4 DIY Tasks To Get Knocked Out This Year


    DIY tasks have a habit of growing in number and complexity when they don’t get tended to. Current issues in the home worsen (like excess moisture eventually causing mold), and this can be a source of regret.

    To avoid any remorse this year, make a list of the most important 4 DIY tasks to get knocked out this year. Don’t worry if some of them are beyond you and need to be outsourced to a specialist – that doesn’t mean failure. Often, it’s for safety reasons.

    Here are 4 DIY tasks to get organized and completed before the year is out.

    DIY Tasks

    1. Fixing Up Storm Damage

    For homes with old damage from previous storms that have beaten it down, it may be time to sort these out before a worse storm arrives. Given that the number of violent storms is on the increase – perhaps because of the consequences of global warming – existing damage shouldn’t be left unresolved.

    Some of the damage will be things that you can fix yourself with the right tools and sourcing local supplies. However, others will probably be more substantial and require a team of people or a specific skill set that you presently lack.

    A company like EZ Home Solutions regularly helps homeowners to fix up homes that sustained previous storm damage, replacing windows and other common tasks. They may be able to help in the areas where you’re struggling or know it’s too much for you.

    2. Modernize The Lighting

    Lighting fixtures are often forgotten about, and dim spots in the room get ignored. However, it’s been found that the level of illumination has a strong effect on a person’s mood. So, to feel better when spending time at home, eliminating dark parts of the room will likely increase your overall happiness.

    Look at replacing older fixtures with LED lighting to reduce energy costs while still increasing the light levels. When choosing where they’re directed, it’s possible to intentionally remove dark corners that were bothering you. Also, remote-controlled or smartphone-controlled light bulbs are worth looking at, like the Philips Hue bulb system.

    3. Resolving Squeaky Floors

    When you have squeaky floors that make a sound whenever you walk over them, it can be a minor inconvenience. Yet it does depend on where they’re located as to how much of a pain they can be.

    For instance, a squeaky floorboard near a bedroom can easily wake up someone else when you are taking a bathroom break in the middle of the night.

    The floorboards and the joists are commonly the reason for the squeaking to happen. There are different approaches to take, depending on the type of floors that you have in your home. Here is an article that addresses this very issue.

    4. Add Rollers to the Kitchen Cabinets

    Reaching inside the kitchen cabinets to find exactly what you’re looking for is a pain at times. There’s often too much stored in there and accessing what you need is tough when it’s hidden under or behind other items all crammed together.

    To solve this problem, it’s a good idea to install rollers and shelving inside kitchen cabinets. This can enable you to store items more efficiently in separate compartments and pull out what you need when it’s required. It also makes everything inside the cabinet far more visible and accessible too.

    By setting aside time on some weekends to get to work on DIY tasks, they don’t just sit and never get done. Also, try to complete them before the fall or winter when it’s less convenient.

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