Five Common Myths About Purchasing Hunting Land


    If you are a first-time buyer planning on purchasing a hunting property and want to get to the truth about your purchase. A land professional expert can help you get the real facts about the land you are investing in.

    Common Myths About Purchasing Hunting Land

    Myth #1 Investing Is All About Purchasing The Most Attractive Piece Of Land

    If you are aiming to purchase a motor vehicle would you base your buying decision on the color of the car? That limits your choice. The land that you are purchasing may look attractive to you - but the more important issue is whether or not it is attractive to the wildlife that you will be hunting. Does it have food that they would be attracted to - and are there sufficient water sources?

    Wildlife also needs adequate cover in order for it to enjoy a sense of security. The old saying about location, location, location is also true. Chat to your potential neighbors and find out more about the land - is there pending development that will affect the value and utility of your property?

    Myth #2 Ignore Open Land For Hunting Purposes

    If you are truly committed you may have to make improvements to the property so that animals will be attracted to it. Visit for everything you will need. You can save money by buying a less desirable property - at least up front, but you will be spending money on compact shrubs and lush grasses to provide cover

    Myth #3 Land Values Always Trend Upward

    Demand for your land can fluctuate. Before you make that purchase check the trends as far as appreciation is concerned. Surrounding properties may provide a clue. it's a good rule of thumb to expect appreciation, but that's nowhere near an ironclad certainty. You can go some way to ensuring that the and does appreciation value by (for instance) making improvements and investing in land that is an area where values are increasing.

    One of the savviest moves you can make is to consult a Land Consultant. These qualified experts are fully informed about your specific area. Remember, actually making use of the land, investing in improvements, and looking long term can be more rewarding than simply viewing it as a financial investment (or putting your money into a 401k).

    The most important thing you can do to ensure the property you are purchasing is a good investment is to Find A Land Consultant who is a qualified expert in your market. Taking ownership, using, and investing in the value of your land can bring more pleasure than monitoring the performance of stocks or retirement fun.

    Myth #4 Making The Right Decision Is Simple

    Making the correct decision means being informed. Do the research and apply your mind to the due diligence exercise. Become familiar with zoning restrictions for instance. Know the habits of the animals you are targeting. Take a long hard look at the features of the land those influence just how successful your hunting experience will be.

    Once again - input from neighbors can be invaluable, they will know about the requirement for successful wildlife management. If they are also hunters their input about the harvest can be even more valuable.

    Myth #5 Buying Land Is Boring And Time-Consuming

    You don't have to become an overnight expert before purchasing your hunting land. An area real estate agent can help you get the information you need to make an informed decision. Find an advisor with a track record of success and a reputation for trustworthiness. Liaise with a local land expert. A qualified professional can be identified by using the Realtors Land Institute’s 'Find A Land Consultant' online search tool. 

    It's all about attitude and focus. With the right mindset searching for your ideal piece of hunting paradise can be fun. It's about the journey - not only the final destination. Take pleasure in the process - and anticipate the sheer joy of owning that perfect piece of land. Look forward to the company of friends as you enjoy the great outdoors and your chosen sport. May your hunting days be fruitful.

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