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5 Different Massage Chairs And How They Help Your Body


    The most common problems which the world faces are stress and anxiety. These are the two silent killers that can destroy your sleep time, and as a result, it could lead to several physical problems in your bodies. Medical professionals warn that many diseases such as diabetes, pressure, chronic problem, skin diseases, obesity, and several other problems arise due to insufficient sleep. Our bodies need at least six to eight hours of sleep regularly to function properly, and any shortages will lead to consequences. For those who have a sleeping disorder, massage therapy came into the picture in providing exceptional comfort and rest, including the much-needed sleep for the body.

    If you can’t afford a professional massage therapist regularly, you can go for the solution of massage chair if you wanted to kick back and relax right from your home?

    Message chairs are designed to provide several benefits, and the most prominent of them is bringing the sheer convenience to enjoy massage right from the comfort of your home. We are bringing you with the five best massage chairs; so that you can have a clear idea about which massage chairs fit your purposes.

    Different Massage Chairs

    1. Full Body Massage Chairs

    Full Body Massage Chairs are one of the most relied chairs for massages. As the name says, it gives a full body massage to every part of your body. There are plenty of features which come along with this massage chair. These chairs cover your neck, shoulder, arms, legs, calves, and back providing a total blood circulation all over the body by relaxing your muscles. Slabway is the right chair for full body massage and you can read reviews on

    2. Heated Massage Chairs

    Heat therapy is an ancient form of treatment technique to deal with pain and soreness. You might think about whether there are options for including heat therapy in massage chairs? The rollers in the massage chair work in the process of heating up and brings the much-needed heat for your body while massaging. It is one of the most relaxing experiences which you can experience if you have pain or strain due to heavy works or travel.

    3. Air Massage chairs:

    Airbags in Air Massage Chairs provide a great compression massage when compared to the kneading and rolling which are offered in normal massage chairs through rollers. Whereas the airbags can induce and inflate around the area which needs to be massaged- like your arms, legs, and shoulders. The intensity varies concerning the number of airbags beings inflated. Since the compression technique is safe, and this works to enhance blood circulation throughout the body. Swelling and aching muscles feel much relaxed with air massage chairs. Improving blood flow to an area is also an essential way to help muscles to recover from an injury or sports, as blood carries oxygen and nutrients which will help the muscle to repair itself.

    4. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

    This is one of the most comfortable and most beneficial massage chairs available in the market. Zero gravity massage chairs are ideal for relieving one from joint aches, and pain felt throughout the body. It is really worth investing every penny of your money if you are going through prolonged back pains and spinal cord problems. The Ootori zero gravity chair features foot roller function and it is very user friendly.

    You can experience a great and similar posture like astronauts when they float around the space while using the incline feature on the Zero Gravity massage chairs. These features give an inversion therapy on the spine portion, which induces more blood flow and brings favourable circumstance for improving your general posture and also soothes your back. You could easily customize your massage by optimizing the speed and intensity of the massage nodes.

    5. Ottoman Massage Chair

    Ottoman chair is ideally known as the budget type of massage chairs as compared to the other types of chairs. Are you having a tight budget but still needs to have a massage chair then Ottoman massage chair would be an ultimate choice to make. Since it is a budget chair, it doesn’t mean that there is a compromise in the features. Ottoman massage chairs provide an exceptional level of comfort and also occupies less space than other chairs.

    More importantly, Ottoman chairs enable taller people to feel much comfortable with this unique massage chair. The majority of the taller people come across having discomfort with their massage chairs because they don’t have enough legroom or their headrest would be smaller to place their heads on it. Ottoman chairs fix these issues as one can extend the chair length further than the regular chairs can do.

    It is clear that massage chairs play a pivotal role in fixing the issues of the pain, soreness, and tiredness in your body and provides great comfort. Also, massage chair eases from depression and anxiety in your body by giving a regular blood flow throughout the body. It is highly recommended to have a thorough check-up on online before purchasing your massage chair as each chair has its own advantages which one needs to check what suits their needs.

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