How to Choose the Best Automatic Pool Cleaners


    When we decide to buy something, each one of us tries to get the best out of everything. And a pool cleaner is something that every pool owner definitely needs. Automatic or robotic cleaners are considered the best, though also the most expensive.

    But when it comes to the choice, you can get confused and purchase not a completely proper device. Considering the high price, it will be a significant reason for frustration.

    Luckily, we're here for you to prevent any misfortunes. Let us present to you our list of buying tips that will help you get the best automatic pool cleaner for your swimming pool.

    Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

    Choose the Best Automatic Pool Cleaners Type

    So firstly, when you decide to buy a pool cleaner, you really need to know which type of pool you have. This truth is just for all pool cleaner types and is especially important for automatic devices.

    Pools are inground and above ground. If you have the second type, unfortunately, your area of choice is very narrow. The majority of brands produce robotic cleaners for large inground swimming reservoirs.

    But don't go despaired – there are several decent options for above ground pools, too. The main thing is that it should have rigid walls and frames for a cleaner to climb surfaces. For example, some Intex prism frame pools are quite suitable.

    Pool Size

    The next thing you need to know best about your pool is how big it is and what type of pool cleaner will suit it. Robotic devices also differ in the areas they can process. There are no universal options in this respect.

    You can get a product for 30 ft, 50 ft, and 60 ft. These are the most popular variations.

    The choice here mostly depends on the cord length, filter capacity, and navigation precision.

    Cleaning Tools

    Here we mean cleaning brushes and filters included. You can get either scrubbing rollers or brushes. The first variation is the best since scrubbers allow the robot to collect large debris and also scrub fine particles like sediment and quite hazardous algae.

    Filters are usually divided into filter baskets and filter cartridges. The choice is more difficult here. Baskets contain much more dirt and require rarer emptying. But they cannot trap fine particles. Cartridges provide crystal water and catch even the smallest pieces. However, you'll have to sacrifice capacity. The choice is yours, but please mind there are models that come with both filtering systems.

    Number of Technologies Included

    If we talk about the robotic pool cleaner, it would be a great choice for those who are not limited in the budget. However, even though most models are pricy, you can always find a decent option with basic features where you only have to turn on the button and leave. In this case, you'll get a minimum of additional technologies apart from cleaning.

    More expensive, extraordinary pool cleaners serve your number of benefits than just cleaning your pool. Usually, you get programming, filter bin indicators, smart notifications, and even app and voice control.


    Since robotic devices deal with large areas, it's better to choose an intelligent navigation system integrated. Pay attention to models with preprogrammed movement algorithms, smart sensors, laser systems, and mapping. Thus, your assistant won't miss a spot and keep itself safe from accidental hitting and possible breakages.


    Bottom-level units start cleaning only when you turn them on manually. They cannot clean on certain days and hours.

    Smarter options offer the so-called programming or schedule. You can either choose between the preset time modes (everyday, every other day, or every third day cleaning) or set your own day, time, and frequency.


    The main reason to buy a robot pool cleaner is the need for zero attention from your side and the opportunity to control it from anywhere.

    That's why hi-tech fans are better to choose models with app control support. There are few of them, and they are the most expensive. But you'll be able to start/stop, customize cleaning, change settings, schedule, and get notifications right on your phone.

    Simpler devices offer remote controls like touch screens. Thus, you don't have to pull your cleaner out of the pool every time you need to change settings. But you still won't be able to run it from work, for example.

    Reasons to Purchase a Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Below is the list of reasons why you should buy a good automatic pool cleaner.

    Reasons to Purchase a Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Technological Advancement

    Since we live in the 21st century, technological advancement becomes a part of our routine life now. We use a number of hi-tech gadgets and appliances. So, why not try pool cleaners too?

    The technology they have used in pool cleaners is way beyond praise as it cuts down the manual work and gives time for other home or hobby tasks.

    Less Time More Work

    You don't need to be stuck in one place waiting to get things done anymore. In fact, by using automatic pool cleaners, things will be done on their own. You just need to sit back and relax.

    Anyway, pool cleaners are much more efficient than manual cleaning. Even a basic model will clean your pool faster than you will with a bucket of soap water and a brush.

    It's not at all time-consuming. In this era where every second is precious, you don't need to worry about pool cleanliness.

    Getting Work Done On Time

    Pool cleanliness is not only crucial for your health. It also significantly influences the lifespan of the whole pool system, including pool surfaces, ladders, filters, and pumps.

    So, automatic cleaners minimize human intervention as much as possible. And even when you have no time for cleaning, these kids will do it for you, keeping a regular cleaning cycle regardless of your own schedule.

    Best Automatic Pool Cleaners FAQs

    Best Pool Cleaners
    1.What Are The Advantages Of An Automatic Pool Cleaner?

    A distinct advantage of having an automatic pool cleaner is absolute independence. A minimum of your time and effort is required.

    Robot models provide the most thorough cleaning and water filtration, decrease the load on your main pool systems, perform cleaning very fast.

    However, it's also important because of the fact that pools are of different shapes and sizes, so it becomes quite difficult for a person to move here and there. So, pool cleaners help you doing it on their own.

    2.Are Pool Cleaners Portable Or Not?

    Well, it seems there is no need to move the pool cleaner once it has started working. But still, pool cleaners are usually lightweight for you to carry when needed. So models even offer quick water release systems and transport carts. You can easily move it from one place to another without any excessive issues.

    3.Why Are Pool Cleaners Expensive?

    However, pool cleaners are mostly being used by the elite class, so the pricing is kept according to the target audience. But still, with the beforehand research, any customer can purchase a good affordable pool cleaner.

    The pool cleaners' pricing strategy has a new trend that it should be affordable for all, whether low, middle, or high class.

    4.Do Pool Cleaners Come Up With Accessories?

    Yes, pool cleaners come up with all the necessary basic accessories, including standardized bags and installed filters. You can also purchase additional elements if you need them.

    5.Do All Pool Cleaners Need Maintenance?

    Indeed, they need regular service. It's a machine, and every machine obviously requires some maintenance in order to keep it going in full swing.

    Final Thoughts

    Nowadays, we have a huge variety of robotic pool cleaners in the market, and it becomes challenging to choose which one to buy. With our tips, we tried to make it easier for you to go to the store or retailer site and buy the best of the best. Please don't forget to make a little investigation beforehand and form a purchasing plan. Then, success will be inevitable.

    If you find our information helpful, please don't hesitate to give your feedback in the comment box down below.

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