Coconix Leather Repair Kit Review – Is It Really Work?


    In recent times, leather has become a more used material to make products. This is because it makes things look beautiful and also it is durable. Leather has been used to make car seats, backpacks, shoes, jacket as well as couches. However, one great disadvantage with leather material is that it becomes a little hectic when it is cut, worn out, torn or even scratched. This is the reason why you should look for the best leather repair kit. In this article, you will have the Coconix leather repair kit review that is among the best in the market.

    Remember that leather products are very expensive and so it can be annoying to see them wearing out completely. This problem is now over as the Coconix repair kit is now available at an affordable price. It comes with different colors which you will mix perfectly to come up with a color that will blend with your product.

    Coconix Leather Repair Kit Review

    Coconix Leather Repair Kit Review Details




    3.84 pounds


    6.5 x3.8 x0.4 inches

    Base compounds:




    Coconix Leather repair kit comprises of a guide that gives step by step instructions on how to use in order to achieve excellent results. You are provided with simple guidelines on how to repair different damages. Just follow them keenly so successful outcome. With this upholstery repair kit you will be able to achieve the best finish on your upholstery leather products.

    This makes it easy to use so that even beginners can repair leather items perfectly. This is a great performance kit that repair damaged or worn out leather seats. It helps to make a worn leather couch to look new.

    7 Compounds

    Coconix leather and vinyl repair kit comes with 7 compounds that allows for easy mixing to come up with any light or dark colors. In each bottle there is 4 ounces of a base compound that helps you to purchase even on tight budget and do the necessary repair. You can be able to get several leather colors like orange, black, purple, white, gray, beige, cream, blue, red, maroon and many more.

    Ease of Use

    You just need to read instructions carefully to come up with a perfect color. There are several tips provided in the E-book that will help you to match colors perfectly. With all these products, you will be able to fix both small and medium sized tears easily.

    The leather couch repair kit requires very simple restorations. Whether it is for a burn hole, rip, peeling, crack, scratch and tear, refurbishing and also refinishing practices, you will be sure to get good results. To use this kit, you do not require any heat, tape, paint, putty, patches, dye or glue as there are enough compounds for a large patch.

    Safe to Use

    The base compounds are safe to use and causes no health effects. Whether you want to repair synthetic, premium upholstery, old genuine leather, imitation or faux products, Coconix is the best kit to use.

    Money Saving Tips

    In the E-book you will get some tips on how you should take care of your leather or vinyl furniture to avoid any tear, scratch or damage. This will help you to cut the maintenance costs and you will increase their durability.

    Important Features:

    • Instruction videos plus free E-books
    • Great color match and easy application
    • Fast dry formula, no stickiness
    • 100% satisfaction
    • Personalized repair guidance


    • Long lasting and ease of use
    • Perfect for small burns and rips
    • Fixes blemishes giving excellent end results
    • Easy to understand instructions
    • Ideal for all goatskin materials


    • Colors are available in small amounts
    • Its time consuming to mix tints


    Q1. Is Coconix Leather Repair Kit Really Works?

    Ans:  Absolutely. However you need to know that the Coconix leather kit will not restore your product fully to look like before. However, you will be able to apply different techniques that will blend any damaged part and hide it. The repair will grow fainter over time since it will get less grubby making it difficult to notice. For the Coconix to work perfectly ensure you clean the leather product thoroughly to avoid the bases from sticking to a dirty part which could lead to faster peeling off the application.

    Q2. Is Coconix Leather Repair Kit Costly?

    Ans:  No, Coconix leather kit is very affordable to purchase. Actually it is among the cheapest leather repair kits in the markets. This makes is quite affordable as it is less costly.

    Q3. Do You Think This Would Work On The Dashboard?

    Ans: Yes, Coconix works perfectly on dashboards. Just clean the area using a damp cloth plus water and mild soap. Apply the coconix compound onto the damaged surface to fill the gap. Apply grain paper then paint the dashboard. Heat the grain paper and apply Coconix finish. This will repair a cracked leather dashboard to look like new.

    Final Verdict

    Coconix products provide you will a manual on how to use coconix leather repair kit effectively. You will therefore have an easy time to do any kind of repair. This makes it to be one the top rated leather kits in the market. In addition, it comes with a very affordable price and it offers great performance. In case you have any leather product in your house, Coconix leather repair kit is a must have.

    It is better to repair than to let your expensive and highly treasured leather item get damaged fully. Proper maintenance is the most important thing to do with any leather product. In case of any small damage, I hope after going through the coconix leather repair kit review, it will be easy to repair your item for longer serving time.

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