The Importance Of Diet And Supplements For Dog Arthritis Relief


    Dogs of any age can suffer from arthritis and joint problems.

    You may be concerned about dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), or other growth problems if your dog is young. Osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the joints) is nearly regarded normal in elderly dogs. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is caused by cartilage deterioration - the smooth, flexible tissue that protects the ends of bones. Cartilage works as a stress absorber; without it, bone would literally rub against bone, causing discomfort, mobility loss, inflammation, and a lower quality of life.

    Stiffness while getting up or lying down, limping, slowing down on walks, apparent discomfort of pain after exercise, or a reluctance to leap or climb steps are all signs of osteoarthritis. These indicators may be subtle and easy to overlook, or they may be dismissed as "simply old age." However, it's critical to spot them early so that therapy can begin to halt the progression and maintain your dog's quality of life.

    Dog Arthritis Relief

    There are three major areas to concentrate on:

    • Weight
    • Diet
    • Supplements


    Allowing your dog to become overweight is not a good idea!

    Your overweight pup may be adorable, but the excess weight he carries is endangering his health and increasing his risk of a variety of ailments. Excess fat causes inflammation in arthritis, which is a classic inflammatory illness.

    Furthermore, the added weight adds needless stress to your dog's already stiff and sore joints. This isn't a difficult task! As a result, the most important dietary advice is to maintain a healthy weight.


    If your dog has arthritis or other joint problems, a proper diet might make all the difference.

    Fresh salmon, sardines, and mackerel, which are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, are other excellent items to include in your dog's diet. Omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory that can help you move more freely in your joints. Omega 3 also benefits your dog's heart, eyes, and skin, which is a wonderful little extra.

    Although eggs and meat might cause inflammation, this does not mean you should not offer them to your dog; simply choose slimmer cuts.


    There are various Dog arthritis supplements that can assist your dog's arthritic symptoms in addition to a balanced diet.

    The most well-known are glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. They are cartilage's building blocks, and they appear to encourage the body to produce more cartilage and offer much-needed joint lubrication. Furthermore, chondroitin sulphate may reduce the activity of the enzyme that breaks down cartilage.

    Omega 3 fatty acids are abundant in fish body oil (EPA and DHA). These fatty acids have been shown to help control the immune system and minimise inflammation. Choose fish body oil rather than liver oil, which is abundant in vitamin A and D but poor in Omega 3.

    Finally, antioxidants like Vitamin E and Turmeric aid to reduce inflammatory reactions by assisting in the elimination of free radicals that cause cell death.

    Even if your dog has a touch of arthritis, there's no reason he can't live a long and happy life with a little care from you.

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