How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw Safely


    In this article, we’re going to discuss how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw. The tree can be near your house or in a forest and anywhere. No reason to be worried because we’re going to provide a complete guide on how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw safely.

    There are a few steps and techniques that you should follow for cutting down a tree with a chainsaw safely. And you have to check your chainsaw chain if it is perfect or not for getting a good performance while cutting. If you want to change or buy a new chain check here to get the best chainsaw chain for getting good performance.

    Without any further delay let’s have a look at what should you do first.
    • You have to know about the chainsaw parts and safety features
    • Safety gear
    • Check chain tension
    • Bar and chain oil
    How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw

    How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw: Step-By-Step Guideline

    Felling a tree with a chainsaw is easy if you know how to do that. Here we’re going to provide you all the methods on how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw easily. So, follow all the tips and ideas with methods for felling a tree with a chainsaw. And safety priority is the first step because safety is the most important for any work.

    Step 1: Safety Equipment

    Before using the chainsaw you should wear protective equipment so that you can get rid of any injury. So, wear a helmet to protect your head, ear, and face. To protect yourself from sudden flying things wear eyeglasses and wear protective clothes like chaps clothes and shoes. Hands glove also needed for saving yourself.

    First of all, be familiar with the chainsaw parts and check out how to use and maintain a gas chainsaw and know how to apply bar and chain oil.

    Step 2: Prepare The Chainsaw

    Before you begin check all the features of the chainsaw whether everything is properly fitted or not for working with good performance. Besides check, the chain is not loose and go to start your work after taking a quick inspection.

    If your chainsaw is powered by gas, you may know it uses two-stroke fuel so you’ll need a mix blend and not just a can of regular gas. Costing $30 you may premixed ethanol-free fuel blend because it has a 2-year plus shelf life. Keep your bar oil full and the chainstays lubricated.

    Step 3: Before The Start

    This article also will be helpful for those who are searching about how to use a chainsaw for beginners with tips and methods. The first method is to place the saw on the ground, with a level surface, and place your right foot through the rear handle. Keep the machine steady and hold the handlebar securely with your left hand. Use the right hand to engage the chain brake to make sure the chain won't move until you're going to be ready to start the cutting tree.

    If you're an experienced chainsaw user then on the surface you can hold the handle without good footing. But you should use the chainsaw manually like holding the rear handle between your legs and the behind the knee area. According to your support of the left knee grab the handlebar with your left hand and keep the handle behind your right knee with your arm straight out.

    Step 4: Pick A Direction

    Pick the direction of the down tree for felling in the right place. Survey the area where the tree will be going to fell and you should feel confident that any kind of injury won’t happen. To protect the tree structure and damage the figure of the tree surveying place is important.  Figure out the direction where the tree you want to fell and make sure that any people is not careless standing or working in this area.

    Step 4: Leaning One Direction

    While you’re cutting the tree notice if the felling direction is being natural or not. Measure how many leaning the tree for felling down and if you notice it is not leaning right options then you have to change your cutting portion. Change the cutting direction and move towards the left side or right side. Changing cutting portion cause of felling down the tree exactly where you want to place the tree.

    Step 4: Measure The Tree And Fall Zone

    The tree either small or medium-sized no matter but you should measure the tree where it is going to fell. This is because if you measurement the fall zone then unwanted kind of accidents or injuries will be automatically protected. Tall trees are not measurable so making your best guess by eyeballing them you can measure the path or if there are streets. If you make a plan earlier for cutting the small or tall trees then you can easily fell down any tree on the ground.

    Step 5: Clear The Area Around The Tree

    Before starting the job, you need to clear the area around the tree to get rid of any kind of hazards. Ensure the safety matter and maintain the good clearance distance of the getaway path. Clear all the debris and other obstacles.

    Step 6: Remove Low Branches

    When you’re ready to cut down the tree, at first you should start to cut from the down mean remove all the low branches. Using the chainsaw holding on the shoulder height or lower remove the lower branches so that lower branches can’t bother you anymore.

    Removing the lower branches will help you to eliminate any close snapping wood. Also, cutting lower branches and avoid the cut anything higher than your shoulder are the safety tips to get rid of any injuries. You should keep good control capability of the chainsaw.

    Step 7: Cut The Notch

    If you found the tree notch at the cutting point, then you should start to cut below the notch. Or, if you are bound to cut through the notch then firstly remove the notch by cutting and then start to cut smoothly.

    Step 8: Finish The Cut

    Operate your chainsaw very carefully and be aware of kickback injuries. Here is one thing you should know for how to fell a tree with a chainsaw the face cuts are. One type of cut called the notch cut and the other is ground cut. Whatever type you want to cut firstly you should maintain the rules of the cut.

    Like if you get to cut the notch then you should cut lower branches and the notch. And if you get to cut from the ground level then operate the saw properly. Maintain the left-handed method and right-handed method cutting. If you’re a right-handed chainsaw user then hold the handlebar with the left hand and if you’re a right-handed user then use the right hand to hold the chain saw and cut properly. But you can also take help of any tree removal services for that. There are many tree removal services available ex. "Tree removal service in Leander".


    Lastly, hope now you know how to operate a chainsaw and cut down a small or big tree. Following all the above steps and methods, you can cut down trees properly. Besides, if you want to buy a new chainsaw or chainsaw chain, buy a new one and get a better result and better performance.

    Also, this page is dedicated to chainsaws users and after reading all the steps anybody can operate the chainsaw machine. Furthermore, now you know how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw. You may find out another model chainsaw that is a good size for cutting trees. Hope this article on cutting a tree with a chainsaw will be helpful and good luck with your chainsaw.

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