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    We are living in a world where almost everyone is driving or owns a car. When it comes to car tires are one of the essential parts that every vehicle needs to operate smoothly. Crosswind tires review are some of the best tires you will find on the market today.

    If you are on a budget and still don't want to compromise on quality, then these tires are for you. This brand offers decent Tires at an affordable price. In case you have not come across them yet this article will take you through two of its best tires. We have covered most of what makes crosswind one of the best tire brands you will find on-the-market.

    Below Are Two Of Their Popular Crosswind Tires Review

    crosswind tires review

    1.Crosswind HP010 All- Season Radial Tire




    29.1 pounds


    30× 30× 10 inches



    Aspect ratio:


    Section width:


    The crosswind hp010 model comes in a wide range of sizes which start from 14 inches to 18 inches. These tires are ideal for vans, sedans, coupes, and even compacts. Aside from that, they are M&S rated, meaning they are all-season traction performing tires. They are ideal for use during any harsh weather conditions. Also, the 1-year free road hazard Protection Program will save you from worries of quality.

    All crosswind hp010 models come with a solid center rib. This feature increases the tires handling stability as well as responsiveness. Furthermore, the wide circumferential grooves will minimize hydroplaning by effectively evacuating water.

    Additionally, if you are looking for tires that can allow comfort and any minimal Road noise, then this model will work for you. The Symmetrical optimized tread design will significantly improve your riding comfort. The tires also come with a 45000-mile treadwear warranty. You will also get a replacement of material plus quality for free in the first 10/32 inches of tread wear.

    Important Features

    • The tires come with a solid center rib.
    • They feature wide circumferential grooves.
    • Crosswind hp010 models are in sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches.
    • They are M&S rated and are all-season performing tires.
    • They come with an optimized tread pattern.


    • They provide a comfortable, quiet ride on the highway.
    • They offer great tractions as well as a confident grip on the surface.
    • They reduce hydroplaning.
    • These tires feature highly angled Centre tread blocks.


    • At 50 miles per hour, the noise from the tires didn't impress some users.

    2.Crosswind A/T all-season Radial Tires




    55.9 lbs


    25× 25× 13 inches

    Rim diameter:

    16 inches



    Section width:


    The crosswind a/t tires are ideal for passenger vehicles, light trucks, medium radial vehicles, and SUVs. They are specially made for light vehicle use as well as leisure driving. They are all-season performance tires meaning they can work during any season all year round regardless of the weather. These crosswind tires are available in 15 inch to 20-inch sizes. They also include a limited warranty for the first 2/32" of treadwear.

    They come with a self-cleaning feature meaning they will expel mud or even snow in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the tires are designed to offer both the driver and passenger a comfortable ride. They are economical and fuel-efficient tires.

    These tires come with a 50000-mile limited mileage warranty. That's not all you will also get a free 1-year Road Hazard Protection Program. Aside from the protection Program, they come with a large tread lug which will ensure a tight grip on the road surface.

    Important Features

    • They come with a noise reduction design.
    • These tires also come with wide-angle grooves.
    • The tires also feature large tread lug.
    • They come with a self-cleaning design.


    • They are economical and fuel-efficient.
    • The tires offer a comfortable ride to both the driver and passenger.
    • They also come with an open shoulder tread design.
    • These tires perform well during any season all year round.
    • They are affordable.


    • There was nothing that customers were disappointed with.

    What Makes Crosswind Tires A Great Option?

    Crosswind Tires

    Crosswind tires are among the four leading tire brands from Linglong Company. Who makes crosswind tires? You may have asked yourself that question several times. Shandong linglong Co Ltd manufactures Linglong crosswind tires. Their headquarters are found in China.

    The fact that they are made in China should not be a turn-off for you. You will get to know why in a moment. First, you need to put aside the inferior thinking that most products from China are of low quality hence their low prices. If it makes you feel better, you must know that Linglong Company has been in the business for over 40 years and have a subsidiary in the USA.

    The reason these tires are among the best brands is due to several reasons. Below we have compiled some of these factors.


    Any customer will be pleased when they purchase a product of quality at a reasonable price. Linglong understands this, and that is why they make the best quality tires which will give you value for your money. Each tire model they create is of top-notch quality, and they reach the consumers at reasonable prices.

    Some other brands, for example, the American tire brands, can't meet both quality and affordability. Meeting best American standards and at the same time offering at low prices is very challenging for most of those brands. This factor has dramatically helped linglong crosswind tires to be among the best brands. You will surely get value for your money with these tires.


    You usually can tell the best brands from their competition due to their thoughtful and various range of models. Crosswind is no exception. The best thing is that they have got a wide range of tire models which can be used on different vehicles. For example, they have light truck tires, SUV tires, and medium radial truck tires, among others.

