5 Major Differences Between Public And Private Golf Courses


    There are over 9,600 golf courses in America. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, an amateur, or a pro, there's a course out there that suits your needs.

    It's difficult to choose between a public or private course, but we're here to make that decision easier.

    Find The Key Differences Between Public And Private Golf Courses

    Differences Between Public And Private Golf Courses

    Benefits Of Public Golf Courses

    Public Golf Courses

    Public courses often get a bad reputation in the world of golf. There are a lot of great benefits of choosing public courses over private ones, though. Let's take a look at a few examples of these benefits. 

    No Expensive Fees

    One of the best benefits of a public course is that there's no pricy membership necessary to play. Public courses are often funded by the city or can sometimes be privately owned.

    Since you don't have to be a member to pay, you don't have to feel tied down to one course. Feel free to shop around and try different courses every weekend.

    Public courses allow you to pay as you play. You don't need to worry about hitting the greens often to squeeze the most out of your pricy membership.

    Great For Beginners

    Public golf courses are where some of the best golfers get their start. They are very beginner-friendly and you'll never have to feel like you need to perform well to play there.

    Public courses are laxer with things like dress codes, too. If you just want to dabble in the sport without a big commitment, public courses are the clear winner.

    Benefits of Private Golf Clubs

    Private Golf Courses

    If you take the sport a little more seriously, you'll love the benefits of joining a private golf club. Let's look at what you can expect when you become a member.

    Bonus Amenities

    While public courses also have amenities, they tend to be on the more basic side. Private clubs will have additional amenities that members can take advantage of. These include things like a luxury clubhouse and fine dining establishments.

    Better Courses

    Private clubs tend to cater to more serious players. The layout will often be more challenging as well as higher quality. Private clubs have artfully and professionally designed courses that are maintained meticulously.

    If you're ever curious about the course you're going to play, check out golf course ratings online. You can find the best public and private courses as well as what make them so great.


    Perhaps the best benefit of private clubs is the camaraderie that comes with joining a country club. There is a big emphasis on social interaction and community events that allow members to feel like family.

    Private courses often host events so prepare to fill your social calendar and meet new friends.

    Choose the Best Course For Your Needs

    You don't need to be a professional golfer to choose private golf courses over public. You can be a serious golfer and choose to stay with public courses over pricy private ones. The best course is the one you feel drawn to most.

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