Can I Use Impact Sockets For Everything?


    Disassembling anything by using general hand tools is not a piece of cake; as a matter of fact, it could get really tricky. And that's exactly why you need an impact gun. Whenever it comes to zipping stuff apart or busting bolts free, you can get those done in no time. They will save not only your valuable time but also effort.

    However, to get the best out of it, you are also going to need a good impact socket. Remember, don't go for chrome sockets. They are just not built for it. Also, you wouldn't want to go for the cheapest one available in the market if you are really into quality.

    Your impact drill work will become a lot easier when you have one. But you might be wondering that "Can I use impact sockets for everything?" Here's what we have as answers.

    Can I Use Impact Sockets For Everything

    Everything About An Impact Socket:

    Before you get to have the answer to that question, it's important for you to know the basics of an impact socket. So, let's get started.

    Impact Socket:

    These sockets are made of using softer steel, so they are able to deal with impacts much better. What we find amazing about steel is that they are not that easy to bend also; you can't just break them easily so, it was possible to use thicker steel in making them.

    This kind of steel is good at dealing with impacts because they are able to distribute the impact through the whole socket. In most cases, they get to use with impact wrenches. They are helpful in removing bolts and seizes nuts.

    Impact Sockets And Regular Sockets:

    What makes these two different from each other is the thickness of the wall and materials harness. They both are made of steel; however, an impact socket comes with impact resistant ability. They are quite well-built and don't get broken easily.

    The color of the impact socket is black because of its carbonized surface. Having this hardened surface makes it good to deal with sudden changes in torque. When dealing with sudden torque changes, a regular socket might get broken, and that's where an impact socket comes into play.

    Socket Wrench:

    This is a useful tool mostly used by mechanics and tradesmen or DIYer's to do repairing or maintenance. A socket wrench can handle most industrial, and household works. If you want to avoid processing errors, then a socket wrench with an impact socket can be your savior.

    In Choosing Between An Impact Socket And Chrome Socket:

    They both come with their individual benefits. Nowadays, most mechanics prefer to use impact sockets because of their thin-walled built and lifetime warranty. If you are a beginner, we would highly suggest you go for impact sockets.

    Built Of An Impact Socket:

    It entirely relies on the model and manufacturer of that impact socket. There is a common misconception out there that all quality impact sockets are made of chrome molybdenum. It depends a lot on the treatment of the heat that has been done to the socket.

    Though chrome socket comes with a sturdy and durable built, they are quite prone to breakage. Most of the chrome sockets out there in the market are built with chrome vanadium steel. And impacts sockets are generally built with chrome molybdenum.

    A company won't describe the blend of alloy they have used to make built their sockets. So, it's quite needless to judge an impact socket by the list they have published on their website.

    Can I Use An Impact Socket For Everything?

    We would suggest not to use an impact socket for everything. Impact sockets are a lot softer than other sockets, so they can get wear out pretty quickly. However, if you have no problem with buying them off and on, then you are good to go.

    The Speciality Of An Impact Socket:

    Yes, it's true that they will make your work a whole lot easier. This kind of socket is capable of absorbing sudden changes in torque so, they are not prone to breakage. However, they can get wear out faster, so if you can work fast, then your investment will pay off.

    What makes it stand out from other sockets is its black color. It's not only just about the color; actually, it's black because of its carbonized surface, which makes the surface a lot sturdy. You will find their size laser-etched into their body, so it gets quite easy to identify them.

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    Final Words:

    It's essential to understand the basic information about impact sockets before purchasing one, and now you know why. You should also get well-introduced with the using method if you are a beginner. Compare to the other sockets out there; they will help you to get your work done a lot faster.

    So, if you were wondering, 'Can I use impact socket for everything?' – Well, we hope now you have the answer to the question pretty clearly!

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