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    As a hunter or enthusiast, you know that the potential to hit the zero is only possible with excellent optics. Many shooters swear on having ultra-expensive brand scope believing that cheaper can't do any better. That can go beyond the debate measure because we cannot argue that expensive products are higher hybrids. But how good or how much worse can cheap scopes be?

    Is a range like CVLIFE 6-24*50 merely a piece of paraphernalia that is better left in the trash? And how capable, can the optics be mounted on your rifle? These are some of the queries we are going to address. Let have a closer look. You will be surprised to find out that the technical specs of the CVLIFE scope go hand in hand if not matching some of the expensive models. Without much ado, let us explore to find out more about CVLIFE Scopes review. Stay put to analyze the guide.

    CVLIFE Scopes Review

    CVLIFE Scopes Review







    Eye Relief:

    3.52 Inches



    Exit Pupil:



    This feature may be very new in the CVLIFE Scope, but it does exceptionally well. The feature is also active in CVLIFE 3-9*40 Power Scope though it is much useful in CVLIFE 6-24*50. The water-resistant element is essential to any tactical riflescope. There should be no limitations whatsoever for a sniper rifle shooter when using a rifle. A shooter should be in a position to use it everywhere and in any weather conditions. That is why the CVLIFE riflescope comes with a waterproof feature to ensure that your shooting trips won't be cut short by rainy seasons. I believe such functionality should be the initial evaluation of any riflescope to estimate its performance level.

    Stylish Design

    If you look at this scope, you will quickly fall in love with it at first sight. It is so beautiful, mesmerizing, and something unique to stare on and own. A tactical and pretty buildup is the pinpoint for this scope because it attracts everybody around you and makes you the pinnacle center of attraction within a few moments. Coming up with such a smart design without compromising the performance is not something easy. You either have one or lose the other. However, CVLIFE scope comes with a clarity image, powerful zoom, and fantastic performance that can compete favorably with the supermodels. That means the scope owns the respect in its segment quality-wise.

    Shockproof and Fog Proof

    Imagine owning a scope that is not only water-resistant but also shockproof and fog proof. The feeling is so marvelous. For a rifle scope to reach the lofty heights, the latter should be real if not perfect. That why you need to go through the since it can guard you against harsh weather and, at the same time giving you accuracy necessary for the success of your trips. For us to term these rifles as either excellent or inefficient, they should be in a position to offer what we believe is right.  Speaking about the scope being shockproof, you will not suffer any form of a sudden burst of electrical impact or shock caused mostly by malfunctioning of the scope. Even if the scope gets some technical issues, the internal package of the system will absorb the shock.

    Larger Magnification

    CVLIFE hunting rifle scope 6-24*50 is most popular than other optics from its family. But why is so yet they all come from one manufacturer? Here is the answer. CVLIFE 6-24*50 scope comes with an extreme magnification of 6-24x. Optimal Magnification is the answer to all problems and shortcomings relating to accuracy issues. A good riflescope will offer you maximum Magnification to make it easy for you to aim the zero without creating a sensation in your eyes. CVLIFE is a distinct compact model, one of the initial you should consider for your hunting trips. However, you should not expect much when it comes to adjusting the base. That reputation goes to other supermodels.

    Red/Green Grid

    Just like supermodels out there, CVLIFE optics also comes with red/green dot to help improve your accuracy. Though there is a limitation in the number of brightness settings, CVLIFE offers us something that we can smile. Most CVLIFE optics come with five brightness settings allowing you to adjust the level of brightness. This optics maybe not the best choice for the dark environment, but they are a perfect choice for the day and can serve you well no matter what kind of day illumination you are experiencing.

    Moreover, you can choose between green and red dots to suit your taste and preference.

    5500-6500 hours CR 2032 Batteries

    CVLIFE scopes are best known for long-lasting batteries adding an extra flavor to the whole performance. Though CR 2032 batteries are most common in 2.5-10*40e optics, they are also popular among 6-24*50 scope series. You will get a set of CR 2032 for the grid and CR 123 for the laser. I think having duo batteries is very impressive since there is an assurance of durability and an extended period of operation without having to carry multiple chargers. Another fantastic fact is that these batteries are ubiquitous, so whenever they wear off, you can replace them from nearby dealers.

    Duo mounts - Easily adjustable

    We could not finish the guide without having to mention the large attachment of mounts in the CVLIFE scope. The beginning of the success story of any scope manufacturer is the ability to offer mount that anyone can adjust without complications. Speaking of cvlife hunting rifle scope, you will get 11 millimeters and 20-millimeter duo mounts. These mounts are very similar to those found to other members of CVLIFE scopes. Interestingly, most of the features we get on 6-24*50 ranges are the same features we get in other CVLIFE products such as 2.5-10*40e and 4*32 compact riflescope.


    • Exceptional operational riflescope with impressive buildup extras that comes at an affordable price.
    • Amazing glass clarity with changing colors and more brightness settings.
    • No trouble aiming the zero due to the fantastic Magnification that allows you to focus to 10 yards.
    • You can mount it correctly on your AR rifle and hit the target as well.
    • The zoom comes with unbelievable green and red dot with a blend of black crosshairs.
    • Consistent with your shooting skills.


    • The reticle can easily spin while you are shooting
    • Less customer service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    a) What does 6-24*50 mean on a scope?

    Before we answer the question, we should ask ourselves what numbers mean on a scope. Figures on a rifle scope may look a bit confusing, but you can easily read and understand them. Suppose the name written on the scope is, 6-24*50 mm. These numbers show three things. First, 6 is the minimum Magnification of the optics. That means that you cannot adjust the scope less than 6mm. Second, 24 is the maximum Magnification of the scope. You cannot magnify the scope above this limit since it is the maximum level. Last but not the least, 50mm shows the diameter of the objective lens. The first two numbers represents the zooming range of the riflescope. For the above scope, you can zoom in between the range of 6x and 9x Magnification. You cannot extend such an adjustable zoom since it is fixed.

    b) Are CYLIFE Scopes any good?

    This question may vary with a diverse number of users of CVLIFE scopes. Considering that CVLIFE has several series of scopes, we as well look at their functionality to come up with the answer to such a question. CVLIFE optics is well known for durability and Excellency when carrying out duties. At the same time, CVLIFE products are easily accessible anywhere for anyone.  Furthermore, you will not regret buying the scope since it will suit well in a wide variety of sniper rifle brands. You will need the exact quality and visibility of a power scope with a fantastic adjustment that CVLIFE scopes. Though the scopes may give you some slight challenges when keeping the zero but are something, everyone can improve. CVLIFE Scopes are an excellent choice for affordability.

    c) Is CYLIFE a good brand?

    CVLIFE will give you products at a very reasonable price. Though some of the hybrids scopes may surpass CYLIFE in functionality and performance, CVLIFE is an excellent brand to consider when stuck with the idea of what you need to choose. CVLIFE scopes are lightweight, smart look and offer you optimal brightness. CVLIFE is a good brand for versatility and an ideal price.

    Final Thoughts

    With high-quality functionality, flexible use, duo rail mount, and a very affordable price tag, CVLIFE riflescope is a great purchase that no one can afford to miss. The scopes are so sweet and pleasant to stare at and offer your professional colleagues with as a gift. The robust design makes the riflescope user-friendly, and as a result, many consider it for deer hunting. Besides, the adjustments of the optics are trouble-free to do. In general, the scope is the best choice extended range scope, which will fix your shooting problem. You will not find better optics with a price range like that of CVLIFE. If you are ready to spend a lot of money for the same performance, this scope is the best choice for you! Hope you love this CVLIFE Scopes Review.

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