms associated with cold and flu.

    Benefits of Using Essential Oils in a Humidifier

    Medicinal Gain

    Most essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree oil have the most amazing properties of being anti-fungal, meaning it prevents fungal infections in our bodies and also in plants- pot plants in our houses.

    Moreover having the advantage of being antiviral, ensures that there is no trace of viruses on our bodies. Anti-bacterial features creates the confidence of knowing that bacteria has no place in our houses or bodies. Anti-inflammatory property reduces the chances of ever getting inflammations on your skin.

    Physical Treatment

    The essential oils are ideal for any person who intends to live free from distress or exhaustion. They relieve your body from any pain, especially headaches that cause persistent migraines. A new form of body functioning that is free from pain is incorporated within you.

    Infections such as cold and flu don’t stand a chance against the excellent healing properties the oils possess.

    Pleasant Fragrance

    If there is any fetid smell persisting in your house, consider getting an essential oil accommodated in an oil humidifier. They have the best fragrance, intending to keep your house smelling fresh and absolutely flawless. Every oil has its own unique scent that appeals to everyone. Others could even function as deodorant leaving you smelling great the whole day.

    This raises your spirits and gets you in a mood that desires to dispense love to anything you are doing. If you are cooking, reading or working the level of perfection will be heightened.

    Neurological Benefits

    These oils create a sense of mental acuity and agility that is infallible. If you feel lazy to do anything, try blends of essential oil, it will work miracles. It elevates your level of thinking for creating new paths and ideas, you will have a fresh and awakened perspective of seeing everything. You will be in the feel to get things done, therefore have great productivity levels.

    This widens your neuroplasticity and the ability to come up with solutions to problems, make better innovations for life transforming processes.

    Final Words

    If you have a plan to transform your life or you are in the process, I would recommend that you get yourself one of these essential oils and an oil humidifier. It benefits are incredible, they are too good to be true. I honestly love every aspect involved with the combination of using a humidifier and pouring a spark for joy- essential oils into it.

    I think possessing one will lead to the start of a therapeutic life, one free of infections that would suck the strength and joy out of you. There will be a new drive for doing everything, though subtle but effective. You will not have the satisfaction of getting results until you use them.

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