Dirt Bike Cleaning 101: Here’s How to Do it Right


    You wake up, look at your bike and see how well-bathed your bad boy is in dust and mud. Not a good sight, is it?

    Although it may sound weird, a clean dirt bike is a statement that it has been well maintained and increases your confidence as you ride it.

    The fact is, it is important to clean your bike after each ride. However, it doesn't end there. After a long day of riding, dirt, mud, and muck can build up in places you might not expect. Also, it's common to take the bike apart and give some parts a thorough clean. 

    That way, you'll also spot any potential problems with the components that can give you a hard time in the near future.

    So, we have compiled a list of important dirt bike parts you can't ignore while cleaning your bike.

    Dirt Bike Cleaning

    Clean The Plastic Parts

    After a ride, the fenders, radiator shrouds and number plate, and side panels, need to be cleaned. Spray the fenders with your favourite detergent, and then use a power washer, a regular hose, and high-pressure steam to get rid of most dirt and mud. Use a good cleansing agent once the parts have dried.

    It protects the plastic and forms a layer of film that doesn't let mud and dirt accumulate on the bike's body during your next ride. This will make the next cleaning easier.

    Wash The Exhaust

    Wash bike Exhaust

    Before you start cleaning, make sure you are using a muffler plug to clean the exhaust. This is an easy part to clean as a power washer or a strong stream of water will work.

    You can always clean it with WD-40 or polish such as Pro Honda Glare. This will keep your exhaust looking new and prevent it from cracking or rusting.

    Grease & Clean The Suspension Linkage

    This cleaning step is about getting into the nitty-gritty of dirt bike cleaning, so pay attention! To clean and grease the suspension linkage, first remove it. 

    While you don't have to do this every time, it's a good idea to do it once per month if you go out on weekends. Apply grease and contact cleaner to get rid of any dirt buildup before installing it back.

    Degrease The Bearings

    Bearings are what make your dirt bike turn and spin smoothly. So, use a degreaser to clean them. The main bearings of your bike are the steering stem bearings and wheel bearings. Keeping them clean and properly lubricated will ensure optimal performance.

    Chain And Sprocket

    You can't imagine a clean dirt bike without the shining chain and sprocket system. This is an obvious task, as it's likely to be the next thing on your list after plastic parts cleaning.

    After each ride, the chain and sprocket should be cleaned and then lubricated. Grunge brushes can be great time-savers for cleaning your chain. A kit with supplies includes everything you need to prepare your chain and sprocket for the next ride.

    Clean The Engine Casings

    You've probably seen buildup around your car's engine if you have ever looked under its hood. The same can also happen around the engine casing of dirt bikes.

    Although it is not an immediate necessity, it is a good idea to clean it once a year. Some bikers soda blast their bikes using industrial-grade baking soda in a pressurised can. This cleans your bike by sandblasting it. It's fun, but the blaster is an additional expense.

    Otherwise, you can spray down your bike with any budget cleaner, then let it rest for about 15-30 minutes before cleaning off.

    After spraying the bike down, allow it to rest as you did when cleaning the engine casing. While it is easy to clean the obvious parts, the more intricate work, such as the suspension or bearings, will take longer and require more harsh chemicals.

    Final Word

    Your dirt bike goes through a lot of heat to make sure you nail your tours. So, it's important to keep it clean and running in top shape. Also, consider browsing MXStore to buy any bike accessories and protective gear. They have a great collection.

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