Ensure Your Home Safety By Installing Security Glass


    One of the key advantages of installing security glass in windows is that it is never too easy to break, even under the most testing situations, and yet it has got a variety of safety features to back-up when fragmentation happens for one reason or another.

    Several Residential housings and corporate buildings have replaced their regular glass with it because of the rising need for security and protection.

    Ensure Your Home Safety by Installing Security Glass

    Why are security glass windows essential for home safety?

    The current generation of safety glass is designed to improve domestic and commercial security in order to enhance your personal safety as well as to offer additional protection for your belongings.

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    Here are a few critical features of safety glass that sets it apart from its league:

    • Resists infiltration and unwanted entry— glass can shatter, but inter-layer maintains cohesion and acts as a shield.
    • Can endure repeated blows from heavy objects like stones, axes, baseball bats and hammers.
    • Enhanced accidental damage tolerance— safer for families.

    In short, the harm caused by arson and manual assault can be minimized by using security glass— it helps to slow down the theft attempts by discouraging attention and posing as a potent deterrent against the prying burglars.

    Tips To Improve Your Home Safety

    You might be asking yourself, "When I already own a full-fledged and multi-faceted home security system, where is the need to make my windows extra secure?"— This indeed is a reasonable question! 

    You have got a sound base system, movement sensors, and door/window sensors (which is a good start in the direction of securing your home) installed across the length and breadth of your property. Still, there are some added measures that you can use, such as security glassto help boost your protection from invaders who are on the lookout for a perfect opportunity to break in.

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    Here are a few solutions that you may consider beef up the security:

    Powerful Locking Options

    Pin locks

    These are suggested for the windows positioned on the ground floor of your estate. They can effectively obstruct the robbers who try to lift the window from the outside to break in.

    Key locks

    These locks may need a particular key for opening and closing functions. For this form of lock, you'll need to keep track of the key though.

    Hinged wedge locks

    Do you want to protect your double hanging window (the one that can unlock from both the ends) from the forced entry? Make use of a Hinged wedge lock. Also, you can easily adjust this type of latch— if you mount it higher on the window frame, you can keep your window slightly open too.

    Sash locks

    Sash locks enable a window to unlock and keep it in its position, too. Just like Hinged wedge locks, these are also used for double-hung window options.

    Window sensors

    If your place is already laced with the state-of-art home security system, the probability is high that you are already aware of the window as well as door sensors. 

    Such devices are specially devised to identify and record window opening activities— a notification is immediately relayed to apprise you of the event and alongside the part of the home or a company building it has transpired in. 

    Install Tempered glass

    Tempered glass — A well-known security glass is approximately four times sturdier than the regular options, provides an enhanced level of protection to the bullet proof windows they are installed in.

    This type of glass undergoes recurring stages of heating and refrigeration to increase its durability. What's more? It simply crumbles when broken, instead of splitting into spikey pieces

    Install Security Cameras

    The introduction of security cameras to your home is a worthy solution for property surveillance and protection.

    If you really intend to keep a hawk's eye on what goes in and around your premises in your absence, invest in a reputable outdoor security camera— go for the ones that come with the features such as Full HD and night vision.

    Window Bars

    Window bar installations provide an enhanced level of safety— Here, even if the muggers are able to smash the windows somehow, they won't be able to get through the obstructing bars that easily. And that's not all! You can even buy them in some eye-catching themes that will match well with your interiors and improve the aesthetics of your place.

    Is security glass really bulletproof and rigid against burglar?

    When it comes to making the windows and doors of a home burglar-resistant, there are many glass choices on the table. Bear in mind though that even the best-protected windows could be broken if someone intends to gain entry bad enough. 

    In the next section, we are going to discuss a few security glasses that might not be bullet-proof but still can act as a very tough deterrent against forced entry.

    Which type of glass best serves for security purpose?

    Here's a list of the most popular and widely used security glass solutions for windows.

    Tempered Glass

    Tempered glass (also called strengthened glass) is the most prevalent form of safety glass. The tempering process combines exterior surface stress with friction on internal glass surfaces— This greatly enhances the glass's resilience and resistance to impact.

    Glass can be tempered either through a strictly monitored and controlled heating and cooling cycles or through a laid out chemical process. Further, it has got a polyvinyl interlayer for heightened potency and protection, which will help prevent the glass from breaking into the shards, negating the injury concerns.

    Georgian Wired

    Georgian wired is yet another form of security glass containing a grid of fine gauge wires. The wire mesh used in this type of glass can be as thin as 1⁄2 "or as broad as 3⁄4."— The glass used here is normally 1⁄4 " in thickness, and is 45 minutes fire-rated.

    Laminated Glass

    Laminated glass is a layered form of security glass that integrates a sheet of vinyl film in between the panes of two glasses which holds them together in the wake of a shattering incident.    

    Tempered glass is used widely in windows for the sake of protection and security because of heightened strength and sturdiness.

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