    That's not all you will also get steer, trailer, Drive, mixed, and all positions service patterns. With an entire line of eco tires which come with a low rolling resistance feature just like premium brands, you can never go wrong with these tires.


    Ling long in Chinese translate to exquisite meaning, they are dedicated to creating the best quality products. Their tires are made in the best facilities with the supervision of a skilled, competent team whose goal is to give you top-quality durable.

    The company conducts product performance testing for its American market. Therefore, you will surely get optimal value as well as satisfaction with these tires. If you still need assurance of quality then the Warranty which bucks each crosswind tire will guarantee that.


    We had mentioned before that the fact that these tires are made in China should not be a turn off for you. Well, this is where we get to prove that. Linglong Company is not just any company. Most crosswind tires are manufactured from Thailand which was the first international facility they opened in 2013.

    Ling long achieved over 60 national standards, and it has over 300 patents making it rank among the top three tire manufacturers in China. If you are looking for a reliable tire replacement, then look no further. You will be glad to learn that ling long also supplies tires some of the best car brands like Volkswagen, Tata, Ford, Hyundai, Tenant-Nissan, among others.

    Car Tire Maintenance Tips

    Ensure proper tire air pressure. Endeavour to always check your tire pressure regularly. This will eliminate poor performance from the tires. Inadequate air pressure in the tires can impair the performance, especially during cold seasons. When you see that the air pressure is not adequate, make sure to put the right one before going for a drive.

    Inspect the tires regularly. Sometimes tires get punctures or any other damage without you even realizing it. A simple car inspection can alert you on the condition of the tires. Finding the problem early can enable you tires fixed or replaced in time.

    Car Tire Maintenance Tips

    Keep in mind your tire load index. Overloading the tires can lead to overheating and other damages. Different tires are meant to withstand specific weights. Therefore, it is wise to check with your manufacturer's manual to see your tire limit.

    Do not drive too fast. Driving at high velocities can take a toll on your tires. Try to always drive at moderate speeds so that you can increase the lifespan of your tires.

    Have your tires rotated after a specific period of time. This can decrease the chances of your tires getting damaged easily. You can choose to have them rotated every once or twice in two years. Increase on their lifespan.

    What Most Customers Love About Crosswind Tires?

    Crosswind Tires

    Most users were amazed by the fact that these tires are reliable and Powerful enough to work-in harsh weather conditions. They are high quality and high-performing tires which can be got without having to blow up your savings. Several customers who have been using the tires for years were fully satisfied with the strength and durability of the tires. These users also say that once you follow the most crucial car tire maintenance tips, the tires usually serve you for a very long time.

    Some users were also just impressed with the elegant stunning look of the tires. They say that this crosswind tires blended well with their vehicles. The self-cleaning feature on the crosswind a/t tires is also an excellent feature that most customers love. This is because even after use in muddy environments, the tire remains clean.

    What Some Customers Found Disappointing With The Crosswind Tires

    When it came to the crosswind hP010, some users claim that the noise from the tires was annoying when they were driving at 50 miles per hour. However, these tears come with a noise reduction design which can only be defective if the tires have a problem.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Is Road Hazard Damage?

    Road hazard damage is the damage which occurs when the tire fails. It can be as a result of a puncture, bruise or even a break which can happen during normal driving.

    With the crosswind tires, you will get a one-year free Protection Program from Road hazard damage. This dramatically adds to the quality of the tires.

    2. What Is The Difference Between A P-metric And LT?

    A P-metric or metric tire is one made especially for passenger cars, some SUVs, some light trucks, and crossovers. On the other hand, an LT tire is one made, especially for light trucks. This type of tire is usually able to carry higher loads than the P metric tire.

    When you want to replace a tire on any light truck, you must see to it that the size and load range will allow equal or even higher carrying capacity. LT tires need higher air pressure to carry loads equivalent to metric tires.

    3.  What Is Plus Sizing?

    Plus sizing is the increase in the rim diameter from the actual fitment while maintaining the same entire tire diameter without affecting your car's performance negatively when you want to get a different tire size on your existing room that is called plus zero fitments.

    1. Where Are Crosswind Tires Made?

    Linglong crosswind tires are made in China and Thailand. The Ling long company has production facilities in Zhaoyuan City, Dezhou, and Liuzhou China. The facility in Thailand produces high-performance radial passenger tires, light truck and truck bus tires.


    We can confidently say that crosswind tires sit among the other tire manufacturing giants. If you are in search of a high-quality and affordable replacement tire, then you need to give these tires a try.

    Whichever car you own you will surely get a tire from ling long that will work for you and your vehicle. We hope crosswind tires review has given you more lightly on this tire brand. Now all you have to do is to go out there and get yourself one of the best tire Brand on the market.

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