Convert Files to Different Formats With These 5 Easy-to-Use Tools


    File conversion is a function computer users perform from time to time. This is essential because a file format compatible with one platform might not work so well for the next. To convert files, you don’t have to start transferring said files from scratch; file converters can help you. 

    If you have to transfer large files from one form to another, you may want to find the best online file converters available. The most effective systems can get your data from various formats and then compress them into a single file. There are several types of these programs, which all perform a similar function. Here are a few;

    5 Helpful Tools Convert Files To Different Formats

    Convert Files to Different Formats


    PDFBear is one of the fastest and most cost-effective solutions for converting your PDF documents into other word processing formats. Apart from PDF to Word, you can also convert PDF to Excel and similar formats. For the proper procedure of converting the pdf documents, all you have to do is follow the easy step-by-step process indicated on the site. 

    Go to PDFBearsite from any browser. Select the file that you want to convert from your computer. Allow the conversion to occur; after it is done, your document is now ready for download. If you are not satisfied with the result, then you have to repeat the whole process. 

    PDFBear has proved to be reliable as far as automated converting is concerned. You can save time while working. Moreover, PDF bear deletes the files uploaded in its system within 1hr to ensure users’ privacy.

    2.Foxit PDF Editor

    Foxit PDF Editor has proved to be a very safe, reliable application which enables you to edit and convert PDF files. The editor also allows one-click upload of the PDF file, which can be done by selecting the "convert” option in the menu.

    The Foxit pdf editor has various tools for PDF conversion. Apart from the fact that the editor allows easy conversion of PDF files, it supports different languages like German, French, and Italian. 

    It is one of the best software applications when one desires to convert PDF files into other word processing applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. Foxit is capable of running on both the Mac and the Windows platforms. To convert pdf files, you must download this software. A catch, however, is that it comes at a price. Users have the option of paying a one-time fee of $179 or $16.99 monthly. 

    3.Cloud Convert

    CloudConvert is a powerful file converter, and it allows you to convert PDF, DOC, JPEG, and many more files to a different file format.  One of the advantages of using this application is that you can run it in batch processing mode, which is especially useful for large projects. It is a high-speed, efficient, and user-friendly software that most companies use for different conversion needs. 

    You can also use cloud convert to convert audio, video, spreadsheets,s and presentations. With the help of this software, you can easily convert any file format from any source to a new file format. It has an easy user interface that gives you directions and steps to follow as you use it. You can directly add files from cloud storage tools like google drive and dropbox.


    Convertio is a fantastic file conversion tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It's simple to use, very fast, and accurate. The best part is that you can convert almost any file type in this great program! Convertio currently supports 300+ file formats. All you need to do is drop your file on the page, click on the convert button and wait for the process to finish. It supports almost all the significant conversions that you might need on your computer. It comes with three pricing plans, light, basic and unlimited. 

    If you are looking for a simple yet potent conversion utility, you should try out this tool.


    AltoPDF is a free PDF converter that converts documents into different formats. You can upload your desired files from cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and others. No registration or installation is required. Once you click on the site, you can start converting right away. When you are done, you have the option of downloading your converted file to your computer. You can also export it through email or any of the cloud-based storage systems. 

    It offers a 7-days free trial so you can thoroughly test the site, there is also a free version, but you would have to deal with ads. AltoPDF has converted a total of 10million plus files to date. In addition to conversion, you can also merge, edit and sign PDF.

    What to Look for in a Conversion Tool

    When looking for the best online file converters, you should pay attention to how easy the program is to use. You will want a program that will be simple for even a newbie to use. This is why it is always recommended that you do some research before buying a particular program to find the best one. 

    You should also consider how user-friendly the program is, especially if there are specific steps that you are not sure of. It should also be compatible with major operating systems. You should make sure that your file converter will open quickly and without any interruption.


    Online file converters are becoming more popular as people realize how useful they can be. Even if you only need to convert a small amount of data from one format to another, you will want to invest in an excellent converter so that your files can easily be transferred to different computers or uploaded to websites. It is much easier to protect your confidential information when you use an online file converter to protect your information. 

    You will also find that this type of software makes sharing documents much easier, especially if you are often required to share documents with multiple people. Most of these sites have a free version. However, you would have to pay to unlock higher features.

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