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Choosing The Best Shower Door Is Not A Piece Of Cake


    Your home is not complete without a bathroom. And, what makes a good bathroom is not just the size and placement of your cabinet. A good shower enclosure is what differentiates the right from the wrong. Don’t believe me? Imagine having a typhoon every time you bathe and you have to mop. Very tiring! And with so many styles of bathroom enclosures to choose from, getting the right one for the right price can be like finding a needle in a hay-sack.

    Being a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and the selling point of your home, your bathroom should be topnotch. A fusion of modern, stylish, and functional design.

    Best Shower Door

    The art of fancy that shower doors give for bathroom Décor

    Choosing the Best Shower Door Is Not a Piece of Cake for your bathroom can seem like a daunting task whether you’re remodeling an old bathroom or a new one. But it shouldn’t be so. You would be amazed at the difference and style beautiful shower doors infuse into your bathroom. That is if you get it right.

    They give you full enclosure

    Imagine! You just finished having a warm shower and you’re relishing going on a movie date with this sweet person you just met. The first step you take out of the shower lands you in a puddle of water that almost trips you. Your mood is changed and you feel horrible. A shower door can prevent all these. There’s no fear of water escaping the bath and tripping you. Which is a very big relief.

    They help you utilize spaces

    Don’t have enough space in your bathroom? Still cool! Spacing is always a big concern for homeowners who go for shower curtains because they feel shower doors wouldn’t fit. Wrong! Whether you’re using a few inches bathroom or converting a nook, closing your bath will not occupy more space. Modern bathroom designs have small bathrooms which can be maximized to give the illusion of space. With the right flooring, mirrors, ventilation, and lighting, even the smallest bathroom can be made to look bigger.

    Types and designs of shower doors

    Often, shower doors are not given the attention they are due and often taken for granted. From the type to the characteristics. You should know that all shower doors are not the same. There are a lot of shower door types and designs you have to choose from.

    Sliding doors: take up little space

    It is my opinion that sliding doors are the most common type of shower doors out there. Also known as bypass doors and consisting of two or three panels sliding past each other on tracks at the bottom and top of the shower unit. Their popularity is mainly due to the fact that they take up little space compared to other types and are perfect for corner showers standing alone.

    Pivot doors: swing inward and outward for convenience

    Another very common type of shower door is Pivot doors that open outward from only one side and are usually used where there is little space. Unique is the way that they swing both in and out giving a feeling of class and style.

    Round doors: perfect for corner and creates larger space

    Round doors often give the illusion of space in your bathroom. The doors are curved and made to open inwards which makes the bathing area become larger. They are also perfect for corner stand-alone showers and often attached to the top and bottom of a frame.

    Shower doors attachment types: framed vs frameless

    Shower doors are attached in two ways: framed and frameless doors. Framed shower doors are usually made of aluminum, and often have a track to collect water. The aluminum covering all the sides of the edges and sides protects the glass from damage. There is nothing as annoying as having water collect in the frame of your shower door.

    Frameless shower doors while more modern, are easier to clean and maintain. They have gained much popularity in recent years due to their modernity and contemporary feel in your homes. Frameless shower doors will do wonders for any size of a bathroom. But they are most ideal for smaller bathrooms and spaces.

    Types of Glass used for shower doors

    While most shower doors are made of glass, all glasses are not the same. The finishing, texture, and design are all that make a shower glass.

    Frosted Glass: To make blurred image across the glass

    Frosted glass with its unique smooth and soft nature is often used for shower doors to provide some level of privacy. Its texture blurs visibility. Although not completely, it is enough to give you and your spouse some privacy.

    Tinted Glass: Added privacy and versatility of color

    As the name implies, tinted glass comes in a variety of colors and transparency. Offering tones like bronze and gray, and the darker tones obstructing light to give you more privacy than frosted glass. If you want guaranteed privacy and some level of style, then tinted is the way to go.

    Hammered Glass: Beautiful design patterns that makes blur images of what’s inside

    Strange name right? Wait until you have a shower door made from hammered glass. Hammered glass is a beauty to behold in the bathroom. With indentations made on it to resemble hammered metal, the textures created transforms your shower door with some amazing visual effects when light passes through.

    Our recommendation

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