8 Divorce Regret Stories That Just Might Hurt Your Heart


    People meet and fall in love with each other to get married later. But sometimes, things just don’t work correctly, and once-in-love decide to end their relationship for good. Both divorce and marriage are full of emotions and positive and negative moments, just what divorce regret stories come from. People share their experiences to let others learn the lesson and never follow their mistakes.

    Read the regret stories to prevent similar mishaps in your life and become happy eventually.

    Divorce Regret Stories That Just Might Hurt Your Heart

    Regret About The Past

    ‘I spent 15 years in marriage and thought it to be a happy one until my husband proposed a divorce. He told me he had just fallen out of love with me. I took everything with tolerance and since we have no kids it took no time to finalize our marriage.’

    ‘Then I started getting annoyed with myself about being married to my ex at all. I was deeply concentrated on the past and my regrets about our marriage that I couldn’t move on for some time.’

    ‘I took up meditation by my friend’s advice and things changed for the better. I learned about forgiveness as a part of the course and it changed my life drastically.’

    ‘Now I value the positive moments that we experienced before divorce. I managed to forgive myself for not making things work with my ex. I forgave him for leaving me. I am actually grateful that he gave me a chance to start my life over in an entirely different way. And I am happy now.’ Alana, 52.

    Regret About Fast Move-On

    ‘Once I woke up with the feeling that I needed a divorce. I was stuck in the routine without anything happening between me and my husband. So I decided to file for divorce in Illinois online and managed to end my marriage really soon.’

    ‘My husband took everything peacefully and respected my decision. We decided to stay friends and he encouraged me to go on the Europe tour I had longed for. He never wanted to join since he was really engaged with his job.’

    ‘There, on my journey, I met another guy and we got married in a few months. This is when my ex cut all ties with me. It really hurt him that I decided about such a fast move-on. I regret hurting him. I wished I had talked it out with him before my second marriage.’ Susan, 31.

    Regret About The Lost Friendship

    Lost Friendship

    ‘My ex and I were school best buddies for long years before we decided to get married after university. Things were cool first. Our relationships were full of support, understanding, and fun.’

    ‘But then the adult problems made everything more complicated. My unsuccessful pregnancy, his jealousy, our financial hardships. It all summed up in daily arguments. So we divorced and decided to never meet again.’

    ‘Now I feel bad, regretting divorce and lost friendship I will never experience again.’ Jenny, 36.’

    Regret About Late Decisions

    ‘My marriage was full of verbal and emotional abuse but I didn’t quit it until the physical one happened.’ ‘My ex-husband had issues with self-control but loved me and our daughter so much. So, we quietly suffered from his abusive words and threats when he was in a bad mood. But when he went back to normal we were a happy family together.’

    ‘It all lasted until he came home drunk and displeased with the lack of dinner. My daughter aimed to protect me from his murderous threats and my ex beated her up. I never hesitated a moment and divorced him quickly.’ ‘I only regret all the dread my daughter had to experience for 10 years of her life.’ Caren, 42.

    Regret About Brutal Separation

    ‘We were a normal couple and good friends with my husband until I found out he cheated on me and I filed for divorce.’

    ‘I was really offended about his infidelity and aimed to make divorce the least beneficial for him. We became the worst enemies from that moment and cut down any communication at all.’

    ‘I don’t regret divorcing him but I feel disappointed that we ended up in such a brutal and unpleasant separation.’ Eleonora, 38.

    Regret About Lack Of Protection

    ‘My wife and I were not only a couple but business partners. We managed a small retailing agency when I realized my wife wasn’t fair in business terms and she was literally robbing for several years.’

    ‘I was shocked and decided to divorce her. But the shock even doubled when I lost half of my assets in the divorce. Then I understood how important it is to protect finances even before the marriage’. Joshua, 37.

    Regret About Time Waste

    Regret About Time Waste

    ‘We were school sweethearts and got married when we were twenty. We spent almost 10 years trying to put up with each other. However, we knew that it was only school which united us. We had different priorities, likes, and beliefs.’

    ‘I only regret the time wasted I could have spent to find my true soulmate.’ Keith, 32.

    Regret About Non-Commitment

    ‘I was always a career-oriented person. But I also loved spending time with my wife and little kids though I didn’t do that much. We were constantly moving cities since my business required it. My wife eventually got tired of such a lifestyle and proposed to settle down. I chose my job and we got divorced.’

    ‘Now that I feel really lonely, I regret leaving my wife. But I have lost my chance. She’s got a new husband, and a happy settled life now.’ Ben, 34.

    The Final Thoughts

    Divorce isn’t always the best option. It has to be approached sensibly and opted for only when it changes life for the better. Learn the feedback of divorce couples through the divorce regret stories and aim to happiness without a doubt.

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