What Are the Different Types of Lash Extensions That Exist Today?


    Celebrities always seem to have full-looking, gorgeous lashes. Want to know their secret? No, those aren't their natural lashes. So you don't have to get depressed about why you weren't blessed with gorgeous lashes like them.

    They're all wearing lash extensions, and you too can have that full, sexy, luxurious look. But first, you need to know the different types of lash extensions and which ones work best for you.

    Here's a comprehensive guide that'll get you one step closer to having the celebrity look wherever you go.

    Know Your Types of Lash Extensions

    Different Types of Lash Extensions

    First off, what are lash extensions? They're semi-permanent fibers that are applied one by one with specifically formulated non-eye irritating glue to compliment your natural lashes and enhance your eye shape.

    They come in three types:


    Silk lashes are thick and full, but also can be subtle. They won't irritate your eyes. However, you might need strong natural lashes to support silk extensions because they can be heavy on the eyelid.

    They give almost a matte-like look to your eye, unlike Mink lashes.


    Mink lashes come from the animal. They give a glossy look, and they are light on your eyes. However, they are controversial because of the animal cruelty factor.

    Luckily, they've come up with faux mink, an alternative to the real thing with all the same qualities. Mink tends to be thinner than the other types of extensions.


    These are usually thicker and darker than the other two and are often used for a bolder look. It is also another alternative to mink if you are allergic to dander.

    What's the Process?

    Now there isn't a difference in the length of time that each type will stay glued. They are about the same in this category.

    When looking to have lashes done, if it is your first time, go in for a consultation and have a licensed eyelash technician let you know what kind of eyelashes would be best for you. They should have the necessary lash extension supplies to take care of you.

    Installing eyelashes isn't a long or arduous process. All you need is about two hours of your time. If you have a technician that knows what they're doing, the process might not even take longer than an hour.

    Should You Worry About Glue?

    There is some concern about getting glue in your eyes during the installation. Luckily, this isn't something you have to worry about. Your eyes are closed the entire time, limiting the likelihood of this happening. When you have you lash extensions at home, if you make sure they are properly stored, then you won't have to worry about it.

    If it does though, your technician should be able to assist in remedying the situation. Be sure that the glue they use doesn't have any eye-damaging chemicals in it, such as formaldehyde.

    Different Type of Lash Extension

    Get Your Lash Extensions

    Knowing the different types of lash extensions is your first step to looking like a celebrity every day. You might not have their money, but you can look just as good. Get some extensions today.

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